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Save The Frogs Day: April 25th, 2015

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Save The Frogs Day 2013 Events Listing

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Save The Frogs DayThe 5th Annual Save The Frogs Day (April 27, 2013) was the largest day of amphibian education and conservation action in the planet's history. Over 270 events took place in at least 30 countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Israel, Italy, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Tanzania, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the USA. These events directly reached over 17,000 people!



Arkansas - Little Rock

At Pinnacle Mountain State Park, in partnership with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, we will celebrate this day of amphibian appreciation with an information station featuring live amphibians and education materials. At 2pm at the West Summit Picnic area, a "frog-hop" competition will take place to conclude the day and demonstrate the amazing abilities of these cold-blooded creatures! Please call (501) 868-5806 for additional park information or email Jeremy:
Watch this THV 11 video about the event!

Arkansas - Harrison

We are an organization of 6th graders called The Sixth Grade Frog Lovers! We are celebrating Save The Frogs Day by having a frog walk. The walk will be held at Harrison, AR park on Saturday April 27th, 2013. The walk will start at 10:00am. The cost is 10$ per walker or runner to enter the race. The event is open to the public but there will be a $2 entry fee. Contact one of us for more info:
Tori Byrd:
Jessica Garcia:

Arizona - Glendale

As part of Glendale Community College's "Earth Day" events on 22 April, Dr. Erik Gergus will present a lecture at 8am titled "Global Change and Amphibian Decline: Causes, Solutions, and Why it Matters". The talk, and other Earth Day events that follow, will take place in the Student Union Building's lecture auditorium.

Arizona - Willcox

The Nature Conservancy and SocialSnakes will hold their first annual Save The Frogs Day at the Muleshoe Ranch Preserve in Willcox, Arizona. Explore frog habitat with Dennis Caldwell (Frog & Fish Restoration Outreach Group; learn about frog conservation and what makes Muleshoe an important place for frogs. Please bring your own lunch as none will be provided or available for purchase (drinking water is freely available – bring your own bottle). Sustainable snacks will be available at our Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. This is a free event, but please visit our event page and register so we know you're coming! Learn all about the event here.

9am: Preserve open, check-in at Visitor Center & explore on your own
11am: Frog Walk led by Dennis Caldwell, Frog & Fish Restoration Outreach Group
12pm: Lunch on your own and pick up snacks at our Bake Sale
2pm: Frog Walk led by Dennis Caldwell, Frog & Fish Restoration Outreach Group
4pm: Preserve closes; inquire about after-hours rattlesnake tracking

Watch this video of the group building a frog pond!

Arizona save the frogs day

Dennis Caldwell (green shirt) of the FROG Conservation Project, discusses threats to frogs while pointing out some Lowland Leopard Frogs in the Twin Lakes:

Lowland Leopard Frog

California - Arcata

Humboldt State University's Conservation Unlimited Club is having it's first SAVE THE FROGS! benefit on April 27, 2013. It will be a day for herptile enthusiasts to get out in the field and promote a better world for amphibians. We will be fundraising for SAVE THE FROGS! organization through pledges and donations and hosting a community herp-watch throughout Humboldt County. This event is free and open to the public. If you are interested in fundraising or attending one of our herping field trips, to learn more about local frog and amphibian species please contact:

California - Davis

David, Teo, Rebecca, Tate, Carter, Arthur, Adam, Taehyuan, Jishnu, and Ken from Save Our Frogs and Salamanders Club will do a sale and live music concert at the farmers market. They will also get as many of their friends from school to sign the petition to ban importation, sale release etc. of bullfrogs in California. They will all also donate $4 for April 4, and at least another $5 for SAVE THE FROGS! day. They will also take their petition to school where not only their friends, but all 603 students, some parents, and the 25+ staff can sign it. This event will take place on April 27th, 2013. Please read the Davis Enterprise article about this event. If you have any questions please contact Baki Tezcan at

Davis frogs kids

Kids frogs music

Right-click the flyer to download the PDF:Davis frogs california

California - Davis

The UC Davis Students Engaging, Exploring, & Discovering Science (SEEDS) club is hosting a BioBlitz at Putah Creek Riparian Reserve. A BioBlitz is a community event intended to explore a region and record species found. I will be running a SAVE THE FROGS! table with information and merchandise, as well as showing the public what a herpetologist like myself does for work! I'll be showing some local reptiles and amphibians to help educate the public about them.
The event is at the Picnic Grouds at Putah Creek Riparian Reserve. It will be open to the public from 9am to 2pm. For more info please contact Robyn at

California - Hayward

My name is Wilma and I'm a grandparent hoping to inspire more amphibian conservationists. I will be giving two presentations, for grades K-4, of about 90+ students. I have built a 3D model of a frog's life cycle, put together a presentation board (with color photos of frogs from around the world, including two of California's threatened species). I have crafted 100 'I Love Frogs' bookmarkers to hand out with a list of age-appropriate books about frogs (fact & fictional). I have turned 100 blank name labels into participation stickers, with a frog stamp and a statement of, "I learned that frogs are cool!". My presentation will consist of talking about the importance of frogs, the threats to frogs, the hundreds of species that have gone extinct, and how we can help the others that are threatened. I will also talk about the endangered California Red-Legged Frog and the Sierra Yellow-Legged Frog. SAVE THE FROGS! information cards will be given to each child and teacher. The webpage will be highlighted throughout. My amphibian conservation presentation will be held on Friday, April 26th, in the school auditorium. My email is

California - Sacramento

SAVE THE FROGS! volunteers and Field Biology Group members will be hosting an informational / fundraising table in the Library Quad at California State University, Sacramento (next to Santa Clara Hall, towards Humboldt hall from University Union). This event will be held on April 25, 2013 to celebrate the 5th Annual Save The Frogs Day. This is Field Biology Group's 2nd Save The Frogs Day event! Our event will start at 8 am and will probably pack up around 2-3 pm. Included with the informational aspect will be frog/amphibian specimens loaned to us via CSUS lab, visual boards, information regarding all aspects of frog conservation. Included with the fundraising aspect will be merchandise for sale whose proceeds (100%) will go directly towards SAVE THE FROGS! and amphibian conservation. There will be T-shirts, water bottles, Chico bags, mouse pads, wrist bands, stickers, and pins available for purchase (all sporting STF! designs!). We will have a donation box available as well! There is no cost to this event, although there is a daily parking permit purchase to park on campus.

California - Santa Cruz

SAVE THE FROGS! and the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) will be teaming up to hold a fantastic frog-filled Save The Frogs Day event at the UCSC Arboretum. UCSC Herpetology Professor Dr. Barry Sinervo will give a presentation on amphibians and the effects of climate change. SAVE THE FROGS! Ecologist Kathlyn Franco will talk about local wildlife issues and her frog conservation efforts. SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Chris Berry will discuss our efforts to control the non-native American Bullfrog, and update you on the city's Habitat Conservation Plan for California Red-Legged Frogs. SAVE THE FROGS! interns Fernando Garcia and Andre Le will discuss the International Day of Pesticide Action and our efforts to ban the harmful pesticide Atrazine. The Arboretum's Executive Director Brett Hall will give a welcoming about the
Arboretum and his stewardship hopes and intentions with frogs and frog-like creatures. Jeanie Vogelzang will lead a frog art class for kids and we will have frog face painting as well! We will have a frog art exhibit featuring frog art from around the world; art will be available by donation, all proceeds to SAVE THE FROGS!. After the presentations, we will head down to the Arboretum's pond to look for California Red-Legged Frogs, Pacific Chorus Frogs and California Newts. Please email for more info or to find out how you can get involved.

- 4:30-5pm: Event opens, come wander the Arboretum grounds and get comfortable.
- 5-7:30pm: Presentations and Frog Art Exhibit
- 7:30-8:30pm: Frogging Expedition to the Arboretum Pond, where we will search for newts and frogs (bring a headlight or flashlight if you have one).

FOLLOWUP: Fifty frog lovers attended this event! Here is a PDF of Chris Berry's presentation.

UCSC Frogs Day

Chris Berry santa cruz

Red-Legged Frog
Frog art by Nick Gustafson

California - Santa Cruz

In honor of Save The Frogs Day I am going to run a campaign on Facebook and in person, asking my friends to donate $5 each to SAVE THE FROGS!. It is going to be a week long campaign where I post requests 1-2 times/day on Facebook asking people to donate. If this fundraiser is a success I plan to do it every year. For more info please contact Sienne at:

FOLLOWUP: I raised $470 for SAVE THE FROGS!

California - Soquel

Main Street Elementary is going to be having a picnic day on Save The Frogs Day. We are going to get kids excited about frogs by having fact sheets that they can color, crossword puzzles about frogs, and a raffle for frog prizes (T-shirts, wristbands, water bottle, etc). We will show them how to make Origami frogs and talk to them about ways they can help to save the frogs in their own backyards.

Colorado - Fort Collins

Save The Frogs Day in Fort Collins, CO is being organized by Chelsea Carson, a Wildlife Biology major at Colorado State University. She has partnered with CSU's Office of Service Learning Director Margit Henschel as well as the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery to bring the community a day of friends, fun, and amphibian awareness! The event will take place in the classrooms of the FCMoD as well as the adjacent Lee Martinez Park. There will be live music, key speakers, art projects, educational activities, donation-only food, treats, and frog memorabilia! It is open to the public with no charge. If you would like to get more event details, partner with us, or send us ideas, comments, etc., please email Chelsea at or SAVE THE FROGS! Academy student Choti Singh:

save frogs day colorado

frog volunteers

colorado save frogs day

robert jadin frogs

frog day csu

Right-click to download the PDF:
Colorado Fort Collins frogs

On Saturday April 27, 2013 we celebrated Save The Frogs Day in collaboration with Earth Day festivities of The Sustainable Living Association (SLA) in Fort Collins, Colorado (USA). The SLA provides numerous opportunities for businesses and non-profits to engage in and support the ongoing community efforts to educate, inspire and motivate citizens to live more in balance with nature by – conserving natural resources and leaving less of an impact on the earth.
This was a free outdoor event with a combination of activities & events for the entire family, featuring informational booths and displays, arts & crafts, live music, speakers, local food and a beer garden!

SAVE THE FROGS! was present all day from 10:30am until 5pm at a booth run by SAVE THE FROGS! Academy student Choti Singh and several invaluable volunteers, namely:
-- Chelsea Carson, student at CSU and her crew of enthusiastic, energetic, and fun fellow volunteers;
-- Robert Jadin, PhD candidate at CU Boulder and his wife Sarah Orlofske, also a PhD candidate at CU; and
-- Maya Jayachandra, my daughter and STF! student member.

At least 300 people stopped by our STF! information table, with several making donations and purchasing STF! merchandise. The activity table for children, who did frog artwork and origami with the CSU volunteers drew a large crowd as well! Many people were unaware of amphibian populations declining, but genuinely interested in the impact humans and their activities are having on frog populations world-wide, with many curious as to how to prevent this tragedy. People were keen to sign the petition to ban Atrazine, and were directed to the site for more detailed information.

Lectures were presented at the open stage in the gardens by Robert Jadin - "Global declines in amphibians: Do we know what we are losing?" and by CSU PhD candidate Rick Scherer - "Amphibians of Colorado: How are they doing?" In addition, the musical groups, especially 'Better Than Bacon' drew a large crowd. Wristbands and buttons were a huge favourite amongst the merchandise. There were also family activities (learning to identify frog-calls) and lectures coordinated by Margit Hentschel, Director CSU Office of Service Learning, and Staci Amburgey, graduate student at CSU who presented her work on the impact of climate change on Boreal Chorus frogs, which was held simultaneously at the nearby Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. We raised a total of $315.50 at this Fort Collins SAVE THE FROGS! Day event - a fun, informative, and successful day!
-- Choti Singh, SAVE THE FROGS! Academy student, Colorado, USA

Colorado - Granby

The Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest (Sulphur Ranger District) will be hosting a Save The Frogs Day event at East Grand Middle School on April 25, 2013. This will be our fifth annual event and includes amphibian awareness and conservation topics for all 7th and 8th grade science classes!

Connecticut - Storrs

The University of Connecticut is celebrating Save The Frogs Day! The UConn Herpetological Society, Herpetologist Dr. Kristiina Hurme and Ph.D. Candidate Johana Goyes-Vallejos will be partnering with UCONNAPALOOZA for a day of joy, games, prizes and learning. We will have local Connecticut species, and we will teach you why and how you can help the frogs. We will be accepting donations that will go to to promote research and education around the world. We will be at the Student Union Lawn (Plaza) this Saturday April 20th, 2013 from 12 pm to 3 pm. Look for the SAVE THE FROGS! flag. Contact information:

We had 100+ undergraduate students come by our table to meet the Connecticut frogs and salamanders and to learn why we need to protect our amphibians. Thanks to the UConn Herpetological Society and the Animal Behavior and Herpetology Lab for making this event possible!

save the frogs day uconn

UConn save the frogs day 2013

Florida - Tampa

For the 3rd year, the Tampa area Save The Frogs Day is being planned by Avalon Theisen and Conserve It Forward!  Join us for another day of family, froggy fun, full of educational frog activities. It will start at 10am and leading up to another Human Frog Chorus and prize giveaways at 1pm! Please bring a picnic lunch to enjoy, though limited food will be available for purchase.

Here is a sample of what you can expect:
* explore cool things you can use to help frogs and the environment
* help decorate the Save The Frogs Day banner
* get a frog tattoo and play some frog games
* hear some frog calls and learn about Florida’s frogs
* take a photo with Clover, the Conserve It Forward frog
* participate in a frog talk/frog walk

$5 suggested donation per person from which 100% will benefit SAVE THE FROGS!, Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center, and/or Conserve It Forward. For directions, a schedule of events and more information, please visit Pre-registration is greatly appreciated for planning purposes, but not required. All ages welcome and encouraged to join us.  We look forward to seeing you there! For more information please email:

Thanks to Avalon for making this excellent video to promote Save The Frogs Day 2013!

Avalon Theisen Frogs

"I was SO excited to pick up this proclamation for Save The Frogs Day from our great Tampa, FL Mayor Bob Buckhorn! Thank you SO much, Mayor Buckhorn, for issuing a proclamation again this year! Peace & love, Avalon"
Avalon Theisen Save The Frogs Day 2013

On April 27, 2013, for the 3rd year in a row, Tampa Bay area's Save the Frogs Day offered attendees the opportunity to get a Frog Passport and make the rounds, playing games and doing activities that helped them understand the importance of frogs to our world. Learning about challenges that frogs face, as well as solutions ordinary people can do to help, served as a reminder that helping frogs means helping the environment, both locally and globally. 87 participants enjoyed activities such as Stamp Out the Threats to Frogs, learning about frog saving tools, going on one of Avalon's "take anywhere frog listening hikes," and the 2nd annual Human Frog Chorus that took place just before the prize drawing for donated prizes. Thanks to a Disney Friends for Change grant, a new focus for our event this year was service opportunities for youth attendees, which will allow for even further amphibian conservation reach. Options offered were habitat clean-up, Care Cans, pledging to take action to help frogs, and croaking for amphibian conservation awareness. Youth volunteers also assembled 20 treefrog house kits for educators, which will allow classrooms and groups to monitor treefrog and invasive species activity. An awesome addition this year was the Save The Frogs Day Package for Event Organizers, which we received from SAVE THE FROGS! as a result of a generous grant they received.

Funding and/or support for the Tampa Bay Area Save the Frogs Day 2013 event was provided by grants from SAVE THE FROGS!, Disney Friends for Change Grant, Camp Bayou and Greening Forward Earth Savers Club Challenge. This event was also a Global Youth Service Day, and "Let's G.O.! (Get Outside) Play. Serve. Celebrate. Children & Nature Network" inspired initiative. We were also excited to raise $70 in donations for SAVE THE FROGS!.

Avalon Theisen Teaching

Avalon Theisen Kids

Avalon Theisen

Tampa Save The Frogs Day

Treefrog Houses

Treefrog Houses


Avalon Theisen Tampa

Save The Frogs Day Tampa

Totem Magic

Tampa frogs

Florida flyer frogs

Georgia - Athens

Sandy Creek Nature Center in Athens, GA is hosting our annual Save the Frogs Day event! This event will be at the Sandy Creek Education & Visitor Center on Saturday, April 27th 11am-2pm. It is open to the public and free of charge. Come by and learn all about frogs and what you can do to help them survive! We will have informative displays including live frogs to visit with, and you can also see vivariums with reptiles and amphibians, marine and freshwater aquariums, interactive natural history exhibits, and an incredible resource library, all housed in an eco-friendly building. And while you are visiting you can check out the property's 225 acres of woodlands and wetlands, including over 4 miles of trails and lots of natural frog habitat!

Email Annie at if you have any questions or want to help out with the event! You can also call (706) 613-3615

Illinois - Chicago

On Monday, April 29, Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School will celebrate our 2nd Save The Frogs Day! Middle school students, led by 5th graders, will begin the day with a middle school assembly teaching peers about frogs and why we need to help save them. Students will be running informational booths in their science classes. There will be fun and educational frog activities along with contests, petitions, and prizes. All members of the BZAEDS community are invited to visit our booth and learn how to help save the world's FROGS!
Contact: Deanna McBeath

Illinois - Gurnee

The Eco Club at River Trail School in Illinois has organized an entire week (April 29-May 3rd) dedicated to FROGS! Last year was our inaugural year and it was a great success! All week long we have events centered around educating our kindergarten through 8th grade children about frogs! This event is only open to the students of River Trail School. First, each classroom gets a mystery frog picture placed on their door. The class must research and identify the frog. Once they do, they receive a frog related prize, such as a frog book or a stuffed animal frog. Last year a kindergarten class was the first to identify their red-eyed tree frog. We also host an art contest! Younger students are asked to color a frog picture while older ones are asked to draw, collage, or even paint a frog. All artwork is displayed and each grade level winner receives a prize. Students are also encouraged to submit "frog facts" in our frog box in the office to be read daily over the PA. Also, older students create imovies or slideshows which are played during lunch periods, informing our students about frogs. Lastly, on the last day of the week everyone is encouraged to wear frog apparel or green!  It's a wonderful & educational week dedicated to our friends the frogs!  For more information please contact Lucy:

Illinois - Lindenhurst

Illinois save frogs

Kansas - Fort Leavenworth

The Fort Leavenworth SAVE THE FROGS! club will be hosting a celebration at the Patch Building on Pope Avenue from 11-1 pm Saturday, April 27th, 2013. Information about frogs and their conservation will be available. Frog crafts, games, and frog themed snacks will be part of the fun. From 11-12 the celebration will be inside the building with frog videos and  a demonstration of digital frog dissection software. From 12-1 we will be outside playing frog games and races. We will be advertising for the SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest as well as the Adopt A Frog program. For more information please contact Dawn

Maryland - Bethesda

It's International Save the Frogs Day. Come learn all about our vanishing amphibians and why these good natured bouncers need our help. We'll explore the pond to wonder at tadpoles, learn to sing in our own frog chorus, and learn to draw frogs for fun. Presented by Locust Grove Nature Center, HUFEE Division, Montgomery County Parks. 7777 Democracy Blvd, Bethesda, MD 20817
April 27, 2013, 10 am-- 12 noon
Ages 3--12 (parents and guardians must accompany attendees)
$7 per child
Register at; course number 231110
Contact Locust Grove Nature Center for more information:

Michigan - Rochester

The Funky Frog Children's Resale Boutique will hold a FREE in-store event on Saturday, April 20, 2013 from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. This event is to educate children and families on how they can help SAVE the FROGS! We will have local naturalist with live frogs at various stages of development, educational handouts, giveaways, activities and games. We will have a visit from our store mascot Funky the Frog for photo opportunities. For more information contact or see or

Michigan - Rockford

Cannon Township will be hosting their annual Waterfest event at Townsend Park on Saturday, April 27, 2013, 8:00 a.m. until noon. A pancake breakfast will be served by the Cannonsburg Village Christmas Light Committee beginning at 8:00 a.m. The Historical Society will be selling baked goods so come with an appetite. Cannonsburg Village Christmas Nature Discovery will take place from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. The traditional duck race will thrill kids of all ages. Steve Rybczynski and Beckett Vigh will help identify the "creeky critters" throughout the day. There will be a nature video, face painting, worm viewing, root view, frog houses, a fishing game and much more. Our featured event is Save The Frogs Day April 27th, 2013. In celebration we are exhibiting Michigan's amphibian and reptiles by Nature Discovery. See what animals live in a wetland! Nature/science-inspired activities will be presented for children along with the annual duck race in Bear Creek. There will be live music by Hawks & Owls. All activities are free! For more information contact Georgia Donovan at

Michigan - Three Rivers

• Mayor Tom Lowry will be declaring the whole month of April 2013, as "Save The Frogs Month" in Three Rivers.

• Representative Matt Lori will be offering a resolution, similar to the one that the House of Representatives passed last year, to declare April 27, 2013, as "Save The Frogs Day" throughout the State of Michigan.

• Twenty retail businesses in Three Rivers will be participating in "Find A Frog In Three Rivers" which will invite citizens of all ages to find a small frog icon in their store from April 1 to 26 and register for a prize from that business to be drawn from entries on "Save The Frogs! Day" at Scidmore Park, April 27.

Three Rivers Frog Day• Mentors and mentees from the Three Rivers Mentoring Program (TRAM) will be painting 80' of plywood panels with pictures of frogs and messages that people need to know about the critical endangered state of a large number of amphibians worldwide. These panels will be affixed to the chain link fence of the Scidmore Park petting zoo facing Spring Street in April.
Read this article about the panels in the River Country Journal and this article in the Sturgis Journal, as well as this article in MLive!

• Educational displays about frogs will be in downtown store windows during the month of April.

• A movie titled "FROGS: The Thin Green Line" that has been shown on PBS and the National Geographic Channel will be shown at the Riviera Theater in the Three Rivers Historic District the afternoon of Sunday, April 21. This excellent movie shows the challenges to frogs worldwide and efforts that are being employed in an attempt to save frog species from extinction.

• All of the above will culminate in the celebration of Save The Frogs Day held at the Farmer's Market pavilions in Scidmore Park on April 27th. Games, activities, face painting for kids, free hot dogs from the Weenie King, book signings drawings for prizes donated by local merchants and information about frogs and why they need our help will be on the day's agenda.

Please contact SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Vic Eichler at if you would care to schedule an interview, arrange for photographs or obtain more information about these events.

FOLLOWUP: We held eight distinct events that directly reached 1,700 people. We also raised $200 for SAVE THE FROGS!.

Three Rivers Frogs

Michigan save the frogs

The words in the white spaces say things like: "Frogs are disappearing; We depend on you; Pollution kills us!; We need help to survive; Protect our habitats; Don't eat our legs; We eat ticks and flies."

Three Rivers frogs

Three Rivers Frogs

New York - Brooklyn

We will celebrate Save The Frogs Day April 27th, 2013 at Greenwood Playground on East Fifth Street. It is open to the public and will take place from 12-2pm (time subject to change). At the event, we will sell frog cookies and distribute materials to inform the public on how to help save the frogs. Proceeds from the frog cookies will be donated to SAVE THE FROGS!. We hope to inform people and raise money for SAVE THE FROGS!. For more information please contact Catie Breen at

New York - New York

The 3rd Grade students at Caedmon School are learning about wild animals of the Northeastern United States. In their studies, they each focused on an individual bird or animal. Many of the birds and animals studied have a relationship with frogs--either as prey or predators. We will learn about how frogs are indicators of a healthy environoment and how we can sustain our environments to help Save The Frogs and save ourselves. This event is open to all students at Caedmon School and will take place during the school day. Anyone else who is interested can contact Dee Dee or Henry at

New York - Windsor

My class is a self-contained special education classroom for severely emotionally disturbed Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders. However, even though these young children have experienced neglect, abuse, and severe emotional trauma, they have some of the biggest, kindest hearts I have ever had the privilege of caring for, especially when it comes to animals. They have jumped on this cause with all of their small hearts! We have been busy learning about frogs and life cycles, so I've incorporated a lot of ideas from I have permission for my students set up a table during the 2 hour lunch block in our school on April 25th to pass out info cards and answer questions about frogs and My students are busy making posters and learning as much as they can so they can "teach the big kids and grown ups" about frog & amphibian conservation efforts. Again, thank you so much for all that you do!
-- Sharon Mannix

North Carolina - Asheboro

The North Carolina Zoo "Amphibian Awareness Day" in conjunction with "Save The Frogs Day" will be held Saturday April 27th. Official hours of event will be from 10-2PM. There will be exhibits and activities from the Cypress Swamp area to the Aviary. Included will be games, activities, face painting, amphibian conservation information and a build a backyard pond station. The goal of this event is to raise awareness to the importance and diversity of amphibians as well as to bring attention to the global decline of amphibian populations. Additionaly, we will highlight what we as individuals can do to ensure the survival of these species. All ages are welcome and encouraged to participate in the activities. Standard admission to the zoo rates apply, but there will be no additional charges for this event.
Chris Shupp

North Carolina - Davidson

Davidson save frogs day

North Carolina - Raleigh

The student body (1,063 K-5th grade students) of Sycamore Creek Elementary School in Raleigh, NC, celebrated amphibians and environmental conservation during Save The Frogs MONTH in April, culminating with Save The Frogs Day on April 27. Students created posters, intercom announcements and scrolling TV slides that focused upon the unique qualities of frogs and the many reasons that frogs have been disappearing from our environment. Teachers facilitated opportunities to explore frogs as part of the science and math enrichment classes, teaming and organizing a frog and amphibian focused curriculum for April. Activities included Ipod/Smartboard/Ipad research using the Save The Frogs website, laptop graphing after researching how far some frogs are able to jump, frog sounds from local habitats/wetlands areas behind the school, environmental impacts since frogs are bio-indicators, connections with North Carolina's diverse species of amphibians, spreading the word about the many ways to support and help frogs and amphibian conservations and lots of sharing with others about the website/outreach of SAVE THE FROGS!

As the science specialist for the school, I have had students celebrating Save The Frogs Day for five years (since its beginning!!), but this was the first time that I actively engaged the entire student body and had the support of other curriculum specialists incorporating Save The Frogs within their curriculum. It was a great learning experience and lots of fun for everyone!!
Contact: Susan Christman

frogs day nc

North Carolina - Raleigh

Governor Bev Perdue officially declared April 28, 2012 Save The Frogs Day in the State of North Carolina. This year on April 24th, 2013, at the request of SAVE THE FROGS! student supporter Rachel Hopkins, the state's Rules Committee will hear and discuss Bill 830. This bill will help the state of North Carolina recognize the importance of amphibians to our environment by naming a North Carolina State Frog and and North Carolina State Salamander to the listing of North Carolina State Symbols.  Here is the text that will be voted on:

Whereas, North Carolina and the Southeast region of the United States lead the world in amphibian diversity; and whereas, the pine barrens tree frog can be found in the Sandhills and Coastal Plain regions of North Carolina; and whereas, the pine barrens tree frog has been considered one of the most striking and beautiful frogs in the Southeast region of the United States; and whereas, the Pine Barrens Treefrog by name reflects one of North Carolina's signature trees and ecosystems that have been a vital part of the State's economic, cultural, and natural history since colonial times; and whereas, North Carolina also leads the nation and world in salamander diversity, most notably in our Appalachian Mountains; and whereas, the marbled salamander is found throughout the State and is unique in that it is a charismatic, striking, chunky-bodied, fossorial amphibian, of which no two are exactly alike in color pattern; and whereas, according the North Carolina Wildlife Commission's 2005 North Carolina Wildlife Action Plan, the Pine Barrens Treefrog and the Marbled Salamander have been identified as priority species for population monitoring and conservation in North Carolina; now, therefore, The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:
§ 145-42. State frog. The pine barrens tree frog (Hyla andersonii) is adopted as the official frog of the State of North Carolina.
§ 145-43. State salamander. The marbled salamander (Ambystoma opacum) is adopted as the official salamander of the State of North Carolina.

North Carolina - Wilmington

Come to the University of North Carolina, Wilmington Watson College of Education Building, April 19, 2013 from 5-8 pm. Explore the fascinating world of STEM with UNCW faculty and students. Visit the ocean depths with MarineQuest. Discover the biodiversity of a rainforest with Literacy Live. Experience what it is like to communicate with a robot. Inquire into STEM activities with College of Education students. And most importantly, learn about how to SAVE THE FROGS! Everyone will make their own origami frog among other hands-on projects. All of this and so much more, and it's free! All information is here.

Pennsylvania - Levittown

I will be presenting a slideshow to the 3rd grade classes at my daughter's school. The slideshow contains pictures and sounds of frogs found in Bucks County, PA. After the slide show I will be discussing how to identify frogs and toads, what they eat, where they live, why they are so important to the environment and what we need to do to save them. PA Fish and Boat Commission sent me 50 copies of the booklet "PA's Handsome Hoppers" to hand out. I also am working with the local nature center to set up a Frog Slog. We will also be having a frog shaped snack and depending on the time left we may do a craft.
Contact: Tammy Hasney

Pennsylvania - Spring Mills

Join us at the restored wetlands of Muddy Paws Marsh April 27th for an evening with the frogs and other creatures. We will start the night with a short presentation on the state of amphibian health both locally and globally, followed by games and activities for children with prizes. As it gets dark, waterfowl will descend on the marsh for the night and frogs will start to sing. Hear and search for green frogs, bullfrogs, spring peepers, pickerel frogs and toads on your own throughout the marsh. Come dressed to get muddy! Please bring lawn chairs, food and drink, flashlights, binoculars (for bird sightings), boots for wading and nets for catching frogs. Children must be accompanied by an adult. This event is brought to you by Muddy Paws Marsh, SAVE THE FROGS!, ClearWater Conservancy, Penn State Extension Master Gardeners and the Penns Valley Conservation Association. This is an all-ages, rain or shine event. Questions? Email or call 814-422-8787.

FOLLOWUP: My Event was called the Soiree in the Swamp. It was held at Muddy Paws Marsh in Spring Mills, PA. The marsh consists of 40 acres of restored wetlands full of bullfrogs, pickerel frogs, spring peepers, green frogs, wood frogs, and a couple other random visitors. There are very few, if any fish, throughout the entire marshland so frog armies are expanding here and gathering force. The event was held from 6:30 to 8:30 during which time the peepers were in full call mode. I partnered with the owners of Muddy Paws Marsh, Clearwater Conservancy, Penn's Valley Conservation Association, and Penn State's Master Gardens. As guests walked down to the boardwalk they came upon my SAVE THE FROGS! displays. I had a frog cookie/cupcake decorating station, a main information station, and Who's Callin' Game grouped together. Across from the main table was the entrance to the boardwalk an easel with frog pictures for painting. An addition art station was set up at the end of the boardwalk. After a brief presentation by Mary Kay (owner of Muddy Paws), myself (discussing STF) and Jerod Skebo (Shaver's Creek environmental center herpetologist (explaining the types of frogs in the marsh), guests meandered through the various pathways in the marsh searching for frogs, playing frog games, decorating cookies, and explore nature. All guests were encouraged to get muddy and go off the paths to find something new and exciting. Everyone who came commented on what a wonderful experience it was and they would love to participate again next year, but preferably before then. All frogs captured at the event were also released back to their habitat to continue their happy lives in the marsh where they are well protected. A big thank you to everyone who came out to learn about Save The Frogs and celebrate the 5th Save The Frogs Day with us. Can't wait til next year! Please join our SAVE THE FROGS! Pennsylvania Facebook page.

Pennsylvania frogs day

frog lovers

save frogs altoona

kids frogs nets

PA save the frogs day 2013

Puerto Rico - San Juan

Iniciativa Herpetológica will host three events across Puerto Rico to celebrate Save The Frogs Day. On April 17th, senior students of the Margarita Janer Palacios High School in Guaynabo will set up information booths to inform their fellow students about amphibians, their metamorphic cycle, and problems like; frog dissection, invasive amphibian species in Puerto Rico. These students will then make two presentations about the different amphibians of Puerto Rico focusing on the only toad species of Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rican Crested Toad, and the conservation efforts to save that species. These talks will take place at Barinas Middle School in Yauco on April 18, 2013; and at MirMar College in Arecibo on April 26, 2013. For more information please contact

South Carolina - Greenwood

The Ware Shoals High School BioClub will be hosting a Save The Frogs Day Celebration on April 27, 2013 at the Greenville Zoo in Greenville, SC. There will be a lot of educational activities going on about frogs, plus a lot of fun "frog games" for children. For example, the BioClub students will be collecting signatures to ban Atrazine in the USA; information will be available about the plight of frogs worldwide; frog face painting, frog washable tattoos, frog origami, fly eating contests (raisins will be used instead of flies!!), wristbands will be available for a small donation, and plenty of other activities. Plus, you will be able to tour the fantastic Greenville Zoo! Please come join us and learn more about frogs. For more information contact George at:

South Carolina - Greenville

Hop on down to the Greenville Zoo on Saturday April 27th from 9am-2pm to enjoy our 2nd Annual Save The Frogs Day, with a twist, as we are also celebrating Princess and Pirates Day! With admission to the zoo, come dressed as your favorite princess or pirate, and let the fun begin! The FrogWatch Researchers of Greenville Zoo (FROGZ) have partnered with Ware Shoals High School Bio-Club students to raise funds for and their global amphibian conservation efforts! There will be games, stickers, face painting, arts, crafts, and contests! Some of your favorite characters will be strolling the grounds. Learn how to identify local frog calls, what you can do to help frogs and their habitat, and see a live tadpole up close! If you love frogs and toads, gather your friends and family and plan to spend the day at the Greenville Zoo!
Contact Barbara Foster:

Tennessee - Bartlett

We will learn about these amazing amphibians and their habitats and how we can preserve and support them. Activities will include: Froggy facts hopping race, Frog arts and crafts, Digital dissection station. Activities are designed for elementary age children, but older and younger homeschoolers are welcome. This event is limited to members of Homeschoolers of Memphis Eclectic, which is a free, secular, inclusive organization open to homeschool families in Memphis, TN and the surrounding area. April 26, 1:00pm-3:00pm. Visit for more information.

Texas - Brownsville

The Art Club and Science Department of Garcia Middle School is hosting this Save The Frogs Day event. When the students come to school on April 26th, the school will be decorated with clouds of origami frogs and tadpoles going up the walls and on to the ceilings on both floors of the school. In addition there will be posters of frog types and descriptions of the threats to their survival. The frogs on the posters will be identified with their location and habitat and colored by the science department students. We will post photos on our school website after the event. This event is only open to students and is free to attend.

Texas - Fort Worth

The 8th annual Fort Worth Prairie Fest is on Saturday, April 27, 11 am to 8 PM, at Tandy Hills Natural Area, 3400 View Street. The free, solar-powered festival offers unique outdoor adventures for children and families along with tasty food, and live music. Many nonprofit and commercial exhibits will be on hand for sharing low impact goods and services. Citizen science efforts include SAVE THE FROGS!, Save the Fort Worth Prairie Park and GLOBE Dark Skies Initiative for light pollution awareness campaign. Local herpetology and environmental education clubs are hosting a Save the Frogs booth to share information about globally threatened frog populations. Free hikes and nature crafts for children are available from 11:30 am until 4:30 pm. Bands perform from 11 am until sundown with solar power provided by Exeltech Solar Products. Paul Slavens, DFW DJ celebrity from KXT 91.7 will serve as Master of Ceremonies. For more information please contact

Texas - Lubbock

The Bernal lab in the Biology Department at Texas Tech University will organize a series of events to raise awareness of the decline of anurans and improve the breeding habitat for frogs and toads in our area. By visiting a local school and in collaboration with the Science Spectrum, the local Children Museum, we will reach over 380 kids to teach them about frogs and toads. Kids will be able to interact with the anurans and be involved in activities that will teach them about these amazing organisms and the scientific process. In addition, we will lead a team of volunteers to clean playa lakes around town on Save The Frogs Day (Saturday, April 27th). Come by the lobby of the Biology building on Wed April 24th- Friday 26th to learn about why it is important to save the frogs, what you can do to help and, sign up to help us improve the conditions of the playa lakes around town. Frogs and toads in our area depend on the playa lakes to successfully breed. With their breeding season coming up soon, our goal is to help this group of animals by removing trash that would leek chemicals that can cause death and deformities but can also attract animals that also prey on amphibians. Join us in the morning of Saturday April 27th to improve the conditions for anurans around Lubbock. Last year we removed 58 30-gallon and 22 13-gallon bags of garbage from our target playas, and this year our goal is to surpass that amount. This is a call for students, staff, faculty and members of our community to get involved. Help us keep the breeding habitats of frogs and toads trash-free!! Contact Ximena:

Washington - Edmonds

A free Save The Frogs Day program is set for Saturday, April 27 at 1 p.m. at the Edmonds Wildlife Habitat Native Plant Demonstration Garden located at the Willow Creek Hatchery in Edmonds.
In recognition of April as National Frog Month, Edmonds "Frog Lady" Thayer Cueter, founder and president of Just Frogs and Friends Amphibian Center, will be giving a presentation on local frogs and their habitat. The program will be for all ages and will include information on making your backyard frog friendly. There will be frogs and friends on display and even the famous Bull Frog Snohomish Slew will put in an appearance.

The Edmonds Wildlife Habitat Native Plant Demonstration Garden is located at the Willow Creek Hatchery, 95 Pine Street. Turn west on Pine off Highway 104 (Edmonds Way) south of the ferry ticket booth. There is street parking on Pine Street. Visitors should walk down the driveway to the Education building. This program is part of the ongoing educational program of the Edmonds Wildlife Habitat Native Plant Demonstration Garden sponsored by Pilchuck Audubon in partnership with the Washington Native Plant Society, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, City of Edmonds, Edmonds Salmon Club/ Trout Unlimited, National Wildlife Federation and Just Frogs and Toads too Foundation.

Washington - Seattle

Seattle Save The Frogs Day 5K Fun Run and Walk
Come celebrate Save The Frogs Day in Seattle! The Pacific Northwest is home to many amphibian species, including the threatened Oregon spotted frog. Join us at Seward Park between 8:30 am to 12:30 pm for the Seattle Save The Frogs Day 5K Fun Run and Walk, educational activities for kids and adults alike and live amphibian presentations. 100% of the proceeds benefit SAVE THE FROGS! worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. Register online today!

When: Saturday, April 27, 2013
Where: Seward Park, Seattle, WA
Time: Race starts at 10:00 am.
More info: Visit for all the details
Cost: Pre-registration: $25 for individuals, $65 for family
Questions? Contact Breanna Binder at

save the frogs day 5k seattle

Seattle save the frogs day 5k

frog hats

save frogs day seattle

Seattle 5K

Washington - Seattle

The Magnuson Community Center Nature Programs in Seattle, WA invites you to our free Save The Frogs Day event, this April 27, 2013.
Emily Bishton will teach a class entitled "Native Splendor in the Garden", and will teach homeowners about the importance of using native plants in their landscape and the importance of using no pesticides, for the benefit of water quality and urban wildlife (which includes our native Pacific Chorus Frogs). In the summer months, we have Pacific Chorus Frogs travel 1/4 mile up from the Magnuson Wetlands to live in our 2 demonstration gardens at the Community Center!

Emily will also host a "Teacher's Guide to Magnuson Park" training session that afternoon for schoolteachers and Magnuson Nature Docents. Training will take place in the Magnuson Wetlands Complex. This session of our annual training will cover a lot of information about the life cycle and habitat needs of our Pacific Chorus Frogs, including taking pond water samples to learn about all the aquatic life in the seasonal and year-round ponds that provide food for them there. The training is free so please join! For anymore questions please contact Emily at

Washington, DC

Thanks to Mayor Vincent Gray for once again recognizing Save The Frogs Day in the nation's capital! Thanks to Regina Terlau of the Animal Welfare Institute for making this happen. Download the proclamation PDF here.

Washington Save The Frogs DC

West Virginia - Hundred

Join Nya an 11 year old girl and her family and friends to Save The Frogs. Will be hosted by Nya and her family. There will be games, baked goods, raffles, door prizes, open to the public, all proceeds will be sent to Save the Frogs foundation. Nya being 11 years old and wanting to be a Zoologist when she grows up is planning this event to do all she can to gain experience and knowledge in this field. Please read this article "Amphibian Fan Is on A Mission to Save Frogs" about 11 year old Nya Derby's Save The Frogs Day efforts in West Virginia! Location to be announced in Hundred, WV. More info:

Wisconsin - Stevens Point

The Save The Frogs! UWSP Chapter is putting on a Save The Frogs Day benefit concert to help raise money for frog conservation efforts! Our Save The Frogs Day Benefit Concert is on Friday, April 12 from 5:30PM – 10:00PM in the Encore (DUC). We will have local bands (The Hi Matics, Paradigm Blue, and Heavycritters), food, drinks, educational material, activities and more. Our event is free to students and is a great way to spend the night, hang out with friends, and learn more about amphibians and how you can help the cause! There will be food and beverages provided, fun games and learning activites, a silent auction, and of course live music! Also, expect to learn lots from our informational speaker! Please come join us for some fun and help us raise awareness about frog conservation! Our event is open to the general public; free for UWSP students and $5 for non-students. Kids under 10 are free! For more information contact: Alyssa Roberts at

UWSP save the frogs day concert

UWSP pesticides

Virginia - Lynchburg

Lynchburg Parks & Recreation Department's Nature Zone is celebrating Save The Frogs Day at its annual FrogWatch event. This family activity will be held at Lynchburg's Ivy Creek Park on Saturday, April 27, 2013 from 6:00- 8:00 pm. Participants should dress for weather and bring rain boots for swamp stompin'  and frog callin'. The cost is $10.00 which includes a CD of Lynchburg area frog calls. Participants are requested to register in advance by 4/25/13. FMIC: Contact Naturalist Kathie Driscoll at (434) 455-5828 or



South Australia - Milang

The Lakes Hub celebrated Save The Frogs Day Friday 26th April 2013 at Mount Compass Community Hall (Peters Terrace, Mount Compass). We learned to identify live frogs and frog calls, had digital displays and presentations. Contact: (08) 8537 0808 email:



These Bangladesh events were funded via a $2,000 Save The Frogs Day Award from SAVE THE FROGS! and directly educated 1,600 Bangladeshis about frog conservation. Thanks to our worldwide supporters for making events like these possible!

Bangladesh save the frogsSAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh is organizing multiple events across the country on the occasion of 5th Annual Save The Frogs Day. Amphibian species in Bangladesh are facing extreme threats of decline due to country dense human population, habitat destruction, harmful pesticides, climate change and illegal overharvesting. The day will be observed with an aim to raise awareness among the community people about rapid declination of amphibian population in Bangladesh. The five events will be coordinated by SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh Executive Director Nurul Islam. Through different educational campaigns, rallies and seminars we aim to reach more than 1,000 people in Bangladesh. Please contact Nurul Islam at or +8801675232312 for any further information. Also please like the SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh Facebook page!


This event is being funded by SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh. We will arrange a Save The Frogs Day rally, seminar and poster promotion campaign in Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences University Bangladesh. The program is free for all frogs lovers, teachers, students, journalist and common people. The Froggy Rally will start at 10 AM on the day from the Shahid Minar chattar. The rally will pass the different roads of the Chittagong Metropolitan area and will end at Academic building of CVASU. Teacher, students, veterinarian and other frogs lovers are invited to the rally. A designed rally cap will be provided free of cost. A seminar will be held in the conference room of CVASU. The subject of the seminar is "Amphibian conservation in Bangladesh: issues and challenges". Professior Dr. AS Mahfuzul Bari will be the chief guest in the program and Professior Nitish Chandra Debnath will be the special guest in the program. Keynote paper and powerpoint presentation will be presented in the seminar on the topics. Different hand written posters will be inserted in the important places of CVASU. These posters will be developed by volunteers of Save The Frogs Bangladesh and in native language Bangla. We have also distributed these frog education brochures in our native language Bangla. You can download the full event details here.

Location: Jakir Hossain Road Khulshi, Chittagong-4202
Venue: Chittagong Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, Bangladesh
Date: 29 April, 2013

Contact: Mohammad Mahmudul Hassan; Assistant Professor; Department of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University; Khulshi, Chittagong-4202, Bangladesh
Tel: +88 031 659093-105; Cell: +88 01554 326951;

350 people attended these Chittagong events!

CVASU rally frogs day 2013

Chittagong save the frogs day

Chittagong Save The Frogs Day 2013


This Save The Frogs Day event is being funded by SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh. On the occasion of 5th annual Save The Frogs Day, Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation Branch, Department of Zoology of Jagannath University, Dhaka Bangladesh will arrange a day long program with different educational events. Md Safiqul Islam, M.Sc (Thesis Group), Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation, Jagannath University, Dhaka will present a keynote presentation on the "Status and Distribution of Frogs in Bangladesh". The presentation will provide current and update information about the Amphibians in Bangladesh with emphasis on conservation issue. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion on the Frogs and their current habitat and how we can save Frogs habitat. The teacher, amphibian biologist and other participants will present their thought on the topics. A video documentary by Hossain Sohel, famous wildlife journalist and president of Wild Watch will be present in the program. OVIJATRI Travel Club will present a slideshow the frogs and their life cycle, in the conservation aspects. Then we will arrange a Open Quiz Contest among the participants. Finally at the ending of the program, we will arrange a Short cultural program (30min) with the help of Arshi Cutural Club. We will also present a short drama on illegal hunting of wild frogs and their effect in the environment. Download this event description here.

Date: 28 April 2013 (Sunday).
Location: Hall Room, Department of Zoology, Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Contact: Md Safiqul Islam M.Sc (Thesis Group). Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation Branch, Department of Zoology, Jagannath University, Dhaka Bangladesh, Mob. 01925-619555, 01718-211440, E-mail:

240 people attended these Dhaka events.

dhaka frog parade

bangladesh save frogs

Safiqul Islam frogs

dhaka save frogs day 2013

save frogs prizes

Dhaka frogs

Dhaka frogs


This event is being funded by SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh. On the 5th Annual Save The Frogs Day in Gazipur, Bangladesh, the Department of Genetics and Fish Breeding, Faculty of Fisheries, BSMRAU, Gazipur is holdingseveral frog conservation programs. First, there will be a seminar talk on "Biodiversity and Conservation of Bangladeshi Frog" by Dr. Mohammad Shafiqul Alam, Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics and Fish Breeding, Faculty of Fisheries, BSMRAU, Gazipur. Honorable Vice-Chancellor of BSMRAU. Dr. Md. Mahbubar Rahman will be the Chief Guest of the program and Dr. Md. Giashuddin Miah wil be the Special guest. The program will be chaired by the Dean (Dr. Md. Jahangir Alam) of the Faculty of Fisheries. The teachers, students and staff of the BSMRAU hope to join the program and will learn about Bangladeshi frogs and its conservation. Secondly, the students and teachers of the faculty of fisheries will also make a 1.2 km rally/parade to build up awareness to save the frog on this eve of "5th Save the Frogs Day". Thirdly, there will be essay and drawing completion among the school students making three groups of BSMRAU School, Gazipur. The first three winners will be awarded with special gift. The school students surely will be aware of conserve the Bangladeshi frogs that are presently facing troubles by multi dimensional threats. They can think the way of frog's protection after this brainstorming competition. The award giving ceremony for school students will be following after the seminar talk mentioned above by the chief guest. Finally, we hope after completion of these series of program for the "5th Save the Frogs Day" awareness will develop about the conservation of Bangladeshi frog that need to be think from now for proper maintaining of ecological balance at present and in future.
Download the event details here.

Location: Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU) Salna (4 km North of Joydebpur Chourasta), Gazipur.
Date: April 25, 2013

Contact Dr. Mohammad Shafiqul Alam
Assistant Professor; Department of Genetics and Fish Breeding; Faculty of Fisheries; Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU); Gazipur, Bangladesh
Email:; Mobile 01712718483

FOLLOWUP: 250 people attended this event. Our program was sound and successful and raised awareness about frog conservation among the audiences. The vice-chancellor and other guests appreciated our arranging this voluntary awareness program. We would like to give special thanks to the SAVE THE FROGS! organization for their partial funding and support and we hope to observe the day in next year also.

Gazipur frogs rally

Gazipur save frogs

Gazipur frogs day

Gazipur frogs


This event is being funded by SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh. Rangpur district is situated on the northern part of Bangladesh. It is a small village of Rangpur district. Most of the people are farmers. In the village Khoragach, there are some wetland and the wetland are habitat of some species of frog. Farmers use chemical fertilizer and pesticide for cultivation, which is very harmful for the frogs. We expect 150-200 participants will attend our Save The Frogs Day program April 27th. Student and farmers both will be invited. After the program the farmers and other people of the village become conscious about the frog and they will reduce use of harmful chemical in cultivation. Event 2pm-6pm. The program is supported by SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh and it will be free for all classes' people of the village. There will be a poster exhibition on 'Role of amphibians in agriculture of Bangladesh". Posters will show the harmful effect of chemical pesticide to frogs and the usefulness of frog in pest control. We will have an essay contest "Krishoker Bondhu Bang" (Farmers friend's frogs). The seminar will be at Khoragach High School, Methapukur, Rangpur. Speakers include: Shayer Mahmood Ibney Alom, Lecturer, Department of Wildlife and Biodiversity conservation; and Forest officer of Mithapukur "Sal Forest", Rangpur. Jagannath University, Dhaka.
Download the event details here.

Contact: Hassan-Al Razi,
Phone: 01557229214
I am a student of Zoology department of Jagannath University Dhaka. I am very interested to nature conservation and wild life biology and also a member of "BANGLADESH BIRD CLUB", which is dedicated for bird conservation. Now I am trying to focus on the effect of destruction of natural resources, wildlife, environmental pollution and climate change and raise awareness among the village people.

110 people attended these Rangpur events.Jagannath frogs day

Rangpur frogs

This poster explains to farmers why frogs are important to their crops and how the farming community can help save the frogs:
Rangpur frogs

Sylhet - SUST/GES

Green Explore Society (GES) is the first and only student based nature and environmental organization in Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST) which is dedicated to nature conservation. Research and conservation of nature are the two main objectives of our organization. We focus on the effects of destruction of natural resources, wildlife, environmental pollution and climate change and raise awareness among the masses. Like last year, we are going to celebrate the 5th Annual Save The Frogs Day on April 27, 2013. All students, teachers, volunteers and frogs lover are invited to celebrate the largest day in the history of amphibian conservation.

We arranged 'Art Competition', 'Essay Writing Competition' and 'Quiz Competition' among the student of 'Govt. Agragami Girls High school and College'. There were about 300 participants selected by the school authority out of 3,000 students. These competition was taken place at a time. After completion of these competitions we arranged a seminar where we give a brief presentation on 'ecological importance of frogs'. Following that program there was a 'Discussion Session' where students of this institution asked several question regarding frogs and their importance on nature. At the end we announced the names of three winners from each category of competition. At that time, teachers of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) and Govt. Agragami Girls High school and College were present at there. 'Dr. Himadri Shekhar Roy', Proctor of SUST enlightened the chair of Chief Guest. Arch. Kowshik Saha, Asst. Professor of Dept. of Architecture (SUST) and Mahmudur Rahman, Lecturer, Dept. of Public Administration were special guest of the program. They are also member of 'Advisory Committee' of GES.

Venue: Govt. Agragami Girls High school and College. Zindabazar, Sylhet Metropolitan City, Sylhet. 27th April, 2013, 10am-01pm.
Contact: Animesh Ghose,
Phone: +8801611326865
Download the event details here and the followup report here.

300 people attended these Sylhet GES events!

Bangladesh sylhet frogs day

art bangladesh

Bangladesh sylhet save frogs

Bangladesh sylhet frogs

sylhet save frogs day

Here is the winner of the art contest:Bangladesh frog day art

Sylhet frogs day 2013

Bangladesh save the frogs day 2013

Sylhet - SAU

Save The Frogs - Save The Planet
PRADHIKAR is an organization of the general students of Sylhet Agricultural University. It’s a Volunteer team that works for creating awareness among general people for establishment and reservation of animal rights. It started its activity on 5 June 2012 and has since organized a lot of occasions like World Animal Day, World Vulture Awareness Day, etc. It’s one of the active organizations of Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU), Uttar Baluchar, Sylhet. We expect 150-200 students and teachers at our Save The Frogs Day event. We will have a photographic exhibition and a seminar on amphibian conservation, featuring Prof. Dr. Md Sgahidullah Talukder, Honorable. VC. SAU; Prof. Dr. Md. Jamal Uddin Vhuian, Director, Student Counseling & Guidance, SAU; Shariar Caesr Rahman, Herpetologist, Bangladesh Python Project; Key note paper: Syed Sayeem Uddin Ahmed, Associate professor, Dept of Epidemiology & public Health, SAU. The events are supported by SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh and open for all students of SAU.

The audience will be able to know the importance of amphibians in the eco system. Present status and diversity of amphibians in Bangladesh. Why to conserve them. How to conserve them

Name: Jay Prakash Ray
Email:, Phone: 01723409708
Starting Place: 10am at Boishali Chottor, SAU
Ending Place: Central Auditorium, SAU
Download the event details here.

250 people attended these Sylhet SAU events.

Sylhet SAU frogs day

Sylhet frogs

Sylhet frogs day



Brazil - Minas Gerais
Diamantina, Januaria and Santo Antonio do Itambe

People need to know amphibians better! These awesome animals are severely threatened with extinction and we must help to protect them. Our overall goal is to improve knowledge of students and teachers of three municipalities in the state of Minas Gerais. Since beginning our Save The Frogs Day activities several years ago, we have involved over 1,750 students and produced over 1,200 drawings. Students of all ages participate in a question game to learn fun-facts about amphibians: species richness, endemism, extinctions, colors, sounds, and many other curiosities. Through awareness-raising activities students and teachers learn how they can help nature and collaborate to amphibian conservation. In the art contest children draw the most curious fact they have learn. Drawings are exhibited during a one-week exhibition at local museums. Annual exhibitions achieve large numbers: more than 3,000 visitors have learned about amphibians since we first started holding these Save The Frogs Day events. Our event is free and open to the public! Lectures and drawings will be from April 1st to April 30th. Visitors can go to drawing exhibitions on the last week of April at: Museu do Diamante (at Diamantina), Ponto de Cultura (at Januária) and Escola Municipal de Santo Antônio do Itambé (at Santo Antônio do Itambé). Save The Frogs in Brazil!

For more information, please contact project coordinator:

FOLLOWUP: Watch this video about the events!

Izabela Barata

Diamantina frogs izabela

brazil sapos

Diamantina frogs day

Brazil save the frogs day 2013

toads kids frogs brazil

Diamantina frog art

Diamantina frogs



Qualicum Beach, British Columbia

On Saturday, April 27, 2013 the Wilderness Committee will host a Whiskey Creek Save The Frogs Day Tour in British Columbia. The 5th Annual international Save The Frogs Day guided tour will be held this year in the richly diverse forested wetlands of the Whiskey Creek headwaters. "The wetlands within the Whiskey Creek forest are the headwaters of Whiskey Creek, which becomes part of the Little Qualicum River drinking watershed, supplying the Town of Qualicum Beach with their drinking water," said Annette Tanner, local Wilderness Committee chairperson and organizer of the yearly event.
"This forest is a rare parcel of public land on Chatsworth Road where a proposal for a gravel pit is threatening to destroy the sensitive and endangered ecosystems. On the tour, biologist Ron Buechert will highlight the many critters, frogs, salamanders, newts, turtles and other wildlife that depend on the forest and its wetland habitat," said Tanner. There will be face painting before the tour. Meet at 1:00 pm at 1057 Chatsworth Rd. Turn left off Hwy. 4 and drive until you see signs. Contact Annette Tanner at 250-752-6585.

Northern Red-Legged Frog



Please visit the SAVE THE FROGS! Colombia webpage to learn all about our Colombian frog saving efforts! And please find us on Facebook at:

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SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger will give a presentation at Javeriana University entitled "Amphibian Conservation in the 21st Century". The event will be from 1pm-5pm Saturday April 13th. Two Colombian biologists (Angela Maria Cortes and Julio Mario Hoyos) will give 30 minute presentations on ecosystem functions and services of amphibians, and specifically their role in agrosystems. Professor Nicolás Urbina-Cardona will also provide a 30 minute presentation, and Dr. Kriger will close the event with his presentation.

Location: Javeriana University, Building 2-209 Baron Ferdinand.
2pm Nicolas Urbina (20-30min) "Advances in amphibian conservation in Colombia".
2:45 pm Lecture Angela Maria Cortes (20-30min) "Ecosystem services of neotropical amphibians: a review"
3:15 pm Julio Mario Hoyos (20-30min) "Contributions of amphibians in rural landscapes of coffee"
3:45 pm Dr. Kerry Kriger (75 min) "Amphibian Conservation in the 21st Century"

Bogota kerry kriger

Javeriana save the frogs day

Kerry kriger

Nicolas Urbina


SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger gave a presentation on "Amphibian Conservation in the 21st Century" at the University of the Andes on April 12th, 2013. Over 260 students attended!
Auditorio A del edificio Mario Laserna (ML), Carrera 1 # 18A-12.
Time: 1pm-2:30pm. Entrada Libre.
Download an mp3 of the presentation here.

Bogota frogs

save the frogs los Andes

Thanks to Paola Pardo for the awesome photography! Thanks to Dr. Andrew Crawford for providing the introduction and for teaching so many students about Latin America's amphibians!Andrew Crawford

destruccion del habitat

ancas de ranas

save the frogs universidad de los andes


On April 19th, 2013 SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger gave a presentation on "Amphibian Conservation in the 21st Century" to 200 attendees at the CVC sponsored Save The Frogs Day conference in Cali. There were also presentations on local amphibian conservation issues by Alejandro Valencia, Oscar Hernandez, Camilo Londono and other biologists.Cali CVC frogs

On April 22nd, Dr. Kriger gave a special Earth Day presentation to 30 undergraduates from at the Univerdad del the frogs cali

The undergraduates from Dr. Fernando Castro's lab have formed a SAVE THE FROGS! Cali group and went to several local schools to educate kids about frogs. These schools are adjacent to critical amphibian habitat. The undergraduates also set up a beautiful display of frog photos and educational posters in the University's main the frogs cali

frogs schools

Alejandro Valencia Ranas

anfibios arte


cuidemos los anfibios

save the frogs cali grupo

save the frogs cali

rana arte

save the frogs cali palomar escuela

oscar hernandez ranas

conservemos los anfibios

save the frogs cali palomar

save the frogs cali

Cronograma de Actividades Save The Frogs Cali, Colombia 2013:
-- Muestra Educativa En Dapa del 15 al 19 de Abril
-- II Foro Regional Para la Conservación de Los Anfibios (Participación del Dr. Kerry Kriger, de la Fundación Save The Frogs) 19 de Abril 2 pm. Durante el Foro habrá una exhibición de fotografía, del  IV concurso de fotografía de Anuros
-- Exhibición Zoológico de Cali. Joyas de la naturaleza 20 de abril
Conferencia, Conservación de Los Anfibios (participación del Dr. Kerry Kriger, de la Fundación Save The Frogs) 22 de Abril, Universidad del Valle, Auditorio Ángel Zapata, 4pm
-- Campaña de conservación de los anfibios en crisis. Charlas educativas en los colegios de la zona rural que se encuentran en la via Cali-Buenaventura. 22 y 23 de Abril
-- Exhibición de Fotografías en la biblioteca Mario Carvajal,  Universidad del Valle. 22 al 27 de Abril.

Para Mayor Informacion Escribanos al Correo, y visita el SAVE THE FROGS! Cali página en Facebook.

Cali frogs events

Cali save the frogs day

Cali Zoo Frogs


SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger will be visiting the Amazon where he will be educating students and scientists about amphibian conservation. SAVE THE FROGS! thanks all the frog lovers in Florencia for organizing this amazing event!

Con el fin de aportar un grano de arena para la conservación de las especies de anfibios en la Amazonia colombiana la Fundación Herencia Natural, la Universidad de la Amazonia, el Museo de Historia Natural UAM, el semillero de Herpetología y el programa de biología; tienen el placer de invitarlos a la I Campaña Regional “Salvemos a las Ranas Amazónicas” que se llevara a cabo del 29 de Abril al 6 de Mayo en la ciudad de Florencia en el departamento de Caquetá-Colombia.
Esta campaña tiene como objetivo principal fomentar conciencia, motivación y ejemplo de investigación a la comunidad infantil y jóvenes profesionales de la Amazonia colombiana, por medio de la discusión e intercambio de conocimiento y experiencias relacionadas con la conservación de anfibios y el uso sostenible de la biodiversidad Amazónica.

• Actividades Educación Ambiental (29 Abril- 1 Mayo 2013)
En diferentes instituciones educativas del departamento del Caquetá, se realizaran charlas, juegos, dinámicas y eventos relacionados al conocimiento, divulgación y conservación de los anfibios presentes en la amazonia colombiana, todas las actividades se desarrollaran bajo el esquema “Aprende – Conservando”.
• I Conversatorio “Salvemos las Ranas Amazónicas” (2 de Mayo 2013)
En el auditorio central de la Universidad de la Amazonia se realizara de 2:00 a 8:00 pm el I conversatorio regional “Salvemos las Ranas Amazónicas” con el fin de aprender, conocer, discutir y compartir acerca de las problemáticas que actualmente presentan los anfibios a nivel mundial y a nivel regional, este conversatorio contara con la participación de investigadores de gran reconocimiento a nivel regional, nacional e internacional que realizaran ponencias y discusión en torno a las siguientes temáticas:

- Ecología del paisaje e influencia sobre la fauna anfibia amazónica
- Preferencias de hábitat de los anfibios amazónicos
- Trafico ilegal sobre especies de anfibios y reptiles amazónicos
- Panorama de los anfibios a nivel nacional y su estado en la amazonia colombiana
- Panorama de los anfibios a nivel mundial

• Dialogo de Saberes ancestrales en torno a los anfibios y reptiles
En el marco del conversatorio se realizara un dialogo de saberes indígenas en torno a la relación de los anfibios y reptiles con la cultura y cosmovisión indígena, en esta ocasión se contara con la presencia de un abuelo y un docente de la comunidad indígena Inga del resguardo de Yurayacu, del municipio de San José de Fragua; quienes nos estarán contando acerca de la relación que tiene esta comunidad con las especies de anfibios y reptiles amazónicos.

• I Concurso foto-herpetológico (25 Mayo- 2 Mayo 2013)
Desde el 25 de abril se recibirán las fotografías para participar en el I concurso de fotografía de especies de anfibios y reptiles amazónicos, organizado por el Semillero de Herpetología este concurso tiene como fin incentivar el respeto, carisma y admiración por estas joyas de la naturaleza. Para mayor información:

• Práctica de Campo “Conociendo nuestras ranas amazónicas” (3 Mayo-6 Mayo 2013)

Con la finalidad de conocer y aprender acerca de las especies de ranas presentes en el territorio amazónico, se realizara una pequeña práctica de campo a un centro de investigación de la Universidad de la Amazonia; en el cual se conocerán algunas de las especies más representativas de la región, permitiendo interactuar y aprender las característica que posibilitan la identificación de las especies.

Kerry M. Kriger, Ph.D. (Fundador y director ejecutivo de SAVE THE FROGS!)
• Abuelo y Docente (Comunidad Indígena Inga, Resguardo San Jose del Fragua)
• Víctor Fabio Luna Mora (Grupo Especialista de Anfibios ASG-UICN, Fundación Herencia Natural)
• Diego Huseth Ruiz Valderrama (Est. Maestría en Ciencias Biológicas, Universidad de la Amazonia)
• Juan Pablo Parra Herrera, Msc. (Docente Programa Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia, Fundación Herencia Natural)
• Alexander Velásquez Valencia, Msc. (Museo de Historia Natural – Grupo Fauna Silvestre, Universidad de la Amazonia)

• Museo de Historia Natural-UAM
• Semillero de Herpetología
• Grupo de Fauna Silvestre
• Programa de Biología
• Vicerectoria de Investigaciones
• Fundación Herencia Natural

Por mas informacion, por favor contacta Victor Luna at

Amazonia ranas

Florecia dia ranas 2013

amazon frogs

Over 200 Universidad de la Amazonia students attended the forum. Dr. Kerry Kriger spoke about global amphibian conservation and the importance of protecting the Amazon's frogs:salva las ranas amazonia

This lively indigenous woman from Comunidad Indígena Inga spoke about the importance of protecting wildlife:Indigenous woman

Victor Luna discussed the Amazon's amazing amphibian biodiversity:Victor Luna

florencia frogs day

Save The Frogs Banners

After the forum, Dr. Kriger and the biology students from the Universidad de la Amazonia headed out to Macangual reserve to look for frogs.

Macangual frogs

amazon frog biologist



Macangual Biologists

Hypsiboas punctatus, one of 35 amphibian species at Macangual Reserve, Caquetá:Hypsiboas

Thanks to the biology undergraduates from the Universidad de la Amazonia and SEH for educating local students about frogs on Save The Frogs Day:florencia frogs day

florencia frogs day

florencia frogs day

florencia frogs day

florencia frogs day

florencia frogs day

Medellin, Antioquia

Explore Park (the largest museum of science and technology  Antioquia) will host SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger and Dr. Vivian Paez on its Citizen Science "cycle", which will be televised on three channels. Dr. Kriger will give a presentation on "Amphibian Conservation in the 21st Century and Dr. Paez will discuss Antioquia's amphibians. This event will be held at Thursday April 25th at 6:30pm. Explore Park will also host Dr. Kriger for Medellin's celebration of the 5th Annual Save The Frogs Day on both April 27th and April 28th from 12pm to 6pm. More information here.

Ranas, salamandras y cecilias, el grupo de vertebrados terrestres más antiguo que existe está en peligro. ¿Qué pasa en Antioquia y en otros lugares? Jueves 25 de abril, a las 6:30 pm en Parque Explora, conferencia del movimiento mundial para salvar los anfibios: Save the frogs. ¿Cantarán las ranas? Conferencia de Ciencia en Bicicleta para unirnos a la celebración del Save The Frogs Day.
Invitados: Dr. Kerry Kriger y Dr. Vivian Páez.  
Jueves 25 de abril, 6:30 pm. Parque ExploraMedellín - Colombia. Entrada libre, cupo limitado. Mas informacion aqui.

Invitan: Parque Explora, Grupo Herpetológico de Antioquia (GHA), Asociación Colombiana de Herpetología.
Apoyan: Universidad de Antioquia, Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia (EIA), Universidad CES, Universidad Católica de Oriente, Chocolisto y Alcaldía de Medellín

Medellin Save The Frogs Day 2013

Dr. Kriger introducing SAVE THE FROGS! Colombia:kerry kriger medellin colombia

Dr. Vivian Páez discusses local frog conservation issues:Vivian Paez

Parque Explora Crowd

This kid asked great frog questions in perfect English:Parque Explora kid

Frog lovers and biologists from Universidad de Antioquia, Universidad CES and Catolica Universidad del Oriente were present:Parque Explora save the frogs day

Dr. Kriger set up this frog photo display on Save The Frogs Day:save the frogs day 2013 colombia

kerry kriger colombia

salva las ranas colombia

ranas fotos

Thanks to David and the other volunteer biologists from Universidad CES for helping out!Medellin Grup Herpetologia

Thanks to Parque Explora for hosting these events and for posting educational frog flyers all around Medellin!Parque Explora

parque explora ranas

Ranas parque explora

Medellin save frogs

Scinax ruber
We found this beautiful Scinax ruber on Save The Frogs Day in San Francisco, Antioquia. Please take a look at our Colombian frog photos page, which features over 25 species!

Medellin, Antioquia

This event is framed in the activities that the Montessori school has planned to celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd) and Save The Frogs Day (April 27th) and raise environmental awareness. Laura Rubio-Rocha and Esteban Alzate, members of the Grupo Herpetologico de Antioquia (GHA) gave talks to middle and high school students about the diversity of frogs in Colombia, their ecological importance and the threats these animals face in the region. Over 800 students attended! Wednesday April 24th 2013 at 7:40 am and 10:15 am.
Contact: Laura Rubio-Rocha,

Medellin frogs day 2013

Rio Negro, Antioquia

SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger helped the Colegio Monseñor Alfonso Uribe Jaramillo celebrate Save The Frogs Day the second year in a row, on April 30, 2013. Dr. Kriger spoke to 400 students about frog conservation in Colombia. He also met with the students of the Club Científico. Thanks to Gustavo Velencia ( for organizing the event and promoting frog conservation in Rio Negro schools.

Rio Negro UCO ranas

colombia frogs day

UCO Colegio ranas

Kerry Kriger speaking

Kerry Kriger colombia

"The students of 'Club Científico MAUJ' are so happy, this week because they have seen eggs of Dendropsophus bogerti in this frog pond." --Gustavo ValenciaUCO Colegio Cientifico

frog pond school

Club cientifico frog pond

Santa Marta

Universidad del Magdalena's biology students monitored endemics and critically threatened Atelopus species in the Serrania de San Lorenzo around 2500m elevation in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta 12 - 14 April, 2013. Professor Luis Rueda also spoke on Magdalena radio to spread the word about the importance of protecting frogs. Listen to and download the mp3 here. Contacto: Luis Alberto Rueda Solano

Our event monitoring Harlequin frogs (Atelopus laetissimus) was a success! Thanks to Magdalena University for providing all logistical support for this event. Students learned biosecurity protocols and population trends and especially the importance of conserving the frogs and the relevance of scientific studies to help increase awareness of threatened amphibian species. The students observed Atelopus laetissimus reproduction, which gave a bonus to our work. The idea is to continue this monitoring, implementing it each semester with new students and continuing conservation work. Thank you very much to you to open the space to show the world what we do in Santa Marta and you can count on us to continue promoting AVE THE FROGS!

Hola Save The Frogs. El evento de monitoreo de ranas Arlequines (Atelopus laetissimus) fue un exito!! gracias a la Universidad del Magdalena el cual brindo todo el apoyo logistico para este evento. Los estudiantes aprendienron sobre protocolos de bioseguridad y tendencias poblacionales y sobre todo de la importancia de conservar a las ranas a travez de estudios cientificos que ayuden a aumentar el conocimiento de las especies de anfibios amenazadas. Afortunadamente en nuentro monitoreo observamos eventos reproductivos de Atelopus laetissimus, lo cual le dio un plus a nuestro trabajo. La idea es seguir con este monitoreo, implementarlo cada semestre con nuevos estudiantes y que la labor de conservación no se detenga. Muchas gracias a ustedes por abrir el espacio para mostrar al mundo lo que hacemos en Santa Marta y pueden contar con nosotros para seguir promocionando SAVE THE FROGS!
Un cordial saludo.

Atelopus laetissimus Luis Rueda
Atelopus laetissimus photo by Luis Rueda

santa marta ranas dia salvemos

colombia salvemos ranas

field work frogs colombia

chytrid protocol hygiene

Santa Marta save the frogs day

Santa Marta

On May 9, 2013, the university's Herpetological Collection staff and members of the Research group of Systematic and Ecology of Amphibians and Reptiles will give presententations on the importance of anuran conservation, especially the species in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the dry forest of the Caribbean region of Colombia. Our exhibit includes photographs and video clips, and vocalizations of some species of the region.
We also made this video about Colombia's frogs!
Contacto: Liliana Saboyá

We made a video about the frog diversity of the Carribean and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This was our first time participating in Save The Frogs Day, it was a success!

Santa Marta Save the Frogs Day

Santa Marta Save The Frogs

Magdalena save the frogs

Santa Rosa de Cabal

Gracias a nuestro amigos en Santa Rosa por limpiar un lago de ranas a Parque Hueco! Santa Rosa de cabal ranas

Supata, Cundimarca

During the celebrations of Earth Day (April 22) and Save The Frogs Day (April 27), Ecodiversidad Colombia Foundation will continue its work to raise awareness and environmental education work in the Supatá municipality according with the aim to generate ownership of the municipality's natural heritage.

La "Rana Dorada de Supatá" (Andinobates sp. nov), fue descubierta en el 2007 por un grupo de investigadores de la Fundación Ecodiversidad Colombia, esta rana que apenas alcanza los dos centímetros, tiene colores llamativos y su piel es de color amarillo quemado, en el vientre tiene manchas blancas y el resto de su cuerpo es de color café vinotinto. Pertenece al grupo de las ranas venenosas, debido a que la piel produce sustancias tóxicas, pero que a la vez poseen un gran potencial farmacológico.

Este descubrimiento fue muy importante porque se presento en una época donde los anfibios se están extinguiendo a nivel mundial por causa del cambio climático y en especial por un hongo que está afectando su piel. Lamentablemente debido a la destrucción de su hábitat ha sido catalogada como una de las especies con mayor riesgo de extinción en Colombia.

La comunidad Supateña ha tenido un extraordinario sentido de apropiación por esta especie. En el parque central tienen una estatua de este hermoso anfibio como símbolo del Acuerdo No 32 del 13 de noviembre de 2008, en este, se declaro la Rana Dorada como Patrimonio Natural del Municipio de Supatá. Igualmente en esta fecha, se institucionalizo el "Festival de la Rana Dorada de Supatá" que se realiza el primer cada diciembre y este año se llevara a cabo su quinta versión.

Desde el descubrimiento, la fundación Ecodiversidad Colombia ha trabajo con la comunidad local para sensibilizarla. Así se han hecho actividades de revegetalización, campamentos, talleres, implementación de cartillas ambientales, todo esto en el marco de la Escuela de Liderazgo para un Futuro Sustentable.

Este año para apoyar la campaña Save The Frogs, continuaremos con la implementación de la Cartilla Infantil "Sembrando el Futuro Ambiental" en las instituciones educativas de Supatá. Esta capacitación comenzara el 22 de Abril y terminara el 27 de Abril con una jornada de revegetalización en el hábitat de la Rana Dorada de Supatá.

Dentro de las celebraciones del día de la tierra (22 de abril) y de los anfibios (27 de abril), la Fundación Ecodiversidad Colombia continuará con su trabajo de concientización y trabajo de educación ambiental en Supatá de acuerdo con el objetivo de generar apropiación por la herencia natural del municipio, incluyendo una jornada de revegetalización en el hábitat de la Rana Dorada de Supatá.

Contacto: Jenny Paola Gallo Santos, Directora General, Fundación Ecodiversidad Colombia, Correo:,
Cel: 3133834769

Colombia Supata Frogs Day

Tocancipá, Cundimarca

Los días 27 y 28 de abril y el 1 de mayo celebraremos en el Parque Jaime Duque el "Día de salvara a las ranas". Este evento estará disponible a todos los visitantes del Parque Jaime Duque, sin costo adicional al precio de ingreso. Nuestro grupo de intérpretes ambientales estarán esperándolos en el Zoológico, donde hablaremos sobre las ranas, los sapos, su importancia en los ecosistemas y las amenazas a su supervivencia, pero también tendremos actividades divertidas para los niños y los adultos que los acompañen.
Contacto: Catalina Rodriguez

What we did was to make a contest: every group composed and sang a song about frogs and why we should care of them. Here at the zoo we only have one frog, but we talked about frogs in general taking our frog as example. Another activity was to cover the childrens' eyes and ask them to touch mud and taste jelly to feel how the frogs and their habitats are.




Our nonprofit organization is "Mokrady-ochrana a management" - in English "Wetlands-conservation and management". We deal with wetlands conservation, focusing on amphibians. We are organizing a public field excursion for Save The Frogs Day 2013:

Start location: 49°22'20.626"N, 15°33'39.894"E (village Pístov near Jihlava city). Date: April 27th 2013. Time: 2,00 PM local time. Language: Czech & English

Program: Trip across three localities in care of our organization. Trip length will be about 10 km, 3 - 5 hours. We will search and watch local amphibian species and another animals and plants. We will explain and debate about wetland importace and nature conservation especially in Czech Republic. We will also inform about amphibian threats around the world and the SAVE THE FROGS! organization. This event is open for everyone, free of charge. More details: (only in czech)
Contact: Jan Dvorak,

Czech frog

zech republic save the frogs day 2013

zech republic save the frogs day

zech save the frogs day 2013

zech republic save the frogs day 2013

zech republic save the frogs day pond



The Commonwealth of Dominica will join the rest of the world in the observance of “Save the Frog Day” on April 27th, 2013. Dominica is home to four species of amphibians, all from the Leptodactylidae family of frogs. Eleutherodactylus amplinympha or Gounouj is in the transition zone between montane rainforest elfin woodland. Eleutherodactylus johnstonei or Lesser Antillean whistling frog is a recent introduction. Eleutherodactylus martinicensis or Tink frog is a regional endemic and is abundant in the rainforest but uncommon in dry coastal forest. Leptodactylus fallax (the mountain chicken) is an endangered regional endemic. Its natural range on the west coast of Dominica is from sea level to 400m above sea level. The populations are infected with chytridiomycosis, which is a fungal disease caused by the chytrid fungus. It was formerly the national dish of Dominica, but has has received legal protection since 2002. The Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division made a presentation on Frog Conservation at the Massacre Primary School on Wednesday 24th April, 2013, ahead of the April 27th, 2013 observation. The frogs of Dominica need you. Help protect them today. Article from Inside Dominica.



ghana frogsSAVE THE FROGS! Ghana is organizing educational events across Ghana, with a goal of raising amphibian awareness and specifically to reduce the frog meat trade, and to increase support of our efforts to create the Atewa Hills National Park. These events are being coordinated and implemented by SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Executive Director Gilbert Adum; SAVE THE FROGS! Academy student Samuel Antwi; the KNUST and UCAES SAVE THE FROGS! Chapters; and SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Chairman Michael Starkey, who will be spending the month in Ghana giving educational presentations and leading field courses for students. These events were funded in part via a $900 Save The Frogs Day Award from SAVE THE FROGS!. Thanks to our worldwide supporters for making events like these possible! For more details, please contact:

Atewa (Kwabeng)

On the 21st of June, Atewa (the only home to the critically endangered Togo Slippery Frog) celebrated its first ever Save The Frogs Day. It was on the theme "THE NEED TO PROTECT THE ATEWA FOREST FROM MINING". The Atewa Range Forest Reserve is also Ghana's most biodiverse area which holds the key to many unsolved scientific problems, yet it is the most threatened wilderness area. Events were held at Kwabeng, the Atewa district capital. In attendance were about 150 participants including Atewa school children and teachers. Representatives from the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) gave a talk on the importance of the Atewa Forest. SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana's Sandra Owusu-Gyamfi and Samuel Antwi spoke of the need to protect the Critically Endangered Togo Slippery Frog (Conraua derooi) and the entire Atewa biodiversity from both local small-scale mining and Government's interest in mining the forest. The local people learnt more about the value of their own forest, which had been demarcated by their ancestors to provide goods and services for the people of Atiwa and mankind. Kids also entertained participants to some (froggy) azonto dance, the latest dance craze in Ghana.

Ghana school

Ghana Atewa

Ghana schools

Frog dance:Ghana dance

Ghana Atewa Frogs

We also held Atewa related events in Kibi:Kibi Ghana


• Marathon for kids
• Parade
• Drumming for the frogs
• Dancing for the frogs
• Debate competition on the motion "SAY NO TO FROG MEAT"
• Play contest on the theme "SAY NO TO FROG MEAT"
• Art contest on "SAY NO TO FROG MEAT"
• Poetry recitals
• Frog folktales competition
• Presentations/talks by resource persons
• Collection of petitions to create the Atewa Hills National Park
• Preaching frog conservation at churches.

Chiana frogs day

What better way to have a good time and make some noise about the urgency for people to take action on behalf of the frogs than by Drumming For The Frogs! The drummers' shirts say "Say No To Frogmeat". If you like drums and you like frogs, please organize a Drumming For The Frogs event this Save The Frogs Day (or anytime)!

Chiana drums


• Football match
• Froggy tug-of-war
• Frog race
• Froggy Azonto dance (latest Ghanaian Dance Fiesta)
• Cleaning up exercise at University's Botanical Garden
• Tree-planting activity to restore KNUST Wewe River
• Conservation education-KNUST/Weweso JHS
• Float
• Handing-over ceremony
• Presentation of student grant awards/other awards
• Poetry recitals
• Drama
• Art competition
• Talks by resource persons
• Presentations by STF! Ghana grant awardees
• Collection of petitions to create the Atewa Hills National Park
• Preaching frog conservation at churches.

Ghana frogs day 2013

Michael Starkey Ghana 2013

Ghana Kumasi frogs day



Göd and Budapest

Varangy Akciócsoport Egyesület (Toad Action Group) is organizing its third annual Save The Frogs Day events in Hungary. There will be a series of events starting on April 22th. The primary school children from villages of the Zemplén Mountains will have a competition at Abaújszántó. On 27th there are two events. The first is a hike in the Börzsöny Mountains leaving from Szokolya railway station from 7 to 10 a.m. and return till 8 pm. Participants covering 40, 30, 20 or 10 km-s learn about amphibians and they take pictures of the animals. The winners of the month pictures can be seen in the gallery of the home page of the organization at ( for 2013, 2012 for 2012.). Another, central event is also organised in the XVIIth district of Budapest as part of an Earth Day celebration on 27th of April (Hősök tere 2., from 2 to 11 pm). Besides a series of talks, live specimen and the opening of a two-week photo exhibition in a local House of Culture and Science, it also has physical elements as frog savers can practice Greek and traditional Hungarian dances in the evening. More info:

Save The Frogs Day Factoid: SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger conceived Save The Frogs Day in Budapest in December 2008!

FOLLOWUP: We had approximately 500 participants at the central event and 238 registered participant at the frog hike, plus another 50 for the kids' contest!

miklos puky

hungary save the frogs day 2013

Hungary Frog Dance

frog cookies




frog app india

Kerala - Changannur

The Bhoomithrasena Club of Christian College will be coordinating a Save The Frogs Day event called Darduram 2013, on their campus in Chengannur. The event is open to the public and students of nearby schools are also taking part in the events. Darduram will consist of a talk on "The Ecosystem Value of Frogs," a frog identification competition and prizes, as well as setting up of a Frog Pond in the school garden. Contact: Dr. Abhilash

'Darduram' in our mother tongue Malayalam means 'frog'. The programme was open to the public and the students of nearby schools. The programme was inaugurated by the College Principal, Prof. Mathew Varghese. In the inaugural speech, he pointed out the importance of frogs and the key role which they play in our environment. The inauguration was followed by a talk on 'Ecosystem Value of Frogs' by Ms. Chinnu Vishwanathan of DC I Zoology. The talk emphasized on the concept of 'Save The Frogs'. Apart from that, the major threats faced by frogs, different ways to protect the dwindling frog population and the ecological importance of frogs were also discussed. Dr. Abhilash R., Faculty in charge of Bhoomithrasena Club, conducted a Visual Quiz Competition on Frogs. Photos of different frog species having some specialty were displayed on the screen and questions related to that species were asked. As part of the programme, an existing pond in the butterfly garden was cleaned and some floating plants were also introduced. All the students actively participated in the programme. They planted some native tree saplings near the garden. The students were given a break of 15 minutes for refreshments. After the break, some websites on Amphibian Conservation like,,,, and were introduced to the students. A detailed account of these websites was discussed. It was followed by an informative session in which Dr. Abhilash presented some selected 'cool frog facts' cited in The catchy music video '7000 Kinds of Amphibians' created by California Academy of Sciences to commemorate the 7000th known amphibian species was played for the school students. They really enjoyed the video. The concluding event was the distribution of prizes. The Prizes were distributed by Dr. Johnson Baby, Head of the Department of Zoology. He congratulated the winners for their enthusiastic participation. The participants of the programme got an opportunity to understand the ecosystem services provided by frogs and the need to conserve them. They all promised to do their bit to conserve the world's most rapidly disappearing animals. Download the PDF of the event report here.

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On the occasion of Save The Frogs Day, 27th April 2013, the University of Lucknow Department of Zoology's Biodiversity board conducted various competitions for the students at Regional Science City, Aliganj Lucknow. About 300 students from 15 schools participated in the events with great enthusiasm. During the programme, Mr. Umesh Kumar (Project Coordinator in Regional Science City), Dr. Vibhawari (Associate Professor, Fine Arts College, University of Lucknow) and Dr. Amita Kanaujia (Associate Professor, Department of Lucknow, University of Lucknow) encouraged the students to save the frogs. The mission was to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife particularly students. Participants were facilitated by wildlife books and frog mugs, posters and pamphlets. We had various contests: poster making, paint a pond for your frog, open quiz and a frog leap.

There are an estimated 24 species of frogs in Uttar Pradesh. Some of these are Beautiful stream frog, Marbled Toad, Skipper frog, Indian Bullfrog, Common Pond Frog, Grass Frog, Indian Rice Frog, Ornamented Pygmy Frog, Gray Balloon Frog, Terai Cricket Frog Indian Burrowing Frog, Field frog, Common Sand Frog, Chunam or Common Tree Frog and so on.

This event was completed with the efforts of the Research scholar Dr Amita Kanaujia (Associate Professor Dept of Zoology University of Lucknow); Ms. Sonika Kushwaha, Mr. Akhilesh Kumar, Ms. Yasmeen Fatima Zaidi and Mr. Adesh Kumar.

The following students were awarded prizes:
• The winners for Poster competition in group A (class 6-8th):
1st prize: Brahmjot Kaur (Avadh Collegiate)
2nd prize: Shivam (New way College)
3rd prize: Kajal Singh (Avadh Collegiate)
• The winners for Poster competition in group B (class 9-12th):
1st Prize: Shruti soni(Avadh Collegiate)
2nd prize: Kalpana Kushwaha (Vidhya Gyan School, Sitapur)
3rd prize: Priyanka (Avadh Collegiate)

India Lucknow save the frogs day 2013

Lucknow save the frogs 2013

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The Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Network (BIOCONE) is throwing a Save The Frogs Day event at the Govt. Lungdai Middle School, Lungdai, Kolasib District, Mizoram. The event starts at 11AM. We will cover topics on frog conservation and biodiversity, essay writing, painting competition, specimens demonstration, field visit, etc. It will be around Rs.4000. It will be opened to the public. For more information please contact

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Rajasthan - Ajmer

These India events were partially funded via a $500 Save The Frogs Day Award from SAVE THE FROGS!. Thanks to our worldwide supporters for making events like these possible!

Event Title: “Save The Frogs: Get rid of many diseases”
Organization: Save Environment and Welfare of Animals (SEWA), Jaipur
Contact Details: Dr. Vivek Sharma: +91-8764051370

A team of more than 50 volunteers of Save Environment and Welfare of Animals, India organized 53 Save The Frogs Day events involving more than 2,000 active participants (children, students and public participation), covered by digital and print media. This time we extended our range to Gujarat state of western India, in addition to Rajasthan. There was a great response for the 5th annual Save The Frogs Day and most of the participants of 4th Save The Frogs Day were waiting to celebrate 5th Annual Save The Frogs Day with great enthusiasm.

This time our main emphasis was to develop awareness mainly at the grassroots level (children between 4-10 years of age group), along with peoples participating from rural areas, so that the message of saving the frogs continues for a longer period.

We developed some poems, songs and a new game that is "Mosquito Hunt" that was enjoyed by children. The events are not only developing awareness to save the frogs but also for the entire biodiversity as a whole. The response of our international efforts can be seen when croaking (advertisement calls) is regularly increasing nearby the breeding grounds. This is the best feedback of nature. Awareness has reduced the incidence of road accidents death of frogs. Young children are preparing frog ponds, watering them in the situation of scanty rains to increase population of frogs. We have made almost complete ban on the use of frog dissections in practical classrooms, and there is progressive development to avoid pesticides & synthetic fertilizers in the fields in the rural areas. We are requesting that frog lovers to donate funds to SAVE THE FROGS!.

Thanks to Dr. Kerry Kriger and all the event organizers of 27 countries for saving the frogs and conveying the SAVE THE FROGS! message to the world. Congratulations once again on the occasion of 5th International Save The Frogs Day. With best wishes,
Krishan and Vivek Sharma, Ajmer, India"

1. Department of Zoology, Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer:
Seminar and Workshop, Drawing Competition, Public Gathering and Awareness activity
2. Rajkiya Ucch Prathmik Vidhyalaya, Pakariyawas, Jawaja:
Drawing Competition on the theme of Save the Frogs, Frog Race, Nukkad Natak
3. Saraswati Baal Niketan Madhymic Vidhyalaya, Lalsary, Deedwana:
Drawing Competition
4. Government Secondary School, Guda Khud, Bhinaya:
Drawing Competition, Essay Competition, Frog Race

Watch an awesome video of the Frog Race here!

Download the Rajasthan Save The Frogs Day events summary here.

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frogs presentation

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rajasthan frogs day

save frogs day india

india frogs day

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Tamil Nadu - Coimbatore

For Save The Frogs Day an awareness program was conducted on 27th of March, 2013 at PSGR Krishnammal Nursery and Primary School. All the students and teachers were asked to wear green dress and frog masks. An English speech was given by Grade V students about the how to save the frogs and the uses of frogs. A dance with frog's song was sung by Grade IV students. A skit was played by the students to realize the how frogs are being destroyed and how can we prevent this. The froggie dance was held and a group of students participated in the song of "Chu chu mari" and they showed the importance of frogs.

Skit: Frogs have been destroyed, we have to save the frogs.
Scene – 1 - On the road
A bus driver drives a bus rapidly while frogs cross the road. He hits the frog and the frog dies. Frogs are being killed often. So we have to drive safely on the road to save the frogs.

Scene - 2 - In a foreign hotels.
Customer 1: Waiter! What are the dishes available here? Can you give me the menu card?
Waiter: Yes, of course. We are having chicken fry, fish fry & crab gravy. Today's special is chili frog.
Customer 1: Chili frog, it's something new, shall we taste it. What do you want?
Customer 2: For me too.
Customer 1: Wow! It is so delicious & yummy
(Like this the frogs are eaten as a food, so we should avoid this)

Scene – 3
In a Higher Secondary School Lab
Student 1: What are you doing here, Abi?
Student 2: Oh! Don't you know. I have science practicals today. For that I am dissecting the frog.
(Like this frogs are used for experiment in the labs. So most of the frogs are killed)

Scene - 4 - In the forest
Most of the trees and frogs are enjoying their life peacefully. After some days the trees have been destroyed. Later on the frogs died due to the scarcity of rain and because of deforestation. Ponds dried. Frogs died.
So we must take care of trees and save frogs. Thank you!

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West Java - Paingan

"Hi, I love your website - thanks for all the great info and teaching resources. I teach a small Conservation English class in Paingan, West Java and in honour of Save The Frogs Day this week we have been learning about frog conservation. I have attached a picture of my class with their SAVE THE FROGS! banner (they weren't convinced that they could draw frogs so it's mostly butterflies... but we're pledging our support!) We have also been playing a 'Frog Facts' quiz game, using origami jumping frogs as playing pieces, leaping their way through the frog life cycle from frogspawn to fully grown frogs. It was a fun and educational session. Thank you and keep up the good work!" -- Ashley Michaelis

Indonesia Save The Frogs Day 2013

origami frogs


Here is a picture from our small event in Yogyakarta, Indonesia this afternoon (April 28th, 2013) to celebrate Save The Frogs Day. We shared some pamphlets, flyers, and stickers about Save The Frogs Day to local citizens. Happy Save The Frogs Day! We estimatewe reached about 30 people.

Indonesia Save The Frogs Day 2013



Kiryat Tivon

The Botanical Gardens at Oranim Academic College of Education in Kiryat Tivon in northern Israel, which is directed by Dr. Michal Gross, will be sponsoring Israel's first ever Save The Frogs Day event. They have generously offered to provide a lecture hall for our speakers and guided outdoor activities for children. Dr. Gross is organizing the event along with Hadas Marcus, a teacher of English for Biology majors at Oranim and Tel Aviv University. Save the Frogs Day will include approximately 2.5 hours of lectures and will go from 11:00 a.m. until about 1:30 p.m. The presentations will be given in Hebrew and are as follows:

-- Dr. Sarig Gafny will be our keynote speaker. Dr Gafny, a senior lecturer at the Tel Aviv University and the Ruppin Academic Center's School of Marine Sciences (Michmoret campus) is a well-known freshwater ecologist, who has a keen interest in restoring aquatic communities and ecosystems in the hope of salvaging threatened organisms. He will give a presentation about his involvement with the thrilling discovery of the Hula Painted Frog in 2011 (thought to be extinct for over 60 years) that zoologists searched for over many decades. He will also discuss the spadefoot toad and other amphibian species in Israel.
-- Dr. Uri Shanas, the head of the Department of Biology and Environment at the University of Haifa- Oranim, is one of the most dedicated conservation biologists in Israel. He will lecture about the reasons for the rapidly-escalating disappearance of amphibians on a global scale, as well as the more localized situation in Israel. His talk will focus on the multiple factors which are endangering amphibians, such as destruction of habitat, toxic pollution, the spread of disease and climate change. His hope is to instill awareness of these problems and thus help to preserve many species on the brink of extinction.
-- Dr. Bernard Hurwitz, a veterinarian/zoologist who immigrated to Israel from South Africa in the late 1970's, is an activist for the protection of endangered wildlife. Besides running a veterinary clinic and a petting zoo on his farm near Netanya, he gives educational lectures about the enormous significance of animals in our lives. He is extremely concerned about the massive decline of frogs in many parts of the world, and will be speaking about one species he is especially fond of, the South African bullfrog.
-- David Monsonego, a very talented nature photographer, has traveled the far corners of the earth to capture images of exotic wildlife, diverse cultures, and unusual landscapes. Yet, one of his favorite subjects is the Hadara frogs in the small ponds at his home in northern Israel. He will share with the audience intimate portraits of frogs and how he communicates with the residents of his pond. He will also talk about the efforts and techniques behind his breathtaking photos of amphibians from Israel, some frogs of Costa Rica, and other animals.
-- Nitza Yogev, an experienced staff member at Oranim, along with a couple of Biology students, will be in charge of keeping young children busy and happy in the Botanical Gardens while the audience is listening to the lectures.

As there will be the regular monthly bird-ringing sessions earlier in the morning, entrance to the Oranim Botanical Gardens will be open to the public and will cost $5.00 for adults and $2.50 for children. Any more questions on this event can be directed to Hadas Marcus:

Right-click to download the PDF of event flyer:Israel Save The Frogs Day

FOLLOWUP: Our event at the Botanical Gardens in Israel was very successful and attracted a large crowd of people, especially families with young children!

Israel save frogs day

frog day israel



Antey Saint-André (Aosta)

"Toads trekking" and release into the wild of rescued tadpoles; after the release, Ronni Bessi we will lead to the Lod Lake (Aosta, Italy) to learn about Amphibians and Reptiles in their habitat. The event is free of charge.

A cura di Ronni Bessi (Societas Herpetologica Italica)
Rilascio nel laghetto dell’Aula Verde “R.A.N.A.” e in seguito nel Lago di Lod di girini di Rospo e Rana temporaria, recuperati come ogni anno da situazioni di criticità dai funzionari dell’Ufficio fauna selvatica - Flora, fauna, caccia e pesca, nell’ambito del CrapaudsTrekking (il trekking per i rospi). Partecipazione attiva al rilascio con un massimo di 25 volontari, bambini compresi, che si dovranno prenotare telefonicamente (Tel: 0165 776401 - 0165 776218). Visita guidata al Lago di Lod a cura di Ronni Bessi, per conoscere le caratteristiche ambientali e le specie di Anfibi (e di Rettili) presenti. Alla fine dell’incontro i partecipanti riceveranno una copia del Cahier Nature relativo alle zone umide della Valle d’Aosta.
Info: +39 0165 776401 - 0165 776218

27 aprile 2013, Ore: 10:00 - 15:00
Aula Verde "R.A.N.A.” nel Comune di Antey Saint-André (AO) e di seguito al Lago di Lod nello stesso Comune

aosta rana


Visits to the Amphibian Center of Pianoro and to a nearby wetland to observe amphibian in their habitat, presentation on amphibians of the district of Bologna and observation of aquatic organisms under light microscope. The event is open to the public.

A cura di Alessandro Dall'Alpi e della Associazione Anfibi Rettili e Territorio
Visita guidata del Centro Anfibi di Pianoro e del suo laboratorio didattico con proiezione di una presentazione sugli Anfibi del Bolognese e possibilità di osservare al microscopio ottico alcuni organismi acquatici.
Visita guidata dell'area umida gestita dall'Associazione Anfibi Rettili e Territorio per l'osservazione diretta degli Anfibi nel loro habitat.

27 aprile 2013, Ore 14:30 - 17:30
CENTRO ANFIBI DI PIANORO, Piazza Garibaldi 1, Pian di Macina, 40065 Pianoro (Bologna)

Galzignano Terme, Padova

Seminar on amphibian decline in province of Padua (Italy) and Euganean Hills. Excursion to the springs and puddles of the Venda Mountain to observing amphibians and to listening their songs.

A cura di Luca Bedin (Societas Herpetologica Italica)
Nel corso della mattinata verrà svolto un seminario dedicato alla situazione degli anfibi presenti nel territorio dei Colli Euganei e nella provincia di Padova. Particolare attenzione verrà data ai fattori che stanno determinando, in un territorio sempre più antropizzato, una progressiva rarefazione di tale categoria faunistica. Durante il pomeriggio ci sarà la possibilità di effettuare un’escursione alle pozze e sorgenti lungo i sentieri del Monte Venda per osservare da vicino e sentire gli anfibi durante il periodo riproduttivo.
Info: ; Tel. 0499131781

27 aprile 2013, Ore: 10:00 - 12:30 seminario; 14:00 - 18:00 escursione
Casa Marina – Via Sottovenda, 3 – 35030 Galzignano Terme (Padova)

padova save frogs day


We will observe frogs in a restored pond on Peloritani Mountains, learning about these amazing amphibians and their habitats, their benefits in the ecosystem and how we can preserve and support them. The event is open to the public and free of charge.

A cura di Dalila Giacobbe e Salvatore Restivo (Societas Herpetologica Italica) Incontro sulla conoscenza degli Anfibi presenti sui Monti Peloritani, il loro indispensabile ruolo ecologico, le principali cause del loro declino e le possibili misure da adottare per la loro salvaguardia, sottolineando l'importanza delle aree umide. Visite guidate allo stagno del Centro Polifunzionale per l'osservazione in campo degli Anfibi presenti e delle altre specie animali e vegetali che lo popolano.

27 aprile 2013, Ore 10:00 - 13:30
Centro Polifunzionale delle Piante Endemiche e Autoctone del Mediterraneo (ex Vivaio Camaro), Colle San Rizzo direzione Dinnammare, Messina

messina save frogs day

messina frogs

messina frogs day


Each spring, the toad (Bufo bufo) awakens from winter hibernation in the woods to reach the spawning grounds, lakes and ponds.
The main threat to these animals is far from being natural. The progressive urbanization of the territory, and the subsequent development of the road network have led to the extinction extinction of many amphibians. To prevent other colonies of toads to become extinct under the wheels of the car, the LAC (group for the abolition of hunting) has organized for a dozen years the Saving Toads Campaign promoted by the Centro Studi Arcadia. As in the other evenings, also Saturday, April 27, 2013, Save The Frogs Day, volunteers, equipped with gloves, buckets and torches will inspect the road in Lezzeno, in the province of Como (Italy) in the area of migration in order to collect and safely move the toads in order to allow their migration to the spawning grounds. Please see the SAVE THE FROGS! Roads page!

Campaña Salvemos los Sapos, 2013 and Lezzeno, provincia de Como, Italia. Para más información:

Ogni anno in primavera il rospo (Bufo bufo) si risveglia dal letargo invernale nei boschi per raggiungere i luoghi di riproduzione, laghi e stagni. La minaccia principale a questi animali è ben lungi dall'essere naturale. La progressiva urbanizzazione del territorio, e il conseguente sviluppo della rete stradale, hanno portato all'estinzione molte popolazioni di anfibi. Per evitare che altre colonie di rospi si estinguano sotto le ruote delle auto, la LAC organizza da una dozzina di anni la Campagna Rospi promosso dal Centro Studi Arcadia.
Come nelle altre serate, anche Sabato 27 Aprile 2013, Frog Day, i volontari, muniti di guanti, secchi e torce perlustraranno la strada a Lezzeno, in provincia di Como, al fine di raccogliere, censire e spostare in sicurezza i rospi per permettere la loro migrazione verso i luoghi di riproduzione.
Per informazioni:

Campagna Salvataggio Rospi 2013 - Lezzeno, provincia de Como, Italia


Luciano Di Tizio and Nicoletta Di Francesco will give a presentation entitled "Abruzzo's Amphibians". They will talk about amphibian species living in Abruzzo (Italy) and the threats to their survival. The event is open to the public and free of charge.

Conferenza sul tema “Gli anfibi d’Abruzzo”, relatori Luciano Di Tizio e Nicoletta Di Francesco, della Societas Herpetologica Italica.

27 aprile 2013, Ore 16:00 - 17:30
"Naturalodge” Riserva Naturale Regionale “Sorgenti del Pescara”, Località Popoli (Pescara)

pescara frogs day


Visit to the museum collections for kids and adults alike, educational activities and a lot of fun games for children to learning about amphibians. Discussion with museum's herpetology staff about amphibian issues. The event is open to the public.

A cura di Massimo Capula (Societas Herpetologica Italica)
Visita guidata, per adulti e bambini, alle esposizioni museali con descrizione delle principali caratteristiche morfologiche, della biologia e dei problemi di conservazione degli Anfibi. A seguire attività di laboratorio (vivarium e zoolab) con osservazione di esemplari vivi, interazione con materiali naturalistici conservati nelle collezioni museali, interviste agli esperti e attività artistico-creative per i più piccoli (a cura della Myosotis Ambiente Scarl).
Info:; Tel.: 06 67109270;, Tel 0697840700, Fax 0632609200

27 aprile 2013, Ore: 16:00 - 18:00
MUSEO CIVICO di ZOOLOGIA di ROMA, Via Aldrovandi 18, 00197 Roma

roma frogs day

Serra San Quirico (Ancona)

Meeting on amphibians living in Marche (Italy), their habitats and how we can preserve and support them. You will learn how to build your own outdoor pond in a fun way.

A cura di Luca Coppari (Societas Herpetologica Italica)
Incontro dedicato alla conoscenza degli anfibi presenti nella regione Marche, con approfondimenti sulla biologia, l’ecologia e le cause di declino di alcune specie. Verranno inoltre illustrati interventi, anche “fai da te”, per cercare di rallentare questo declino, come la costruzione di uno stagno in giardino. Il tutto sarà impostato in modo semplice e divertente in quanto l’incontro è rivolto principalmente alle scuole.

27 aprile 2013, Ore: 10:00 - 12:00


On the occasion of the 5th edition of Save The Frogs Day, Friends of the Earth Italy as a managing body of the regional nature reserves of Lake Tarsia and the mouth of the crater, have joined the initiative promoting a series of awareness-raising activities and Information activities for young people, schools and citizens. Amphibians among all vertebrates are the most exposed and most threatened. The human pressure, the use of pesticides, the introduction of exotic species, the introduction of fish for breeding and sport fishing, alteration and destruction of habitats, pollution of various kinds, climate change, compromise, seriously, the populations of these species. Saving this fauna is of fundamental importance for biodiversity. In fact, amphibians, with excellent bio-indicators play an important role in the balance of the environment. Among the main causes globally, threatening the extinction of frogs, there is habitat destruction and pollution following the use of pesticides, which act by weakening the immune defense system. Also for the 2013 edition of the managing body of Reserves has promoted, in collaboration with its Experience Center Infea Environmental Network, a program of events which, starting at 9:30 am Saturday, April 27, activities information, education and awareness at the Visitor Center of Reserves of Palazzo Rossi di Tarsia and excursions and guided tours in Lake Reserve Tarsia, to observe frogs and toads in their habitat. Reserves are present in 6 of the 7 species of anurans (frogs and toads) surveyed in Calabria, a testament to the value of environmental and extraordinary biodiversity that these two protected areas preserve. On the web portal you can download the program of the day and browse through the guide 'Frogs & Toads of Reserves of Lake Tarsia and Mouth of the Crater. Learn more at the offices of the Reserves or on the web portal
-- Friends of the Earth Italy, Managing body reserves Tarsia-Crati

Sarà celebrato sabato 27 aprile c.a. il 5° Annual di Save The Frogs Day, la Giornata Mondiale delle Rane. L’evento è impostato per essere la più grande giornata di educazione e conservazione degli anfibi nella storia del pianeta. In occasione della 5^ edizione di Save the frogs day gli Amici della Terra Italia, in qualità di Ente gestore delle Riserve naturali regionali del Lago di Tarsia e della Foce del Crati, hanno aderito all’iniziativa promuovendo una serie di attività di sensibilizzazione ed informazione rivolte ai giovani, alle scolaresche e ai cittadini. Gli Anfibi fra tutti i Vertebrati sono quelli maggiormente esposti e più minacciati. La pressione antropica, l’uso di pesticidi, l’immissione di specie esotiche, l’introduzione di pesci per allevamento e pesca sportiva, l’alterazione e la distruzione di habitat, l’inquinamento di vario genere, i cambiamenti climatici, compromettono, seriamente, le popolazioni di queste specie, tanto che ad oggi nel mondo 1/3 delle 6485 specie presenti sono minacciate di estinzione.

Salvare questa fauna è di fondamentale importanza per la biodiversità. Infatti, gli anfibi, da ottimi bio-indicatori, svolgono un ruolo importante negli equilibri dell’ambiente. Tra le principali cause a livello mondiale, che minacciano l’estinzione delle rane, vi è la distruzione degli habitat, seguono l’inquinamento e l’uso di pesticidi, che agiscono indebolendo il sistema di difesa immunitario. Anche per l’edizione 2013 l’Ente gestore delle Riserve ha promosso, in collaborazione con il proprio Centro di Esperienza Ambientale della Rete InFEA, un programma di eventi che prevede, a partire dalle ore 9,00 di sabato 27 aprile c.a., attività di informazione, educazione e sensibilizzazione presso il Centro Visitatori delle Riserve di Palazzo Rossi di Tarsia ed escursioni e visite guidate nella Riserva Lago di Tarsia, per osservare rane e rospi nei loro habitat. Nelle Riserve sono presenti 6 delle 7 specie di Anuri (rane e rospi) censite in Calabria, a testimonianza del valore ambientale e della straordinaria biodiversità, che queste due aree protette custodiscono. Sul portale web è possibile scaricare il Programma della giornata e sfogliare la guida «Rane & Rospi delle Riserve del Lago di Tarsia e della Foce del Crati». Ulteriori informazioni presso gli Uffici delle Riserve o sul portale web

Tarsia Save The Frogs Day 2013


"Il commercio degli Anfibi e dei Rettili: una minaccia o una risorsa?"
Sabato 27 aprile 2013 - Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali
Via G. Giolitti, 36 - Torino
ORE: 17.00
SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Franco Andreone & Roberta Pala

Amphibians and reptiles are subject to collecting for a series of reasons, one of which concerns the trade, carried out at national and international level. Totally, the trade can be distinguished as (1) for traditional use (including the true or presumed phrmacopeia and folklor traditions), (2) for alimentation, (3) for amatorial use (including the so-called pet-trade). The trade, as a whole, is usually considered a threat at conservation level, with a negative effect on natural populations. For such a reason the CITES aims to regulate such an activity, with the finality of reducing and controlling its effcts. In this talk we show some emblematic cases and discussed the effcts and fallouts of the trade, also in terms of economy and subsistence of the local human populations, especially in developing countries.

Gli Anfibi e i Rettili sono soggetti a prelievi per una serie di motivi, uno fra i quali riguarda il commercio, condotto a livello nazionale e internazionale. Complessivamente il commercio può essere distinto come (1) c. per uso tradizionale (che comprende la farmacopea reale o presunta e le tradizioni folcloristiche), (2) c. per alimentazione, (3) c. per uso amatoriale (che comprende il cosiddetto pet-trade). Il commercio, nel suo toto, viene tradizionalmente considerato un pericolo a livello conservazionistico e spesso ne viene invocato l'effetto negativo sulle popolazioni naturali. Per tale ragione la Convenzione di Washington si occupa di regolamentare tale attività, al fine di mitigarne gli effetti. In questa presentazione vengono illustrati alcuni casi emblematici e discussi gli effetti e le ricadute del commercio, anche in termini di economia e di sussistenza delle popolazioni locali, specie in paesi in via di sviluppo.

torino frogs day


The Associazione Tutori Stagni e Zone Umide del FVG, the Pond Warden association based in Triest, is organizing a Save The Frogs Day event to help people discover the amphibians that live near us in the small urban ponds. From 3pm to dusk we will be present near one of these small ponds to point out all the species and the need to protect them. There will be video documentaries, slideshows, games and educational activities for all ages. The event is free of charge.

L'associazione Tutori stagni e zone umide del Friuli Venezia Giulia organizza un evento Save the frogs per aiutare i cittadini a scoprire gli anfibi che popolano gli stagni anche in ambito urbano. Dalle 15 al tramonto saremo presenti presso uno di questi stagni urbani per far conoscere le specie presenti e l'importanza della loro salvaguardia.
Ci saranno documentari, proiezioni di immagini, giochi e varie attività rivolte ai bambini. L'evento è gratuito, maggiori informazioni presso
Info point Rodolfo Crasso, via Orlandini, inizio pista ciclabile:

Watch a video of the event here!

save frogs italy

trieste frogs

frog day italy


I tramonti di primavera si accompagnano di voci che partono dalla palude, da rami di millenari alberi e da cespugli di mirto e fillirea.
Sono gli abitanti della notte de Le Cesine, rane, rospi e raganelle che raccontano il tempo che passa, che cantano versi d’amore, che accompagnano alla metamorfosi.
Esseri viventi da sempre legati al mito, alla leggenda, presagi di cambiamento, annunci di novità, animali che si fondono con lo splendido scenario notturno della Riserva de Le Cesine e ne completano le innumerevoli ricchezze naturalistiche
Sabato 27 aprile sarà possibile entrare al buio nel mistero dei suoni della notte de Le Cesine alle 19,30 partecipando all’escursione “Le voci della notte de Le Cesine” .
Attraverseremo la Riserva osservandone gli habitat siti di riproduzione degli anfibi e conoscendone le specie.
Per informazioni - tel. 329/8315714




E.D.ENa is an NGO that is planning on throwing a Save The Frogs Day event for the second time in Madagascar. The event will be held on April 27, 2013 in Parc of Tsimbazaza. The target group is mostly disabled people, although anyone is invited. The goal of this event is to show people they have the power to protect our environment. The event will be separated in 3 parts: (1) Environmental education, training and sharing information (2) gathering suggestions on how participants can contribute to our goal; (3) cleaning a local waterbody. For more info, please contact Ranivoarivelo Soazara:

FOLLOWUP: Read the event summary here!

frog day 2013 madagascar

save the frogs day 2013

Madagascar frogs day



Kubah National Park, Borneo

Read about the Bornean Frog Race 2013 in this article that appeared in The Borneo Post.

Borneo Frog Race 2013

Borneo Frog Race 2013

Borneo frog race



Chiapas - Tuxtla Gutierrez

La Red para la Conservación de Anfibios en Chiapas, como parte del seguimiento de los eventos realizados durante el mes de Abril de 2011 y 2012, que tienen como principal objetivo la divulgación y promoción así como también la investigación de los Anfibios en México, en este año 2013, organizará en colaboración con otras instituciones, la 3era Semana Internacional de los Anfibios del 24 al 28 de Abril. emana en la que se realizarán actividades de carácter científico en la que tendremos la participación de especialistas locales, nacionales y extranjeros y será dirigido a personas interesadas en el estudio e investigación de los anfibios en nuestro país con la finalidad de generar acuerdos y acciones para preservar a estas especies en vida silvestre y cautiverio es por ello que se realizará en 1er Simposio Nacional de Anfibios y para instruir a todos los interesados, se brindarán talleres enfocados al estudio y añ aportación de herramientas que para conocer más sobre estas singulares especies.

Se presentará la 3era Exposición Fotográfica Colectiva "Anfibios Mexicanos"; que es una aportación de material fotográfico de profesionales en la materia, herpetólogos y aficionados interesados en estas hermosas especies. Y por primera ocasión, dicha exposición recibirá la participación abierta del público interesado con el objetivo obtener una mayor colaboración para conjuntar todas las especies de anfibios que se encuentran reportados en México: 361 (CONABIO, 2009). Este conjunto de fotografías será expuesto en diversos foros con fines educativos y sin fines de lucro para la sociedad en general.
De igual manera, durante los días activos del evento, se llevarán a cabo actividades de educación ambiental y recreativas enfocadas a la apreciación y el cuidado de los Anfibios dirigido al público en general como por ejemplo, talleres de manualidades y dibujos, proyecciones, recorridos guiados, dinámicas, concurso de dibujo, fotografía y de robótica, teatro guiñol representando principalmente la importancia de estas carismáticas especies para la naturaleza y a vida humana.
Y como actividad novedosa, se realizará un paseo ciclista a través de la ciudad de Tuxtla Gutiérrez el Día Mundial de los Anfibios en donde participará público de todas las edades promoviendo el conocimiento y conservación de estas especies a todos los sectores sociales.
Nuestro principal interés es fomentar y resaltar de manera colectiva la importancia de las diversidad de los Anfibios que habitan en nuestro país y en nuestro Estado pues somos muy afortunados al estar en 2do lugar con 112 especies (después de Oaxaca con 144) (Canseco, 2011). Pero que, desafortunadamente, sus poblaciones van en un declive debido a los diversos problemas ambientales causados por actividades humanas como la contaminación y pérdida de hábitat así como también por falta de cultura ambiental.

Es por ello que nos unimos en conjunto con las organizaciones mundiales en el Día 28 de Abril que es el Día Mundial de los Anfibios para promover su respeto, conservación y preservación en la Naturaleza. Por mas informacion escribe:

Chiapas ranas

Narayit - Tepic

SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee member Dr. Victor H. Luja is organizing the first !Salvemos a las Ranas! day in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. Dr. Luja is working with Paola Haro (Ecologízate al 100%; a local NGO) to organize several activities in Tepic to promote the awareness and respect of the frogs in the society. We have scheduled at least 20 STF talks at all levels (from kindergarden to Universities) to spread the message. We will talk on the radio and several other forums to promote the first art contest: ¡Salvemos a las Ranas! Tepic (April 26, 2013) supported by Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit (UAN), Unidad Académica de Turismo (UT), SEMARNAT, Ecologízate al 100 A.C., and Certificación Escuela Verde.

This Friday April 26, 2013 Dr. Luja continues with the celebrations of Save The Frogs Day in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. The event will begin at 10:00 AM and there will be a presentation of Comic (Dr. Claudia Saldaña); the exposure of the top 40 art contest drawings of Save the Frogs! Nayarit (500 frog drawings were submitted!); the awards of the top 3 in each category drawings, a photographic exhibition of Amphibians of Nayarit (Carlos Navarro, Leopoldo Vazquez and Victor H. Luja; Mexican conservation photographers). Finally Dr Luja Luja will give a one-hour lecture on the topic of Mexico amphibian conservation.

On Saturday April 27, 2013, the local group "Tepic en Bici" will hold a bike tour in some areas of the city of Tepic, Nayarit in an event called "ride by frogs". They are calling for cyclists to dress as frogs on the occasion. This activity will end with a lecture by Dr. Victor H. Luja organized by "Voluntad Organizada AC."

Dr. Luja thanks all the people and organizations who generously participated in the hard work organizing the Art Contest and gave more than 30 talks attended by 1,600 students: Dra. Antalia González, Lic. Paola Haro (Ecologízate al cien), M.V.Z. Susana Casas (Úumbali), Lic. Gala E. Pelayo (Voluntad Organizada AC), Dip. Leonor Naya Mercado, (Presidenta de la Comisión de Ecología y Protección al Medio Ambiente en el Congreso del Estado de Nayarit):

Un mensaje de Victor: "¡Gracias! a todas las personas que hicieron posible no un día, no una semana, sino un mes dedicado a la conservación de los anfibios en Nayarit! 1,600 personas escucharon alrededor de 30 pláticas. ¡Se recibieron 1,060 dibujos para el concurso! GRACIAS!!! Seguiremos trabajando. GRACIAS por su infinita colaboración a: Dra. A. González, Lic. Paola Haro (Ecologízate al cien), MVZ Susana Casas (Úumbali), LIc. Gala Pelayo (Voluntad Organizada A.C.), Voluntariado Ambiental Turístico, A. Luja, Voluntarias de Biología, Diputados, SEMARNAT NAY, y a toda la gente que omito. GRACIAS.

Contact Dr. Victor Luja for more information and also see:

Narayit frogs day 2013

Here is some of the beautiful frog art from the kids:Narayit frogs day

Narayit frogs day 2013

tepic salva las ranas

tepic salva las ranas 2013

Narayit ranas

Narayit ranas

Narayit ranas

Nuevo León - Monterrey

We will be having a Save The Frogs week at Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León Facultad de Ciencias Biológicas. Dr. Gustavo Quintero-Díaz, the Vice President of the Herpetological Society of México, who wrote a book about the Mexican frog Smilisca dentata will give a conference about Mexican frogs and amphibians of southern Mexico. Dr. David Lazcano will give a presentation on the herpetofauna of north-east México. All students, teachers and faculty are invited to assist this conference. Our faculty agreed to advertise the cause. We will be hanging posters in our college and some high schools. We will try giving small talks to the students of a couple of high schools on the days leading up to the event. The event will be held at UANL FCB and it is free to anyone who wants to come. I am also in the process of translating all info on website and am making a Save The Frogs! México Facebook page where we can spread the word more about frog conservation and where we will announce and create a Facebook event for our Save The Frogs! Week. The schedule is:

Wednesday April 24: 11am at FCB B Building.
Conference with vicepresident of the Herpetological Society of México Dr. Quintero: Amphibians of Southern Mexico

Thursday April 25: 11am at FCB B Building
Conference with head of department of herpetology of FCB UANL Dr. Lazcano: Herpetofauna of North-East Mexico

Friday April 26: 12pm at The Flame sculpture of UANL.
We will make a massive picture trying to gather as many people as possible wearing green shirts.

Contact: Please contact me, Carolina Arjona at or my facebook profile for more information on the event. Please also visit

Monterrey ranas

Nueva Leon ranas

Mexico save the frogs day 2013

Glass Frog

Nuevo Leon ranas


This event is being funded with a $400 Save The Frogs Day Award that was made possible through the generous assistance of The Body Shop Foundation.

La Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco, a través de la División Académica de Ciencias Biológicas en coordinación con la Red para la Conservación de Anfibios en Chiapas tiene el agrado de invitar a estudiantes, profesores, investigadores y al público en general, a participar en el Evento Centinela: 1a Semana para el Conocimiento y Valoración de los Anfibios en Tabasco, dicho evento tendrá lugar en la Ciudad de Villahermosa, Tabasco del 24 al 28 de Abril de 2013.
La Institución sede es la División Académica de Ciencias Biológicas ubicada en el Km. 0.5 de la Carretera Villahermosa-Cárdenas, entronque a Bosques de Saloya; donde se realizará la presentación de trabajos en la modalidad oral con el objetivo de intercambiar experiencias sobre el estudio de los Anfibios en el Estado. Se presentará la 1a Exposición Fotográfica de Anfibios en Tabasco y se desarrollará un Curso de Fotografía Básica. Así mismo, se realizaran actividades recreativas y deportivas, concursos de dibujo y cuento para niños y se llevara a cabo un Monitoreo de Anfibios con alumnos interesados al Jardín Botánico Universitario "JOSÉ NARCISO ROVIROSA", con el propósito de dar a conocer parte de la Biodiversidad de Tabasco.

Este evento no tendrá ningún costo y está abierto a todo público interesado por la biología y diversidad de los anfibios. Lo único que tendrá costo en el evento será el Curso de fotografía básica el cual se cobrara una cuota de recuperación de $100 (moneda mexicana) por persona y se impartirá los días 24 y 25 de abril. El monitoreo para la búsqueda de ranas y sapos será el día jueves 25 de abril de 6 a 10pm.

Entre las actividades deportivas está el realizar un partido amistoso de Futbol entre jóvenes el día domingo 28 de abril, para el cual se invitara a las familias tabasqueñas a asistir y se les repartirá trípticos con información de los anfibios y porque su conservación.
La inauguración será el día 24 de Abril a las 10hrs. Los demás horarios aún están por confirmar.

eBiol. Ana Gabriela González Araujo.
Facebook: Biodiversidad en Tabasco

FOLLOWUP: Se realizaron charlas sobre conservación de Anfibios en la Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco en las que participaron profesores y estudiantes y tenemos un registro de 176 asistentes (estudiantes, profesores y publico en general). En Save The Frogs Day realizamos un partido de futbol al que asistieron 15 jovenes y 30 personas que asistieron a ver el partido de football.

ninos ranas

Tabasco dia salvemos ranas

tabasco salvemos ranas

ranas tabasco

futbol ranas

anfibios tabasco

save frogs day mexico

frog bus

Tabsco save the frogs day flyer



These Nepali events are being funded via $900 in Save The Frogs Day Awards from SAVE THE FROGS!. Thanks to our worldwide supporters for making events like these possible!


Our Save The Frogs Day event will take place in Auditorium hall of Balkumari English school Narayangard, Nepal on April 27th, 2013. It starts at 11am and ends at 4pm. Mrs Bindu Poudyal, Lecturer of Saptagandaki multiple campus, Chitwan uchha mavi and Balkumari English School, is in charge of this event. Schedule of events:
-- Essay contest 26th april 2013
-- Seminar on frog conservation 27th april at 11 am
-- Frog race 27th april at 3pm
-- Prize distribution and closing ceremony 27th April at 4pm
-- For more questions please contact Mrs. Bindu Poudyal at

FOLLOWUP: We celebrated Save The Frogs Day on April 27th 2013 in Balkumari English Schoo lwith full enthusiasm. We were able to educate the people regarding the importance of frogs. Through different events we were able to make people realize frogs play an important role in our ecosystem. The event was basically divided into three parts:

1) Essay competition
There was essay competition among the students of Balkumari English School where about 60 students participate studying in different grades from 8 to 10. The topic for the essay competition was 'IMPORTANCE AND THREATS TO FROGS'. The judge of this competition was principle of school Mr Om Kumar Shrestha and Mr Sanjeev Wasti. Students were able to widen their knowledge about frogs.
The winners of this competition were:
First: Anish Subedi Grade 10
Second: Wilson Shrestha Grade 10
Third: Arya Shrestha Grade 9
Fourth:Aayush Shrestha Grade 8
Fifth: Amisha Subedi Grade 9

2) Frog race
Frog race competition was conducted among the student of grade 2 to 4 on April 27th. 50 students participated in this event. Winners of the frog race are:
-Boys, First:Nabin miya Grade 1, Second:Garud lama Grade 2, Third:Safal lamichana Grade 3
-Girls, First: Nisha shrestha Grade 3, Second: Jalishka Gurung Grade 2, Third: Sabina B.k.

3) Seminar and presentation on Frogs
The event took place in the auditorium of Balkumari English School April 27th at about 11am. The chief guest of the event was Mrs Radha Poudya, social worker and environment activist. People from different sectors and students participated in the seminar program, there were about 70 students and people in this program. There was the presentation from Bindu Poudyal and Mr. Sanjeev Wasti about importance and threats to frogs and from Mr. Ram Bahadur Ramjee about the role of frog in ecosystem.

nepal frogs day

nepal frogs

frogs day nepal

save frogs nepal

frog race

Chitwan, Rampur

The event was supported by a $250 Save The Frogs Day Award from SAVE THE FROGS!. Please contact Sanjeev Wasti for more information:

The events took place at three venues:
IAAS, Rampur
Youth for Sustainable Development (YSD) celebrated Save The Frogs Day 2013 on April 27th in collaboration with IAAS Art Group. It was celebrated in Glasshouse at IAAS, Rampur. YSD is a group of youths working for the sustainable development in different sectors of society at Rampur, Chitwan. The celebration included an Art Competition and Petition Signature Collection to get Atrazine banned.
Mr. Sanjeev Wasti, an IAASian (B.V.Sc. and A.H., 4th sem) was the coordinator of the program. Similarly, the chief guest of the program was Prof. Dr. Jagat Lal Yadav, Exam-controller, Agriculture and Forest University(AFU). Tom Bahadur Pun, President of Lalitkala Pratisthan, Chitwan and Damodar Baral, member of Lalitkala Pratisthan, Chitwan were present there as judges. Meghnath Pokharel, president of IAAS Art Group was present as a guest.

The art program started at 11am . The program coordinator discussed the "Importance and Threats to Frogs and the necessity to save them." About 50 art fanatics participated in the art competition. As per the judgement by the panel of judges first, second, third and consolation prizes were accorded to Prakriti Sharma Khatiwada{B.Sc.Ag.,3rd sem), Chandan Silpakar(B.Sc.Ag,6th sem), Bijay Subedi (B. Sc .Ag , 3rd Sem) and Sagar G.C. (B.Sc.Ag, 4th Sem) .
Professor Dr Jagat Lal Yadhav gave a speech emphasizing the conservation of frogs and their role in the ecosystem. Mr Tom Bahadur Gurung (chief judge of the program) presented his views regarding different ways to conserve frogs.

Along with the art competition a petition for "NO TO ATRAZINE" was also carried out on a white cloth. Atrazine is an herbicide that causes hermaphroditism in frogs. There were hundreds of signature collected against use of this harmful pesticide.

At Balkumari English Boarding School, Narayangarh, Chitwan
On April-26 I attended the seminar of Mr Bindu Poudyal and gave presentation on importance and threat on frogs. I also made the students know about the harmful effect of Atrazine andcollected petition signatures. There were more than 110 students present.

Nawalparasi - At Shree Gyanodaya Higher Secondary School, Parsauni.
This venue was accorded top for the celebration of the program due to large number of illiterate people in the community, so as to provide the knowledge of importance of frogs in the ecosystem. Most of the students of that school were Tharus, the indigenous people of that place, some of them used to kill the frogs as food for ducks. The following events were carried out:

An art competition was organized in April 26th where students from class 8 to 10 get involved. There were about 90 participants. The winners of the competition were:
- First: Ganga chaudhary grade 9
- Second: Hari bahadur mahato grade 10
- Third: mina chaudhary grade 8

A presentation was given by Sanjeev Wasti on importance of the frogs. Mr Narayan Dhakal (environment activist) gave a speech about the role of frogs in the ecosystem. Mr Thakur Prasad Wasti also emphasized the importance of frogs and gave speech on how to conserve the frogs. There were about 1,200 students present.

Awareness campaign in the Parsauni village
Most of the people living in the Parsauni village were indigenous Tharu community people. Most of the people are farmers. We also found that they use insecticides in the crops and to kill the fishes in ponds and river. We found that they used to kill the frogs to feed their ducks so we educated them about importance of frogs. We conducted different programs and were able to impart knowledge to them. We were able to impart knowledge to more than 80 local people.

Contact persons:
Sanjeev Wasti (9845331734); Sunil Neupane (9845655216); Ramchandra Acharya (9845178686); Dhurba D.C.(9845419734); Sanjay Dhungana(9842331620); Nirvay Shah (9845307464); Nawaraj Adhikari(9856060783)

nepal frog conference

Nepal Chitwan Frogs

nepal frog day

nepali kids

nepal chitwan

Nepal frogs pa

frog legs

save the frogs day nepal

save frogs nepal

Nepal Frog Art
Art by Save The Frogs Day contestant, GC, 4th place winner. The text says: "You can conserve me if you do not destroy me; I have no desire to leave this earth".


Rajesh Jha organized this Save The Frogs Day event to educate the students about the importance of frog species in the ecosystem.

Kathmandu frogs

Kathmandu frogs day

rajesh jha

watermelon frog


The Animal Welfare Network Nepal will be hosting a Save The Frogs Day event on June 5, 2013. The main objective of this program is to end frog dissection in schools, colleges and medical universities of Nepal. The program will take place at Animal Welfare Network Nepal's hall in Kathmandu. The members of management committee to schools, colleges and medical universities will participate in the program. You can contact Santosh Khatiwada of Animal Welfare Network Nepal on his mobile number +977-9841803449 and +01-4107599.


Environmental Graduates in the Himalaya (EGH) was established in February 2008 as a sister organization of Resources Himalaya Foundation. We are an independent forum for all young graduates. With 439 members from Nepal, Australia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Austria, Germany, Korea and United States of America, EGH has established itself as the active science-based youth forum in Nepal. Our Save The Frogs Day event will be coordinated in collaboration with Companions for Amphibians Reptiles of Nepal (CARON) and Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN). The venue is set at Conservaiton Chautari Hall, Sanepa, Lalitpur on April 27th, 2013.

On the occasion of 'Save The Frogs Day 2013' EGH invites all students and professionals conducting research on amphibians (Frogs, Toads, Newts, Salamanders) to participate & share their findings relating to amphibians' ecology, diversity, diseases, threats, extinction, in our first 'Save The Frogs Day 2013' symposium! The symposium will be about three hours long with at least six presentations including one keynote presentation. Those presentation will cover research and conservation aspects of frogs. Wide circulation of emails has been made for the papers and notice will be published at notice board of colleges for participation. Preference would be given to powerpoint presentations.

Date: April 29, 2013, 9am-5pm
Venue: Dr Pralad Yonzon Memorial Conservation Chautari, Nayabato, Sanepa
Contact: Biraj Shrestha or Madan Suwal at

Download the Lalitpur Event Report here.

Realizing the importance of frogs and amphibians, we the consortium of SAVE THE FROGS!, Environmental Graduates in Himalaya (EGH), Resources Himalaya Foundation (RHF), Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN), Nepal Prakriti Pathshala (NPP), CARON had organized an all day long event scheduled from 9 AM till 5 PM. The event had been categorized into two sessions; Celebration with School Kids (Session I) and ‘Save The Frogs Symposium’ (Session II) as participants from all walks of life had a whale of a time. Children show curiosity about everything and it is important that they should know about what’s happening with their environment and frogs will always have the wider implications from unendurable levels of pollution. Frogs are the bio-indicators of any environment as their permeable skin will soak up anything in water bodies and that’s not natural. Frogs are gradually disappearing and many threatened with extinction even. School kids were intrigued to hear shocking facts on frogs especially when they found out the plight of such important species addressed in a short film – Frog, Chemical, Water, You shown during the very day. Altogether 34 students from six different schools attended the first session and kids were enthralled to take part in varied sort of activities viz., Art Contest, Frog Race, Face Painting & Photo Exhibition.

The latter part of the schedule kicked off around 2:30 PM as the auditorium of Dr Pralad Yonzon Memorial Conservation Chautari, Nayabato, Sanepa Ringroad, Lalitpur, Nepal was thronged with students/experts/frog enthusiasts. It had been wise to begin the symposium by playing short videos on frogs as attendee’s took heed of the messages conspicuous therewith. Dr. Tej Kumar Shrestha, D.Sc, F.L.S (London), naturalist/zoologist – the veteran wildlife expert was the guest of honor and he discoursed upon the topic ‘AMPHIBIANS OF NEPAL: Status and Threats’. Shortly afterwards Mr. Kanak Mani Dixit – founder of the news magazine ‘Himal Southasian/Himal Khabarpatrika’ as well as author of ‘The Adventures of a Nepali Frog’ held the floor for few minutes. As the clock struck 3:30, it had been the time for our four presenters and everybody left no stones unturned as to disseminate information on amphibians/frogs amid a hundred attendees. Prakash C Aryal (CARON), Biraj Shrestha (EGH Coordinator), Kamal Raj Gosai (Khwopa College) and Alok Pradhan (Trinity College) advocated on frogs highlighting their importance in ecosystem, their roles in food chain, their significance to human beings and threats imposed by human beings on a more serious note. After that Mr Prasanna Yonzon, CEO – Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) recollected stories full of gentle humor about his college days but all associated with frogs. In the meanwhile, he made a commitment to provide some space for frogs’ researches in the days ahead from WCN. The descriptive hours of symposium came to an end with closing remarks from Dr. Pitamber Sharma – The Chair person, Resources Himalaya Foundation (RHF) expressing gratitude to the event organizers, speakers and all.

frog presentation nepal

Lalitpur frogs

frogs day lalitpur

save the frogs day nepal

nepal students

nepal frog flyer


New Zealand


Zealandia: The Karori Sanctuary Experience is hosting a Save the Frogs Talk on Sunday, 28 April 2013, from 1:00pm-2:00pm. Associate Professor, Dr. Ben Bell and master's student, Tanya Karst from the Victoria University of Wellington will be sharing their knowledge of New Zealand's unique, endemic frogs. The talk is open to the public and free of charge.




This event is being funded via a $250 Save The Frogs Day Award from SAVE THE FROGS!. Thanks to our worldwide supporters for making events like these possible!

In celebration of Save The Frogs Day on 27th April 2013, the Bioscience Improvement Initiative (an educational organization of Child-integrity Incubation Outreach) will be carrying out a two-week educative and enlightenment program at some selected schools in Nigeria. The major goal of the program is to bring awareness about the death of frogs and other animals across the world; causes of their death, their benefits in the ecosystem and how they can be helped (conserved).

Over the course of two weeks, we will hold a variety of events. The first week will be at some selected schools in Abuja (Federal Capital of Nigeria). The second week's events will be at two higher institutions in Kogi State, Nigeria. Biology teachers and ecology researchers are invited to be part of the events and to keep the vision even after the day's events.

15th-19th & 22nd-26th April, 2013
PowerPoint presentations covering the biology (life-cycle) of frogs and mosquitoes with emphasis on malaria control through biological predation of frogs on mosquito larvae, ecological importance of frogs as a biological indicator of a healthy environment, advanced teaching in animal conservation principles, among other related issues.
PowerPoint special teachings on alternative to laboratory animal dissection titled "Dissection Without Dissecting" for science projects.

27th April, 2013 (Saturday)
- Frog jumping contest
- Frog craft cardboard designs (competition)
- Listening to recorded frog croak
- Learning simple lessons about other types of amphibians around the world
- Simplified studies on ecosystem with reference to the effects of some chemicals (Atrazine) on the environment (Aquatic lives).
- Discussions on (i) the conservation strategies being adopted to protect the environment. (ii) Frogs, ecosystems and global warming.

To support our event or get involved, please contact:
Debo Barnabas Olukotun
National Biotechnology Development Agency,
Musa Yaradua Express Way,
Abuja, Nigeria.
+2348069608424, +2348051126191

FOLLOWUP: I held events at five schools, reaching 450 students. We held rallies to create awareness, and students are now to form Save The Frogs Clubs. I was also at two important higher institutions where I met with eight Biology instructors, who will in turn reach down to the students. With my Save The Frogs T-shirt and a fitted cap on, I spoke to 25 people on the street one-on-one. I also went to the river banks of two major rivers to meet with workers who deal with sand excavation that exposes the habitat of the frogs there. I am looking forward to upholding this awareness strategy. Thank you for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. Congratulations to everyone involved!

save the frogs nigeria

nigeria save the frogs

nigeria save frogs day

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save frogs day nigeria

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As part of the 5th annual celebration for the international Save The Frogs Day, The Mountain Collegian (MC), the official student publication of Benguet State University (BSU), held the second "Save the Frogs: Literary and Arts Workshop (STF2)" on April 27 at BSU's Strawberry Hall and at the College of Forestry. With 50 elementary and high school students from Benguet and Baguio City, STF2 featured a line of activities for the participants. This included a lecture on frogs and its importance to the ecosystem; a conduct of a poetry and drawing workshops; and a visit to a pine ecosystem where a frog habitat was explored.

In an audio recorded message of Dr. Kerry Kriger, Founder and Executive Director of the SAVE THE FROGS! movement, for the Philippines, he thanked everyone in Benguet State University in getting involved in Save The Frogs Day, where 150 events in 27 countries worldwide joined the endeavor.

Dr. Erlinda C. Bestre, a faculty from the Department of Biology from the College of Arts and Sciences, lectured on the ecological importance of frogs and other amphibians. She emphasized that frogs and other amphibians play an important ecological role. "Frogs play an important role in the food chain since they feed on insect pests and serve as food for snakes and other predators. Frogs are also good ecological indicators of a healthy environment due to their high degree of sensitivity, either during tadpole stage or as adults," stressed Dr. Bestre.

After the lecture, the participants visited a frog pond at the College of Forestry. The participants were able to put finishing touches, like putting stones, ferns, mosses to the pond whom MCians worked for purposely for the activity and for other upcoming endeavors.

Funds for the activity were generously donated by the following: Engr. Jordan Abad, Mrs. Rose Abalos, Agricultural Training Institute- DA, Dr. Michael Bengwayan Sr., Dr. Ilene Basitan, BSU- Multipurpose Cooperative, Cooperative Bank of Benguet, Dr. Lita Colting, Carlotta “Kara” Cosalan, Dr. Basito Cotiw-an, Sen. Loren Legarda, Mr. Romeo Ong, Dr. Hilda Quindara, Rising Sun Commercial, Dr. Luciana Villanueva, and former Congresswoman Cynthia A. Villar.

Learn more at The Mountain Collegian and contact Grace Bengwayan for more info.

Philippines save the frogs day 2013




Vila do Conde surroundings are important areas for amphibians and for amphibian conservation. There are 15 species of amphibians in this region and many are threatened or near threatened. At this event we will explain to the local public the importance of amphibian conservation and how they can become part of it. Late in the evening we are going to do a field trip through the South Coast Protected Landscape of Vila do Conde to try to see some animals! The event will take place at the Environmental Interpretation and Monitoring Center of Vila do Conde, Portugal. SALVEM OS SAPOS!

Program for April 27, 2013:
20.45 Welcome and reception of participants
21.00 Lecture about amphibian conservation
22.00 Field trip through the South Coast Protected Landsacpe of Vila do Conde
23.30 Farewell

Participation fee: 10€
Our Facebook page:
For more information please contact Vasco at

Portugal sapos




We celebrated our second year participaing in the international Save The Frogs Day. We picked a younger audience, about 20 children from one of the Save The Children Romania's educational center to teach them the importance of amphibians in the world. We had lots of fun creating our own Origami frogs of various colors to illustrate the variety of species.

romania save frogs day

origami frogs

save the frogs romania



Thanks to Miss Earth South Africa Tamerin Jardine and Ella Bella of Generation Earth for their support in South Africa!

Tamerin Jardine Frogs

Ella Bella frogs


I'll be giving a talk about Save The Frogs Day and the amphibian crisis at the local aquarium (uShaka Marine World) in Durban, South Africa. The audience is likely to be comprised mostly of school children. The aquarium has recently set up a new display of frogs and educational material on threatened South African species and conservation efforts. For more information please contact Jeanne at




My name is Judit Hidalgo-Vila, a herpetology researcher and President of the Herpetos Association. Our aim is to build a rescue center for exotic herps in Southwestern Spain in order to protect the native fauna by avoiding the release of exotic species in the environment. To achieve this, one of our objectives is to carry out educational campaigns in schools. On April 26, we will commemorate the Save The Frogs Day with activities in different schools of Seville (Spain). The name of the activity is "Salvemos los anfibios". We'll focus our activity among children aged 3 to 5 years. We'll show them a poster with the amphibian life cycle, we will share some amphibian stories and finally we'll make a frog mask. In 2014 we will extend it to children aged 3 to 12 years with lectures and more activities.
Contact: Judit Hidalgo-Vila





For Save The Frogs Day we will ask experts from the Herpetological Society of Småland questions about amphibians and their habitat. We will be listening to interesting lectures and follow us on an excursion with hopes to find the European Green Toad (Bufo viridis). Read more about the day here (in Swedish).




On Tuesday April 24th I had a lecture/talk to 170 students at the University of Dodoma to discuss collection of wild frogs for dissection in secondary schools and its impact on amphibian conservation in Tanzania. Much of the talk took reference from my M.Sc. dissertation. Most of the participants were students who are training to become teachers. I expect to inspire behavioural changes from these future teachers and hence their students! I will also find a way to pass the education to policy makers to inspire changes in the curriculum that insists on frog dissection. I wish you all the best for the 2013 Save The Frogs Day.
Mr. Ignas Safari, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Conservation Biology, University of Dodoma, email:




Turkey is very new on the Environment and Green awareness scene so for this year we are concentrating on our Pre-school students. We want to get them interested in the importance of protecting endangered species so they are aware and knowledgeable on the matter. The children at my pre-school start at 2-5 years and continue until 6 so it is a very fertile and important time in their lives for planting such ideas. We will be hosting three classes: one class for 3-year olds, another for class for ages 4-5 and finally a class for 6-year olds. Every class has teacher that plans out different activities for our students. Our students will be given Frog toys, t-shirts and other small items. This past month we have been studying frog development from tadpoles to back up their knowledge. The Art teacher will be encouraging children to draw frogs or design frog figures out of play dough. Hopefully in the future I can get some other schools involved and the University here in Antalya.
Contact: Margaret Buyukkurt




On April 26, 2013 I will be celebrating Save The Frogs Day by selling frog cupcakes during my lunch break. The small cupcakes will be sold for 20p and the large for 40p. I will also have a drawing competition to raise awareness. I want my school friends to be informed about endangered frogs through this coloring competition. I have made a powerpoint presentation to present to my class. For more information please contact

Followup: This event raised $235 for SAVE THE FROGS!


Froglife is a British wildlife charity committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles, and saving the habitats they depend on. This year we are holding our first ever Save the Frogs Day event at the world renowned Natural History Museum in London. Discover the weird and wonderful amphibian species we share our planet with, and learn what you can do to protect these incredible animals. Then help us to spread the conservation message by taking part in our craft workshop painting model frogs. This free event is open to the public. Educational sessions will be running hourly from 12pm-4pm on Saturday 27th April at the Natural History Museum, London. The sessions will begin with a fascinating talk that celebrates the amazing amphibians that we share our planet with, and also sheds light on the reasons for their decline. The talk will be followed by a craft session, in which participants get to decorate and take home their very own tropical frog model. Between the sessions you can also join us for a spot of pond dipping, and get up close with some of our native amphibian species.

The comedian/musician John Shuttleworth (aka Graham Fellows) created this great song in honor of Save The Frogs Day! John has been supporting amphibian and reptile charity FrogLife, and helping to raise awareness about the threats facing frogs, toads and other animals. The song is a call for more affection for these often under-appreciated creatures.

Froglife's favourite artist Ruby Tingle has hopped on board with Save The Frogs Day this year, helping to raise awareness about the threats facing frogs with some unusual collage images. The images raise the issues of habitat loss and disease. Thanks!

For more information contact Vanessa Barber - Froglife Community Engagement Officer


Thanks to the Ben Tapley and the ZSL London Zoo for making this excellent video in honor of Save The Frogs Day!


The London properties of The Ascott Group are organising our Save The Frogs Day event on the official date, the 27th of April 2013. We are 7 hotels, mostly in the heart of London. We founded our Green Committee years ago and with about 15 enthusiastic members are trying to do something for our environment as often as we can.
The idea came from the symbol of our Investor Group, called CapitaLand, which is a nice green frog. We will let our clients know how important it is to save the frogs, will explain why, and also let them know how to help (through donation, adoption frogs, etc.).

Our Save The Frogs Day at the Ascott properties in London has been a great success. Here is our Powerpoint Presentation about it. I am looking forward to organising it next year again! Kind regards and accept my congratulations for your efforts to save the frogs!
Orsi Toth, The Ascott - Citadines Prestige Trafalgar Square

London Ascott

North Lanarkshire

Amazonia is organizing a Save The Frogs Day event Saturday April 27th. Arts and crafts activities will be held and there will be a frog frolic (a short run around part of the country park we are part of, dressed as frogs), talks by students from the University of Glasgow doing work on frogs in Trinidad and Tobago as well as frog encounters! The event is being run for paying customers on Saturday 27th April. Entrance fees do apply. For more information please see this page and contact Kristy at

UK save the frogs day 2013

Stratford upon Avon - United Kingdom

"Hi, my name is Lily Mae I am 9 years old and all my life I have been fascinated by frogs. I found out about Save The Frogs Day in my National Geograghic Magazine and straight away I knew I had to do this! I spoke to my Headteacher and I will do a presentation to my whole school on Monday 22nd April. I will hold a Fundraising event on Wednesday 24th April after school from 3:15pm till 4:00pm. It won't be open to the public but only to pupils and their family members. It will be free to come and I will be selling 3D frog bookmarks, frog haribo sweets, frog tattoos, chocolate frogs etc..."
-- Lily Mae

uk frogs day

stratford frogs

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To mark Save The Frogs Day on 27 April 2013 we highlight World Land Trust's favourite frogs. Without wishing to leapfrog other types of frog, there are a few species of frogs that have become close to our hearts over the years - either because they have been the subject of a fundraising appeal or because they live in nature reserves that World Land Trust (WLT) has helped create. For more info please contact Emily at

West Yorkshire

The children of Yeadon Westfield Junior School loved designing their Save The Frogs posters and we decided to display them around school as we are getting a nature pond in the school grounds. The children have learnt lots of information about frogs and their habitats.

save the frogs day uk

frogs day uk

save frogs display


Save The Frogs Day Award Winners

We are extremely pleased to announce that SAVE THE FROGS! has just awarded $3,450 in funding to eight groups in developing countries to enable and assist their Save The Frogs Day 2013 events. Thanks to all our supporters whose donations have made these events possible.

The winners are:
Gilbert Adum (Ghana): $900
Nurul Islam (Bangladesh): $500
Sanjeev Wasti (Nepal): $250
Biraj Shrestha (Nepal): $400
Bindu Poudyal (Nepal): $250
Olukotun Debo (Nigeria): $250
Vivek & Krishan Sharma (India): $500
Gabriela González Araujo (Mexico): $400 courtesy The Body Shop


Save The Frogs Day In The News

Save The Frogs Day in 3000 Melbourne Magazine

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Save The Frogs Day Shopping Deals

Digital Frog 2.5 - Dissection Software

On April 27th, 2013, get 25% off your purchase of the Digital Frog 2.5 virtual dissection software, AND get 25% of your purchase donated to SAVE THE FROGS!

Save The Frogs Day 2013 Official Posters

Please order a Limited Edition 18x24" Save The Frogs Day 2013 Official Poster! This year we are pleased to offer two beutiful posters, pne featuring artwork by British graphic designer Matthew Bryan, and the other featuring frog art by Harshitha Mattapally, 13, of India. You can order the posters on our SAVE THE FROGS! Posters webpage.

Save The Frogs Day 2013 Poster

Save The Frogs Day Poster 2013


Save The Frogs Day 2013 Financial Supporters

Individuals who have donated $50 or higher

Please donate here and then email us if you would like to be added to this list!

-- Thomas Hase
-- Buck O'Brien
-- Laurie Babicki
-- Theresa Perenich
-- Stephanie Etherton
-- Glenn Stewart
-- Judy Banker & Gatti Associates
-- Sue Tarjan
-- Louisa Jaskulski
-- Cindy Prince
-- Robin Gold

Nature's Path Envirokidz Cereal

Thanks to Nature's Path for donating $10,000 to fund 2013 Save The Frogs Day events in the USA, Canada and Mexico!Nature's Path

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