Please join SAVE THE FROGS! in San Rafael, California on Thursday April 16th, 2015 and speak up on behalf of endangered California Red-Legged Frogs, our official state amphibian! The City of San Francisco has applied for a permit to dredge and drain the Sharp Park Wetlands. Their goal is to create dry land for a publicly-funded, money-losing golf course. Our goal is to stop them! The City’s draining activities kill the Red-Legged Frogs as well as the endangered San Francisco Garter Snakes.

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On April 16th, the California Coastal Commission will meet to determine whether they should grant the City a permit to drain the Sharp Park Wetlands. The Commission welcomes public comments, so it is up to you to make your voice heard, lest the Commission decide to side with the status quo of environmental destruction. This is our best chance to stop the draining and save our state amphibian.

SAVE THE FROGS! will be joined by Wild Equity Institute, National Parks Conservation Association, the Sierra Club and other groups. We will brief you on some simple statements you can make in front of the Commission that will provide huge benefit for the frogs and snakes. This is our best opportunity to stop this misguided project and we need your attendance to help these amazing amphibians.

WHEN: Thursday April 16th, 2015 at 12:30pm
WHERE: The Marin Civic Center, 3501 Civic Center Drive, Suite 329, San Rafael, CA 94903 in the Marin County Board of Supervisor’s meeting room.
WHO: We want every frog lover and environmentalist to attend. Please gather your friends and help us reach our goal of 100 people speaking up for the frogs and the planet.
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This Saturday, April 4th, from 1:00pm to 3:00 join Wild Equity Institute to search for two of the most imperiled vertebrate species on the San Francisco peninsula: the California Red-legged Frog and the San Francisco Garter Snake. This will be a leisurely walk to enjoy the restoration work being conducted at Mori Point and to learn about the bold steps being taken to save the frogs and the snakes from the brink of extinction. This event is rain or shine. Meet at the Mori Point Entrance Gate, at the intersection of Bradford Way and Mori Point Road, Pacifica, CA, 94044.

Thank you for your support and see you on April 16th!

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