On Saturday, December 10th, SAVE THE FROGS! held an online six-hour frog saving experience called the SAVE THE FROGS! Hang Out. We invited our supporters, members and the general public to an online webinar where our team of amphibian biologists answered questions about amphibian ecology, conservation and about our global frog saving programs. We also gave slide show presentations about current SAVE THE FROGS! campaigns. Throughout the day frog savers from sixteen countries joined the SAVE THE FROGS! Hang Out and connected with other people interested in amphibian conservation.

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"Save the Frogs is a great organization, and an instrumental part in the essential movement to inspire people to learn and care for the world’s amphibians. Humanity must save frogs, if we are to save human kind. Yesterday, my friend, Wendy and I, tuned into the Save the Frogs live video hangout. Before the live video hangout, we were both really impressed with what Save the Frogs was doing to educate, inspire, and empower people to care about frogs. Now having had the opportunity to visit with Dr. Kerry Kriger, and Michael Starkey of Save the Frogs, we are even more excited to spread the word about Save the Frogs and do what we can to help create a healthy world for frogs and support the work of Save the Frogs. Save the Frogs has two inspired, excited, and committed supporters in the Pacific NW."
- Megan Bloom, SAVE THE FROGS! Hang Out Participant

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"Hi Kerry, thank you so much for a great summer. I also wanted to thank you again for taking extra time to speak with me regarding my environmental goals. Since speaking with you, I have a much clearer trajectory forward and know the next steps I need to take. I cannot thank you enough! Speaking of which, I had an extremely productive and helpful talk with Shannon Curtis (former SAVE THE FROGS! Board Member) this morning. He had a lot of really great thoughts regarding working with the County in one of its environmental departments, and I also really enjoyed talking stormwater with him since that's been a big interest of mine. Best wishes."

SAVE THE FROGS! 90-Day Challenge participant Emily V. from Virginia


“Our problems are man-made — therefore, they can be solved by man.”

John F. Kennedy

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