In June 2016 SAVE THE FROGS! led a group of 17 Americans through the rainforests and cloud forests of Ecuador for 12 days on the inaugural SAVE THE FROGS! Ecuador EcotourBelow are the reflections and photos of ecotour participant


Thank you to George Quiroga for preparing this video:” alt=”bird eating George Quiroga” width=”550″ height=”550″ style=”margin: 5px 5px 2px 0px;” />

However, as a counterpart to the sadness, the bulk of the trip was filled with joy, peace, fascination, excitement, and breathtaking moments. The scenery and wildlife was the eye candy. The sounds of frogs croaking during the night hikes, the birds and insects singing and buzzing during the day, the wind sweeping up mountainsides and the rain dripping through the jungle were music to my ears. Hiking waterfalls and steep mountain trails at high altitudes in inclement weather, practicing yoga with our excellent instructor and leader, Chelsea, and trekking through jungles in the dark was pleasure. Tasting the delectable treats of new foods and recipes was magic to my mouth and satisfying to my stomach. Being up close to delicate and tiny frogs, colorful snakes and lizards, huge spiders, beautiful butterflies, colorful birds, and bizzare, alien looking insects filled my mind with visual dreams of wonder. The relationships and bonds formed between our cheery band of froggers, that had previously been strangers, along with all of the hosts, guides, and drivers along the way, was soothing to my psyche and a satisfying social experience. We had a positive energy that bonded our group and further enhanced the experience.

Photo by George Quiroga

Then there was the newfound knowledge. Learning about the lives of each member in our group, the environment, the history of the country and the local people, the information from our expert wildlife guides, and the diverse knowledge from all the members of our group was the icing of this trip. The in-depth personal stories and factoids on food, culture, frogs, biology, zoo keeping, conservation, environment, and travel I gladly absorbed and hope to retain. I’m looking forward to creating beautiful art from the images and videos captured and using them to document and share our story of this beautiful time together. A deep thank you to the SAVE THE FROGS! crew, the participants, and all of those directly and indirectly involved in making this trip a success. Love, joy, and peace to you all. May your journeys be safe and filled with joy and may our paths cross again.


bird bananas George Quiroga




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