“Celebrating frogs and igniting a passion for all amphibians is a major component of our Conservation Education Programs at Zovargo.” – Founder, Amanda Plante

is a San Diego based education organization that fosters connections between humans and animals to help inspire conservation stewardship. The program is grounded on the foundation of incorporating all life from the smallest crawling bug to the largest bird of prey as a way to reach a broad audience through their education programs. In 2016, Zovargo connected with nearly 18,000 individuals bringing animals into school classrooms, to scout groups, libraries, and private events throughout Southern California.

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This year Zovargo is focused on growing relationships with conservation-focused organizations that actively work to save endangered species. SAVE THE FROGS! and Zovargo are proudly uniting forces in April to provide a comprehensive leap into amphibian discovery! On the Friday before Earth Day, Zovargo and SAVE THE FROGS! will lead sessions on frog conservation for a local San Diego grade school.

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In addition to this special frog-focused education program, Zovargo will hold a Save the Frogs Day event on April 29th! As part of the San Diego Science Educators Conference, Zovargo will host a booth full of amphibian awareness. Activities at their booth will include interactive frog jumping contests and frog pledges! Science educators are some of our first touch points with children. Participating in this event and highlighting frog conservation will build upon the brilliant minds of hundreds of educators that attend this conference each year.


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"I've loved amphibians since I was born. Spent my childhood in mud and ponds with newts, salamanders, fish, frogs, snakes and bugs. I love water and adore amphibians. There's something about them that is amazing and perfect more than anything else on Earth."

S. McIntyre, Quebec, Canada


"The great rule in life is to find something you love to do and then find a way to make a living doing it. You can open any door when you're good at what you do."

Brian Tracy

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