We are pleased to announce the formation of the SAVE THE FROGS! Fundraising Committee, whose mission is to strategize and implement actions that will increase the annual revenues of SAVE THE FROGS!, such that we can fund the multitude of projects we have in the USA and worldwide and thus achieve the massive potential we have built up through our worldwide network of extremely talented and dedicated staff and volunteers.

The Fundraising Committee will be comprised of a team of approximately ten frog enthusiasts led by SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger. The Fundraising Committee is currently accepting applications, and we encourage all dedicated fundraisers to apply.

save the frogs fundraising committee
Night Spirit Frog (Leptopelis spiritusnoctis), Ankasa National Park, Ghana. Photo by Dr. Kerry Kriger, who has helped raise over $1,000,000 for amphibian conservation efforts.

Fundraising Committee Members: Expectations & Benefits

Committee members:
(1) Meet online via Skype video chat every month to strategize ways for SAVE THE FROGS! to increase our revenues.
(2) Contribute between meetings via projects that make use of the member's professional expertise.
(3) Benefit via novel learning experiences; creative application of their professional skills; contributing to the SAVE THE FROGS! mission; recognition; and making new contacts within the SAVE THE FROGS! professional network.

Fundraising Environment
Art by Cheung Wing Sum, 19, Hong Kong School of Creativity

Skills & Expertise of Fundraising Committee Members

The Fundraising Committee will bring together a wide range of professional skills to facilitate creative thinking and innovative collaboration. Skills and experiences we seek include:

- Grantwriting
- Donor Development
- Corporate Sponsorships
- Crowdfunding
- Financial Management
- Bequests & Planned Giving
- Joint Ventures
- Calling Donors

development director
Frog Art by Anna Dodson


Fundraising Committee Members should be able to meet online for a one hour meeting the second Monday of each month at 7pm San Francisco time. Members should be prepared to dedicate at least four hours in between meetings to complete a project relevant to their expertise. Length of appointment as a Fundraising Committee Member is twelve months. We seek applicants who can envision working in best faith to meet these time commitments.

How To Apply

To apply for the SAVE THE FROGS! Fundraising Committee, please complete the form below, in which you will be asked to:

(1) Provide a one to two paragraph summary of your skills and experiences as they relate to serving on the SAVE THE FROGS! Fundraising Committee.

(2) Confirm you will do your best to attend the Monday evening meetings that occur every other month, and that you can dedicate four hours between meetings to complete a fundraising related project.

(3) Include your resume and/or a link to a relevant website describing your skills and accomplishments.

(4) Include your contact information.

(5) Include the name and email address or phone number of a single reference who can vouch for your skills and responsibility.

Thank you for your interest in SAVE THE FROGS! and we hope to be raising lots of funds for the frogs with you very soon!


Thank you for your interest in joining the SAVE THE FROGS! Fundraising Committee. Together we can SAVE THE FROGS!

fundraise environment
Art by Ananda Wisely, 17

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"I am a former Herpetology Keeper's Assistant, and an avid nature and wildlife photography buff. I love frogs because…well, heck, how can one NOT love frogs? They have cute expressive faces, they sing into the night, and they eat lots of insects, thus helping to control the population of pests. They are also (and most unfortunately) a visual representation of the damage we are doing to the natural environment, and to the planet as a whole. They are our modern day canary in a coal mine. We would do well to heed their warning…"

R.C. Clark, Dancing Snake Nature Photography


"Saving frogs is good for wildlife, ecosystems and the greater community. Saving frogs stimulates creativity, generosity, and service to others, all of which are linked to improved health and happiness. And when you save frogs you get to hang out with amazing amphibians and interesting, dedicated frog lovers. As such I encourage you to increase your frog-saving efforts and I challenge you to step up your efforts on behalf of frogs and the planet."

SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger

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