Save The Frogs Day 2018 Shirts Available Through March 29th

We are pleased to announce that Save The Frogs Day shirts are now available! Proceeds from these shirts will help fund Save The Frogs Day events worldwide through grants to our most dedicated volunteers groups. We have lots of beautiful colors and styles available and even ship internationally!

Order your shirt here!

You must order by March 29th. Shirts will arrive to USA destinations by April 18th.

save the frogs day 2018 shirt

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Commissioned Frog Art by Jay Manchand

I am Jay Manchand, an Amphibian Conservation Artist. I spent much of my childhood searching for amphibians in my back garden, a curiosity that would ignite a passion for a species in danger. I had always found myself studying, drawing and painting frogs, lizards and all kinds of cold blooded creatures. Though my fascination with these incredible animals was clearly reflected in my art, I pursued a bachelors degree (and subsequently a Masters Degree) in Fine Art in order to discover why I had such an affiliation to amphibians and how my art could be used to benefit a species in plight. Many of my illustrations depict amphibians whose conservation status ranges from Least Concern through to Critically Endangered. Through my art, I hope my passion can inspire the same adoration for frogs that I have, and that I can bring the immediacy of threatened species to an audience that are perhaps unaware of the damage we are causing our cold blooded friends through habitat destruction, deforestation & the illegal pet trade.

Alexanderoon obstetricans
Frog Art by Jay Manchand

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Fantastic New Frog Shirts Available For One Week Only

THIS WEEK ONLY! SAVE THE FROGS! is thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with For Love Of All Things, or FLOAT, to bring you limited edition, fantastic frog tees available this week only! FLOAT, is a new breed of company promoting socially, environmentally and globally conscious consumerism. For every shirt sold FLOAT will donate $8 … Continue reading Fantastic New Frog Shirts Available For One Week Only

Original Frog Art From Ghana

While traveling in Kumasi, Ghana in September 2016, SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger met an incredibly talented fantastic artist and commissioned him to make us frog art. Painted with acrylic on canvas, this art was painted by the incredibly talented Alex Yangtibr (pictured) in Kumasi, Ghana. Each piece of art measures about 21″ by 31″, while the painted area is about 16″ by 23″. Each painted frog species are native to West Africa and some are only found in Ghana. Every piece is 100% uniquely handmade, with no reprints in existence and all proceeds will be directed to our amphibian conservation efforts.

“I just received my first original painting today. I’m overwhelmed!! it is just gorgeous!!! that is why I’m ordering a second one. The artist is truly talented. I think he should become quite successful if he continues his wonderful work!”
– Linda Bishop; Eldorado Springs, MO

– Louisa Jaskulski; Sedona, AZ

To purchase your favorite piece of Ghanaian Frog Art, click the image and you will be redirected to the SAVE THE FROGS! Gift Center to complete your order. Remember, 100% of the proceeds go towards our amphibian conservation efforts. Thanks for your support of SAVE THE FROGS!

Alex Art Ghana

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Amphibian Love: a beautiful new book highlighting amphibians

San Jose artist Leah Jay has created a beautiful book called “Amphibian Love”, filled with dazzling nature art to help endangered animals. Amphibians are vital to the earth’s ecosystems, and their loss is an indicator of the worldwide trend in decreasing biodiversity – the “Sixth Extinction”. The hardbound book features detailed watercolor and chalk pastel illustrations … Continue reading Amphibian Love: a beautiful new book highlighting amphibians

Brand New SAVE THE FROGS! Info Cards: Please order by December 16th!

These two-sided 4×6″ info cards are a great way to help spread the word about amphibian extinctions. Cards list the primary threats to amphibians, five reasons frogs are important, and 18 ways people can help SAVE THE FROGS!. Cards are only $10 per set of 100, which helps us cover printing costs. Please order by … Continue reading Brand New SAVE THE FROGS! Info Cards: Please order by December 16th!

Frog Poster Mega-Sale

SAVE THE FROGS! is proud to offer you the most fantastic frog posters on the planet. And through December 15th, 2014 we have a Frog Poster Mega-Sale! For only $12.95 plus shipping, you get three posters: the 29 Frogs poster, Save The Frogs Day Poster and the Neon Frog Art Poster. The posters look great, … Continue reading Frog Poster Mega-Sale