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4/4 Forty-Four: 44 Minutes For The Frogs

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Donate FrogsHelp us fundraise on April 4th!

SAVE THE FROGS! needs your help on April 4th. You see, SAVE THE FROGS! has grown so fast that our small staff is no longer able to raise all the money required to fund our rapidly expanding worldwide efforts. That's why we're asking you to help SAVE THE FROGS! by spending 44 minutes fundraising for the frogs this April 4th (4/4)!

We know you love frogs, so we hope you will help us fund our efforts to protect frog habitat; to keep harmful pesticides out of our water supply; to get frog dissections out of schools and frog legs out of restaurants; and to educate millions of people worldwide about frogs and why we need to protect them. Please stand in solidarity with frog lovers worldwide on April 4th and dedicate 44 minutes to asking your friends, family, schoolmates, teachers and co-workers to donate $4 to the frogs. Just tell them frogs are going extinct and since Save The Frogs Day is coming up the last Saturday in April, you're raising money for SAVE THE FROGS. Good luck and thank you so much for taking part April 4th. We are quite certain that you will be far more successful than you can imagine! SAVE THE FROGS! is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charity and thus all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

4/4 Forty-Four: 44 Minutes For The Frogs

Please register here if you plan to take part!!!

This will help us keep you posted with fundraising tips, and make you eligible for prizes and the acknowledgment you deserve for taking action!


Please report your results here!

As soon as your fundraising is complete, please report your results here so we can acknowledge you and count the totals!

Sending us the money you raised

This is easy, just visit to see your choices on how to send the donations to SAVE THE FROGS!. Please be sure to email us or include a note or notice that this is the money you so generously raised on 4/4. Thanks!

Yes there is a prize!

The registered fundraiser who raises the most money wins a prize: a SAVE THE FROGS! biologist will Skype with your school or a school of your choice and answer all your frog questions! And of course we will list all participants on the Thank You section at the bottom of this page!

Frog Art Malaysia

Fundraising tips

Read our fundraising page for a lot of fundraising ideas! If your friends want to donate online, please refer them to and have them forward you their electronic receipt so that you can add their donation to your tally. They can also call us at 415-878-6525 to donate over the phone. Checks can be made out to SAVE THE FROGS!. Please do your best to send us all the money you raise as soon as possible after April 4th. Our email and mailing address are here.

Can't fundraise but you still want to donate?

Please donate $44 today - or whatever you can afford - if you are unable to fundraise on April 4th! The frogs will thank you FOURever!

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