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Our Mission

Hypsiboas cinerascensThe mission of SAVE THE FROGS! Academy is to produce environmental conservationists whose skills and experience will enable them to protect wildlife anywhere on the planet, and to direct every student's energy towards relevant amphibian conservation projects that produce true benefits for nature and wildlife. This serves the dual purpose of increasing our organization’s total conservation output while ensuring we have highly-trained amphibian conservationists far into the future.

The student experience

Dagmar Budd frog artAt SAVE THE FROGS! Academy, students will develop and implement real-world amphibian conservation projects under the direct supervision of SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger and other SAVE THE FROGS! instructors. Students will take classes (online or in-person); conduct independent projects; do fieldwork; give public presentations; interact with politicians, businesses, student groups and other nonprofits; and acquire a broad range of skills and experiences they are unlikely to acquire in a traditional university setting. The curriculum was created by Dr. Kriger specifically to give you the same skill set he used to create a worldwide SAVE THE FROGS! movement and the skills he uses on a daily basis to save frogs and grow the movement.

By the time you graduate from SAVE THE FROGS! Academy, you will have learned about amphibians, ecology, environmental education, business, marketing, campaigning, fundraising and nonprofit management. You will have conducted or assisted with scientific research on amphibians in the field; educated your local politicians about frogs; given presentations in schools; created webpages and newsletters; written and published articles; organized your own Save The Frogs Day event; made many valuable professional connections; raised funds for frog conservation selling eco-friendly frog merchandise that YOU created. You may have even organized and led a protest if you were so inspired!

"This is so awesome, and has so much potential! The whole thing is really a terrific idea, Kerry!"
-- Deborh Theisen; Tampa, Florida

The Classes

Dendropsophus labialisEach SAVE THE FROGS! Academy class will explore a different topic relevant to amphibian conservation and students will be actively helping SAVE THE FROGS! accomplish its mission of protecting amphibian populations and promoting a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. Classes are led by SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger and other experienced amphibian conservationists. We have currently designed nearly 60 different classes.

In each class, you will get introduced to the topic at hand; you will be able to ask questions, and then choose or request a volunteer task. If you are conducting an independent project, you will be able to report your results to the class to receive feedback on your work; you can provide feedback on other students' work and discuss future actions that should be taken; and you can submit a final report about your independent project for assessment and comment. If it's well written it may even appear on this website! The collaborative nature of the class will generate many ideas that will enhance your experience and yield more conservation successes.

Student Benefits

We aim to have an impressive list of accomplishments that were generated by Academy students, and you can be a part of that! SAVE THE FROGS! Academy students benefit from:

-- Access to the the knowledge and experiences of a variety of amphibian conservation experts.
-- Academy Conferences, in which students learn about and discuss the issue at hand, provide updates on their projects; receive advice from other students; and give advice to other student's regarding those students' projects.
-- Experience solving real-world environmental issues
-- The thrill and satisfaction of helping SAVE THE FROGS!
-- Good stories to tell potential future employers; improved resume
-- The student's project may be highlighted on and via our electronic newsletter.


Your committment level is your choice. If your goal is to pursue a career in environmental conservation, we encourage you to attend as many classes as possible, watch the archived class videos, and spend some time every week conducting an independent project or otherwise volunteering. Or perhaps you are a casual frog lover who just wants to drop in on some online classes when time allows...great, we welcome you as well!

We seek students who are dedicated to environmental conservation and the SAVE THE FROGS! mission. These courses take a significant amount of time and effort for us to plan, conduct and fund, so we expect students to do their best to excel!

It is your job to track the number of classes you attend (including their dates and the topic), as well as the number of hours you spend outside class doing activities that relate to SAVE THE FROGS! and SAVE THE FROGS! Academy. As an example, if in one week you spent:
-- 2 hours in online classes
-- 1 hour reading and researching
-- 1 hour writing letters to politicians
-- 30 minutes discussing your project with other students or a frog supervisor...
Then you would have completed 5 total hours of frog-saving efforts. We will soon have a downloadable Excel sheet right here that you can use as your Official SAVE THE FROGS! Timesheet. At the end of each semester, we will ask you to submit your timesheets to us so that we can tally the total number of hours put in by students.

Graduation from SAVE THE FROGS! Academy

A student graduates from SAVE THE FROGS! Academy when they have acquired 365 credits and successfully completed an as yet undetermined number of Independent Studies. Each credit implies you completed approximately 8 hours of work (total for class time, conference time, meeting time, research, action, followups, etc), and have thus acquired one day's worth of frog-saving knowledge. After completing 365 credits, you will have spent a full year of your life saving frogs and we are certain that you will be a highly refined, well-rounded frog saver prepared to save the frogs and the planet! We will be proud to call you a Graduate of SAVE THE FROGS! Academy! We will also soon unveil a system of acknowledging advancement through the Academy on your path towards graduation. Please note that you are welcome to take Academy classes even if you have no plans to take 365 credits worth of classes.

Note that credits are not currently transferrable to other universities, though we do hope to get accredited in the future. Regardless, the knowledge and experience you gain is more valuable than any credit! Our credits are primarily a way to track your progress, efforts and achievement.

Does it cost anything?

frog classesOnline courses are FREE! We want you to attend these classes because we want you to be educated and inspired to SAVE THE FROGS!. Tuition for supervised independent study projects and for field courses will be announced in the future.

We thank all our donors and members for making these classes possible, and encourage you to make the most of this amazing free source of knowledge. If you like SAVE THE FROGS! Academy, please donate to the SAVE THE FROGS! Academy Fund and become an official member today!

"Kerry, What an excellent plan! If we can collaborate with you in the future along the lines of your Academy here in VA, please let me know. Continued CONGRATULATIONS on the remarkable international success of STF! Cheers, Mike"
-- Michael Hayslett, M.S.; Departments of Biology & Environmental Studies; Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, Virginia