Congratulations to SAVE THE FROGS! Task Force Member Biraj Shrestha for winning his first grant from the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund. The $2,500 award will enable the Biraj and his team to research Rara Lake frogs in western Nepal and gather more information about these data deficient species. This award will greatly benefit the amphibians of Nepal!

biraj nanorana liebigii manaslu

SAVE THE FROGS! Task Force Member Biraj Shrestha announces his award:
“FROGS are considered as the messengers of good fortune in Zen philosophy and I couldn’t agree more! When I became jobless in 2015, I had plenty of time to ponder over what I actually loved to do rather than whom I am pleasing for with the works I had little interest on. I sat back, contemplated on what I could do about what I loved the most. Yes, I love FROGS! I began writing and developed research and conservation proposals which were later successful from The Rufford Foundations, UK, The Pollination Project, SAVETHEFROGS! USA. I did work hard, had life and death experience during one of my field works and that was in the year 2016. With waves of support from frog loving people around the world, I had no remorse of what I actually started out and there was no turning back.

Hence, I am now writing to share one more good news with you all that I have recently been successful to achieve the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund which I had applied in last February 2017 for the project “Study of the Data Deficient Rara Lake Frogs in mid western Nepal”. The MBZ fund has agreed to provide partial fund of $2,500 for the project and this is the first time that MBZ fund has actually awarded research fund for amphibians in Nepal. With this, I hope to push my amphibian research and conservation endeavor further and help frogs for a better place where humans learn to respect them.”

Learn more about Biraj’s work to protect and study the amphibians of Nepal.

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