Book An In-Person SAVE THE FROGS! Presentation

SAVE THE FROGS! ecologists have spoken at hundreds of universities, schools, conferences, and events across the United States and around the world to educate audiences of all ages about amphibians and ways to protect them. Our presentations feature breathtaking photos of amphibians, lots of cool frog facts and always include a question and answer session following the presentation. Please read on to learn how you can book a presentation and have a SAVE THE FROGS! ecologist visit your school, office or community group.

“Thank you for taking your time out to visit our class today. The kids were super excited even before your presentation and even more excited afterward. You should have been here with us after lunch; they can’t stop talking about frogs. You were enthusiastic and passionate about the topic and it shows. And thank you for being so patient with the kids, answering all their questions and acknowledging all their comments.”
– Jacueline Le, Teacher at Cleveland Elementary, San Francisco, CA

keynote speakers
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger and students at Manor School in Fairfax, California.

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Jaleela Hassennally – Spreading The Word in Mauritius

When we were kids, my brother and I used to sneak frogs into the house to play with them, in all secrecy and unknown to our parents. At some point, we even raised one from barely jumping to fully grown adult. Every weekend, we would stay over at my grandmother’s place situated just next to a stream and at night we would fall asleep to the sound of frogs croaking in harmony. But I must say that thanks to SAVE THE FROGS! – an organization I got to know through an online poetry contest I entered back in 2011 – I keep on learning amazing frog facts that have not only made me further understand those little jumping creatures, but that have as well, made me appreciate and acknowledge their importance in the sustainability of the ecosystem, for the survival of mankind globally, and especially in my tropical island, Mauritius.

jaleela hassennally mauritius 1
Jaleela Hassennally sporting a SAVE THE FROGS! shirt.

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Book Recommendations For Frog Lovers

SAVE THE FROGS! has compiled a list of books that amphibian enthusiasts will enjoy and learn from. All of these books are available on Amazon. Order a few today, for yourself or as gifts! If you have any books to recommend that are not already on our list, you can submit your book recommendation here.

Bonus and disclaimer: ​Amazon will send SAVE THE FROGS! a percentage of all your purchases made through the book links below.
Note to authors: this list is not comprehensive! If you deem your book warrants inclusion on this list, please submit your book recommendation here. Thanks!

mushroom frog art
What do you envision as the future of amphibious life on this planet? Their fate is in your hands. Frog art from the 2014 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest.

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Private Tutoring with Dr. Kerry Kriger

Are you working on an amphibian related project for school or university? Then you should consider getting private tutoring from SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger, a world renowned expert with 14 years of full-time amphibian conservation experience.

Benefits Of Private Tutoring With Dr. Kriger:
(1) Get the best grade possible;
(2) Learn far more about your chosen topic than your peers;
(3) Set yourself apart in the eyes of your teacher/professor; and
(4) Gain knowledge and skills that will accelerate your journey on the path to success in the environmental field of your choice.

kerry kriger Bogota save the frogs
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger has given hundreds of presentations on amphibian conservation, in over 15 countries.

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Tell the City of San Francisco to Stop Killing California Red-Legged Frogs

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently took actions to approve a long term management plan that includes spending taxpayer dollars to drain the Sharp Park Wetlands. The City of San Francisco has a documented history of harming, killing and harassing federally protected California Red-Legged Frogs (Rana draytonii) when they drain this rare wetland ecosystem. Their reason to drain the wetlands: to create dry land for a money-losing golf course. 

egg mass sharp park
California Red-Legged Frog eggs stranded on land

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2016 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest Winners

The 2016 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest received 728 entries from 20 countries! Entries came from Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Ecuador, Germany, India, Korea, Malaysia, Namibia, The Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand, South Africa, Vietnam, Ukraine, and the USA.

Thank you to all the artists and to the 29 schools that participated. Congratulations to the Winners and to the Honorable Mentions! Thanks to all our donors and members whose financial support makes this contest possible! Thanks to SAVE THE FROGS! Gainesville and Joyce Orcutt for their assistance.

Please spread the word about frog conservation by posting any of these art images on your website for non-commercial use (preferably linked to our website). Enjoy the art and thank you for drawing awareness to the future of the frogs!

And the winners are…

Chan Hyuk Kim – Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Chan Hyuk Kim, 16 years old, from China, the Grand Prize Winner of the 2016 SAVE THE FROGS Art Contest!
chan hyuk kim 16 china

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