250 Chytrid Papers Could Be Yours

I am parting with my collection of publications related to the chytrid fungus. I have approximately 250 printed papers on amphibian disease ecology spanning 1996-2009, which includes virtually every peer-reviewed paper written about chytrid from 1998-2007. This collection of papers is 9 inches high and weighs 18 pounds.

These papers constituted the bulk of my reading during my Ph.D. candidacy and a major part of what I know about amphibians and chytrid fungus. If you are interested in chytrid they will be an invaluable addition to your collection, and will save you untold hours in searching for them, acquiring them, and printing them, as well as hundreds of dollars in printing costs and thousands of dollars in fees that the publishers would charge you.

I will part with these to the first person who contacts me at contact@savethefrogs.com and who can donate $250 to SAVE THE FROGS! (if you are outside the USA there will be additional shipping fees).

Thank you!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

chytrid papers

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