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Save The Frogs Day - April 30th, 2010

Save The Frogs Day

Dear Save The Frogs Supporter,

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Save The Frogs Day will be held on Friday April 30th, 2010. Save The Frogs Day is an event we conceived and coordinate. The goal of Save The Frogs Day is to raise global awareness of amphibian extinctions, and to get people of all ages actively involved in amphibian conservation efforts.

The 1st Annual Save The Frogs Day, was legally recognized by Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia and Mayor Gregor Robertson of Vancouver, BC, and Save The Frogs Day educational events took place in at least fifteen countries worldwide. We are working hard to ensure that Save The Frogs Day 2010 events take place at thousands of schools, zoos, museums, and community groups worldwide, and that the day is covered by major news outlets throughout the world.

There are already Save The Frogs Day events planned in the USA, Croatia, Colombia, Italy, India and Brazil. In the coming weeks, we'll be listing details of all these events on the Save The Frogs Day webpage.

We need you to get involved! The Save The Frogs Day webpage lists at least 15 ways that teachers, students and schools can take part in Save The Frogs Day activities. We also have ideas for scientists, zoos, museums, musicians, and businesses. And everybody can help by spreading the word...emailing your friends and colleagues, putting a link to Save The Frogs Day on your webpage, etc.

To make Save The Frogs Day huge, we need your financial support!

Frogs are going extinct worldwide. Please help us cover the costs of educational and promotional materials to ensure Save The Frogs Day permeates the distant corners of the planet...as well as the schools in your hometown!



We are pleased to announce that applications are now open for a $500 SAVE THE FROGS! Conference Travel Grant. This grant will be awarded to a highly qualified student to present a lecture on their amphibian research at the Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists in Providence, Rhode Island this July. Applicants will be judged on the quality and conservation value of their research. As funds allow, we plan to offer more such awards, as well as grants to fund undergraduate and graduate level research and conservation projects. If you are interested in helping us fund such awards, and having the award named after you or a loved one, please contact us.

Victory for the California Tiger Salamanders!

Big thanks to the 452 SAVE THE FROGS! supporters who sent letters to the California Fish & Game Commission urging them to protect the California Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma californiense). The Commission voted 3-2 yesterday to protect the Tiger Salamanders under the state Endangered Species Act. This represents a major step forward in the conservation of the species. The salamanders are threatened with extinction due to the widespread destruction of their habitat; high rates of road mortality; and hybridization with invasive species. Thanks to the Center for Biological Diversity for initiating and following through with the petitions and lawsuits that kept the pressure on the Commission over the last six years.

Save The Frogs World Headquarters now in CA

Save The Frogs recently completed its relocation from Virginia to beautiful Santa Cruz, California. The state of California is desperately in need of Save The Frogs' one-of-a-kind conservation activities, as it is home to 16 threatened amphibian species: the California Red-Legged Frog, Sierra Nevada Yellow-legged Frog, Southern Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog, Oregon Spotted Frog, Yosemite Toad, Arroyo Toad, Black Toad, Inyo Mountains, Slender Salamander, Siskiyou Mountains Salamander, Kern Canyon Slender Salamander, Limestone salamanders, Scott Bar Salamander, Tehachapi Slender Salamander, Shasta Salamander, Kings River Slender Salamander, and the California Tiger Salamander.

Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay Area have strong environmental movements and some of the world’s most imaginative thinkers. We plan to use this to our advantage to make Santa Cruz the most frog-friendly city on the planet, and California the epicentre of the world’s amphibian conservation efforts.

Your Name On The Wall in STF Headquarters

When Save The Frogs Art Director Leah Klehn saw how barren are the walls of our brand new headquarters (see below!), she offered to paint us one of her beautiful frog images to lively up the space. I said that would be fantastic, but let's take it a step further:

Everybody who donates $25 or higher between now and Save The Frogs Day gets their name on Leah's frog painting, which will hang in the front office of the current Save The Frogs World Headquarters for as long as we are there. That's our way of thanking you for helping to make Save The Frogs the world's leading amphibian conservation organization. And as always, everybody who donates $25 or higher automatically becomes a member of SAVE THE FROGS!

Donate Now!

Donate $25 or more and get your name on a fantastic frog painting that will lively up these walls!

Blank Wall

Free PowerPoint Presentations Now Available

As part of our ongoing effort to improve environmental education throughout the school systems, SAVE THE FROGS! now offers three freely downloadable PowerPoint presentations via our Teachers For Frogs page. These presentations are intended for use by any teacher, scientist or student who would like to give a lecture on amphibians this Save The Frogs Day. The slideshows can also be embedded on any website. We plan to have these slideshows available in Spanish and Portuguese as soon as possible.


Calling all students!   Calling all parents!

Students: We've made it easy for you to inform your teachers about Save The Frogs Day and some of the associated events. Please download this PDF, then print it and deliver it to your teachers. Parents: please download the aforementioned PDF, print it, and have your children deliver it to their teachers.

High school and university students: Please also download this PDF, which provides ideas on ways you can get frog conservation activities going on your campus.

eastern sedge frog

SAVE THE FROGS Relies On Your Support!

Do you like our educational initiatives?
If so, please place a tax-deductible donation to SAVE THE FROGS today! Your generous contribution will enable us to:
-- Promote, coordinate and develop the worldwide Save The Frogs Day events.
-- Provide free educational materials to teachers and students
-- Translate savethefrogs.com into several other languages by the end of 2010
-- Offer free lectures on amphibian extinctions at public schools nationwide
-- And a lot more!

Our mission is to protect amphibian populations and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. With your support we know we can SAVE THE FROGS!

Remember, all donations of $25 or higher through Save The Frogs Day get your name on a frog painting in Save The Frogs Headquarters, as well as earning you an automatic membership to Save The Frogs!

Have a great week!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger

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SAVE THE FROGS! is America's first and only public charity dedicated exclusively to amphibian conservation. You can write to us at 303 Potrero Street #51, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 USA.

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