The Republic of Mauritius celebrated Save The Frogs Day 2017 with three wonderful, separate events. First, Miss India Worldwide Mauritius 2016 Jaleela Hassennally visited Les Joyeux Lutin primary school, where she spent quality time with the students and teachers. She talked to the students about the importance of preserving frogs and other animal life with the goal of instilling an appreciation for amphibians as well as persuading them to never eat frogs. The first Mauritius SAVE THE FROGS! event at the Les Joyeux Lutin Primary school took place in 2012 and the students and faculty are still dedicated to the cause in 2017.

Africa Mauritius Les Joyeux Lutins Miss Maruitius
Miss India Worldwide Mauritius 2016 Jaleela Hassennally visited Les Joyeux Lutin primary school to teach about frog conservation.

Africa Mauritius Les Joyeux Lutins group
Participating students from Les Joyeux Lutin Primary School.

Next, the 2017 contestants of Miss and Mr. India Worldwide Mauritius participated in a four hour workshop about the importance of frogs on the island of Mauritius in East Africa. The first part of the workshop was an informational session that taught participants about frogs’ pivotal role in the ecosystem as a bio-indicator and how some species’ skin properties hold great promise for medical breakthroughs. After the informational session, there was a graffiti art contest. Art was used as a medium to put on paper what participants felt about frogs’ situation and how they perceived frogs. The workshop ended with a debate session on frog topics.

Africa Mauritius art winner
Congratulations to Divya, the winner of the Graffiti Contest.

In Vacoas-Phoenix, the Children Foundation coincided their “Mental Health Awareness Week” with the Save The Frogs Day. Children from ages 6-14 participated in an awareness campaign where they learned about frogs’ life cycles and how frogs are “super-heroes” that help save and protect human health because of their predation on disease-transmitting mosquitoes. They also enjoyed fun frog-themed games and competitions during the event.

Africa Mauritius Awards
Fun awards given to the Save The Frogs Day participants during their workshop. 

The Mauritius Save The Frogs Day 2017 organizing team wishes to wholeheartedly thank all the individuals and organizations that made these events possible and successful; namely: the Miss and Mr. India Worldwide Mauritius Organization, Children Foundation, Les Joyeux Lutins Pre-Primary School, Mr. Deenal DHUNY (optician and supporter of the cause) and the volunteers, Miss Naailah BOGANEE, Miss Aisha RAHEEMAN and Mr. Akhilesh MOHUN (photographer-videographer).



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