SAVE THE FROGS! is proud to be
Jessie Chang and Kathlyn Osagie at Garvey Intermediate School wetland construction day.

Garvey School Wetland
Kathlyn Osagie giving instructions on how deep to dig the wetland basin

kids wetlands
Over 40 students came out to volunteer on a Saturday to build the wetland. They were enthusiastic to learn how to measure the wetland basin using the construction level and re-flag the site after the bobcat removed a lot of soil. The students helped rake the basin once the bobcat was finished removing soil.

school wetland
Kathlyn teaching students how to hold the measuring rod to read elevations. 


justin save the frogs
Justin (left) is a dedicated SAVE THE FROGS! supporter. He believes in our cause to build wetlands for amphibians. He raised over $1,000 for the Garvey wetland project! We were lucky to have Justin and his family join us on construction day, as well as Eitan (in red).

This is what the Garvey school looked like immediately after construction:
garvey intermediate school wetland

We look forward to sharing photos of the wetland once the rains come and fill it!

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