SAVE THE FROGS! Awards for Amphibian Conservation

SAVE THE FROGS! disburses awards & grants to highly-qualified undergraduates, graduate (Masters, Ph.D.) researchers and students working to conserve amphibian populations in their community. These awards will fund important amphibian conservation work, and will provide young scientists incentive to pursue careers in environmental conservation. If you are interested in applying for an award, we strongly suggest you join the SAVE THE FROGS! mailing list so that we can keep you posted when awards are announced.

Since 2009 SAVE THE FROGS! has sent $79,202 in awards to dedicated conservationists in 15 countries:

Australia: $500
Bangladesh: $6,930
Brazil: $200
Colombia: $1,600
Estonia: 250
Ghana: $52,739
India: $3,380
Liberia: $200
Madagascar: $200
Mexico: $3,760
Nepal    $3,900
Nigeria: $250
Paraguay: $500
Tanzania: $593
USA: $4,200

These awards are funded by members of the public who share our love of amphibians and our desire to protect them and empower the world's amphibian conservationists. The government does not provide SAVE THE FROGS! with any monetary assistance and thus we depend on you! Our goal is to provide as many of these awards as possible, as each award contributes significantly to amphibian conservation. Thank you for your generous support.
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Save The Frogs Day Award Applications Due March 30th

The SAVE THE FROGS! community will celebrate the 10th Annual Save The Frogs Day this April 28th, 2018! We are pleased to announce a round of grants to assist groups who are organizing events and require financial assistance to make their event a success. If interested, please complete the application below no later than March 30th, 2018 at 11:59pm Los Angeles time.


  • Awards will only be given to individuals associated with organizations that will be holding events
  • Organizations must have organized, registered and reported at least one Save The Frogs Day event in the past
  • Awards will average US$200. If you have an exceptional event planned, you can request up to $500.

Award disbursements will be made available in proportion to the financial support received from the SAVE THE FROGS! community.

Save The Frogs Grants

Read more: Save The Frogs Day Award Applications Due March 30th

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