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SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger conceived and directs the world’s most effective public charity dedicated exclusively to amphibians. Read on to learn about his multitude of accomplishments for the betterment of amphibians and the planet.

"SAVE THE FROGS! and Kerry Kriger deserve nothing but respect and appreciation for working to make our planet a better place for all; amphibians and mankind alike. Kerry, you do great things for this planet and especially amphibians. To be one little person and to make an impact, is more than most of us can ever dream to do. Good for you, and keep saving those frogs!"
-- Chris Brennan; Salamander Biologist, CT

Kerry Pichincha
Dr. Kriger on the slopes of Rucu Pichincha, where he led a hike during the inaugural SAVE THE FROGS! Ecuador Ecotour.

 Under Dr. Kriger’s leadership, SAVE THE FROGS! has:

"Thanks so much Kerry! My life is enriched by amazing, dedicated, inspiring people like you!"
-- Bailey Wagner, Ohio

kerry kriger save the frogs
Dr. Kriger at the summit of Wheeler Peak, Highest Point in Nevada. In the lowlands below live Great Basin Spadefoots (Spea intermontana).

"Hi Kerry, I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts and hard work you give to amphibian conservation. I have learned a lot from you. You really are one of the few people on earth that make it a better place. Thank you so much."
-- Tony Badurina

Bufo fowleri fowler's toad
Photo of Fowler's Toad (Anaxyrus/Bufo fowleri) from Virginia by Dr Kerry Kriger.