Save The Frogs Day 2018 Grant Recipients

To further the amphibian conservation efforts of the 10th Annual Save The Frogs Day, we are pleased to announce a round of grants to assist groups who are organizing events and require financial assistance to make their event a success. SAVE THE FROGS! received award requests from 11 organizations from 7 countries, totaling $4,947. While, our original intent was to disburse $2,000 in awards, we have decided to disburse $2,500! These funds will be used to educate communities around the world about amphibian ecology and conservation!

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Do You Work with Amphibians in North America?

EWCL Amphibian Survey

SAVE THE FROGS! and the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders Program have partnered together on a conservation initiative benefiting amphibian populations in the United States of America. We seek the support and guidance from amphibian biologists around the world to increase our understanding of the past, current and future conservation efforts of threatened and endangered amphibian species in North America. Can you help us?

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Fantastic New Frog Shirts Available For One Week Only

THIS WEEK ONLY! SAVE THE FROGS! is thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with For Love Of All Things, or FLOAT, to bring you limited edition, fantastic frog tees available this week only! FLOAT, is a new breed of company promoting socially, environmentally and globally conscious consumerism. For every shirt sold FLOAT will donate $8 … Continue reading Fantastic New Frog Shirts Available For One Week Only

Original Frog Art From Ghana

While traveling in Kumasi, Ghana in September 2016, SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger met an incredibly talented fantastic artist and commissioned him to make us frog art. Painted with acrylic on canvas, this art was painted by the incredibly talented Alex Yangtibr (pictured) in Kumasi, Ghana. Each piece of art measures about 21″ by 31″, while the painted area is about 16″ by 23″. Each painted frog species are native to West Africa and some are only found in Ghana. Every piece is 100% uniquely handmade, with no reprints in existence and all proceeds will be directed to our amphibian conservation efforts.

“I just received my first original painting today. I’m overwhelmed!! it is just gorgeous!!! that is why I’m ordering a second one. The artist is truly talented. I think he should become quite successful if he continues his wonderful work!”
– Linda Bishop; Eldorado Springs, MO

– Louisa Jaskulski; Sedona, AZ

To purchase your favorite piece of Ghanaian Frog Art, click the image and you will be redirected to the SAVE THE FROGS! Gift Center to complete your order. Remember, 100% of the proceeds go towards our amphibian conservation efforts. Thanks for your support of SAVE THE FROGS!

Alex Art Ghana

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Photos and Stories from the 2017 SAVE THE FROGS! Ecuador Ecotour

From June 8th-20th, 2017, adventurers from Canada, Mexico, the U.K. and the USA joined SAVE THE FROGS! for the 2nd Annual SAVE THE FROGS! Ecuador Ecotour. From frog-watching in the Amazon Basin to hiking in the Andes, our group was overcome by the remarkable biodiversity of Ecuador. The ecotour was simply wonderful and truly an amphibian extravaganza! Our group observed 37 species of frogs and toads, 3 species of salamanders and 2 species of caecilians! We trekked through rainforests, hiked up mountains, swam in beautiful waterfall pools and took in the magnificent nature of Ecuador. We experienced the culture and traditions of indigenous groups and they honored us with their incredible knowledge of the rainforest. We ate fabulous food, made new friendships and integrated with people of different cultures, spreading amphibian awareness as we traveled. United by a love of frogs and an appreciation of nature, our participants left Ecuador feeling inspired and connected with the natural world. Every SAVE THE FROGS! ecotour is wonderful, but this trip was truly special.

“I can honestly say it was the best trip of my life (and I’ve travelled a lot!)”
– Melissa Steele-Ogus, 2017 Ecuador Ecotour Participant

Please read on to see the fantastic photos and stories from our time in Ecuador. We hope to see you on the 2018 SAVE THE FROGS! Ecuador Ecotour!

Suchipakari | Anaconda Lodge | Mindo | El Crater | Papallacta | Teleferico | Villa Da Fiore | Amphibians of Ecuador 

Ecotour, Ecuador

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Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund Supports the Amphibians of Nepal

Congratulations to SAVE THE FROGS! Task Force Member Biraj Shrestha for winning his first grant from the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund. The $2,500 award will enable the Biraj and his team to research Rara Lake frogs in western Nepal and gather more information about these data deficient species. This award will greatly benefit the amphibians of Nepal!

biraj nanorana liebigii manaslu

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SAVE MANASLU’S FROGS! Research Expedition

SAVE THE FROGS! Task Force Member Biraj Shrestha returned to the Manaslu Conservation Area in March 2017 for a three week research expedition into some of the world’s most dangerous montane amphibian habitats. The “SAVE MANASLU’S FROGS! Research Expedition” was the first expedition of its kind. SAVE THE FROGS! thanks our generous donors who helped us raise $1,700 to fund this frog conservation initiative. Read on to learn about SAVE THE FROGS! Task Force Member Biraj Shrestha’s first-hand account to protect the beautiful stream frogs of Manaslu in Nepal’s remote Himalayas.

manaslu Budhi Gandaki River flowing swiftly biraj shrestha
Budhi Gandaki River flowing swiftly

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Save The Frogs Day 2017 at the Sylvan Heights Bird Park

Sylvan Heights Bird Park in North Carolina hosted a Save The Frogs Day celebration on April 29, 2017. Visitors to the park were able to experience wetland and frog connection activities, along with informational displays about Save The Frogs Day, how to help amphibians and ACTUAL frog and toad species from the surrounding wetland/pond areas. All visitors had multiple learning opportunities which provided insight into the plight of amphibians and helped develop an awareness of frogs and frog conservation in the United State and around the world!

North Carolina Bird Park STF Day 1

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Save The Frogs Day 2017 with Pradhikar

The 9th Annual Save The Frogs Day was celebrated in Sylhet, Bangladesh! Students, professors and members of the public gathered together to learn about amphibian ecology and conservation at Sylhet Agricultural University. This event was organized by PRADHIKAR (প্রাধিকার), which is an organization run by students of the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Science at Sylhet Agricultural University. It’s a volunteer team that works for the establishment and reservation of animal rights to welfare and conservation of biodiversity. PRADHIKAR has celebrated Save The Frogs Day each year since 2012 and they actively raise awareness for the conservation needs of amphibians in Bangladesh.

sylhet save the frogs day 2017 1

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Save The Frogs Day 2017 in Diepsloot, South Africa

On the 9th Annual Save The Frogs Day (April 29th, 2017) over 200 people gathered together at the Father Louis Blondel Centre in Diepsloot, Johannesburg, to celebrate and raise awareness for African bullfrogs. The community of Diepsloot is established in a wetland area, home to the African bullfrog, and many residents were not aware of the need to protect this amazing amphibian. The event was sponsored by The Wot-If? Trust in collaboration with Dr. Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots South Africa programme as well as Shumbashaba. You can learn more about their fantastic Save The Frogs Day event here.

South Africa Diepsloot STF Day 2017 1

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