Emily C. Moskal

Emily C. Moskal
Austin, Texas

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Emily is SAVE THE FROGS!’s communication, media, and development specialist. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin (UT) with a Bachelor’s of Science in biology: ecology, evolution, and behavior and Duke University’s environmental communications planning in 2014. During her university years she researched amphibian evolution in the labs of Dr. Michael J. Ryan and Dr. David C. Cannatella, as a major contributor to a NSF-funded dissertation on Venezuelan frog landscape genetics and fully funding her assistance on a expedition to the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Emily began work with SAVE THE FROGS! in 2014 while living in Berkeley, Calif., working one-on-one with SAVE THE FROGS! Executive Director Dr. Kerry Kriger to open America’s first education center dedicated solely to amphibians. During her first year, she and the executive director initiated and funded two new programs: Wetlands for Wildlife, now called Re-Frogging America, and SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine. Emily was the founding editor and designer of SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine and co-led the first wetlands construction workshop. Emily now works remotely from Austin, Texas developing the SAVE THE FROGS! Podcast, creating the next issue of SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine, managing content online, and co-led the 2016 Ecuador Ecotour in June.

Emily is a certified magazine layout and composition designer and assistant editor at Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine. She previously completed an editorial and reporting internship with Bay Nature Institute. And to keep our ecotour participants safe and prepared, she completed a NOLS WMI Wilderness First Aid certification in April.

See more at: www.emilymoskal.com

Contact Emily@savethefrogs.com with questions about: SAVE THE FROGS! Magazine, Podcast, Ecotours, and Consulting



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