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Victory for New Zealand's Endangered Frogs!

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

I am pleased to inform you that the New Zealand government has voted to protect the critically endangered Archey's Frog and Hochstetter's Frog, whose last strongholds were faced with the threat of mining as the Government proposed to remove legal protections from some of their last habitat. If the government's plans had gone through, the critically endangered Archey's Frog would have almost certainly gone extinct.

Thanks to the 1,275 SAVE THE FROGS! supporters who wrote letters to the New Zealand government urging them to protect the frogs.

Thanks also to New Zealand's Dr. Phil Bishop for being such a vocal supporter on behalf of the frogs. Dr. Bishop was a guest presenter for a SAVE THE FROGS! Webinar held in May, entitled "Saving New Zealand's Threatened Frogs". The webinar was attended by New Zealand journalists and government officials, and helped to spread the word about the importance of protecting New Zealand's unique frog fauna. Watch the webinar video here, and watch a video of Dr. Bishop looking for frogs in the field here.

Archey's Frog

The Archey's Frog (above) and Hochstetter's Frog (below): still hanging on, thanks to your support.

Hochstetter's Frog


Conor Finnegan of ABC News recently interviewed me about the increase in Americans' consumption of frog legs. Americans eat over 8 million pounds of frog legs each year, and we're on track to soon overtake France and Belgium to become the world's top consumer of frog legs. Read the ABC News article here, and a transcript of the interview here. And speaking of frog legs...

Frog Legs Protests - September 4th!

Join us for the third round of protests at Uncle Julio's Rio Grande restaurants nationwide. Last time, we found out it only takes three protesters in front of their restaurants to make them lose a lot of money. I'm quite certain that if we had 30 people (can you imagine 30 people?) -- if we had 30 people in front of each of their restaurants on September 4th, holding up signs exposing the company's woeful environmental policy (or lack thereof), I have no doubt that Uncle Julio's restaurants would be empty that day.

No customers, no profits, and no choice but to remove frog legs from the company's menus! Let's shut 'em down on September 4th! Lend a hand, and help us recruit some frog legs protesters!

Register to join a protest, and learn more, right here.

Frog Legs

Preschool Kids Raise $559 for SAVE THE FROGS!

Huge thanks to Frog Hollow Preschool in North Liberty, Iowa for their fantastic efforts! The first school to top Frog Hollow gets a special Webinar on the Wild World of Frogs broadcast direct to their school, presented by me, with a question and answer session...for the winning school only. Students can SAVE THE FROGS!

Frog Hollow

University Students - A Message From Space!

Sorry everybody, this brand new SAVE THE FROGS! webpage is an extra-terrestrial communication meant for University Students only! Please do not attempt to open this webpage unless you think you can grasp the words of wisdom contained within.

University Students

"To my dear Earth Friends:
We on Planet Froggian-15 are aware of the dire situation on Planet Earth, so we have started SAVE THE FROGS! Chapters at all our universities. We have built you this webpage so that you can put to use the knowledge we have acquired. Unfortunately, we are too far away to save Earth's frogs. But do not fret.

Organize your brothers and sisters and your fellow students, and do not depend on your elders. The answer lies within this webpage. The fate of the universe's frogs lies in your hands, and in your actions. SAVE THE FROGS!"

A message from M.Z.

SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest Is In Full Swing

Submit your own art, get your local schools involved, or contact your favorite art gallery and art museum. And let Frog Art cover the walls and halls of every nation! But be quick, the 2nd Annual SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest ends October 15th!

$$$ CASH PRIZES $$$ provided by Critter Skimmer.

Frog Art
Neon Frog by the fabulous Texan Frog Artist, Miss Beth Hinson

Pet Frog C. Palmer

Frog Out Of Jar, by C. Palmer

Your company can help SAVE THE FROGS!

Every business benefits from having a positive public image and a strong environmental track record. Find out how your company can help on our newly updated Businesses For Frogs page!

Corporate Sponsorship

Made it this far?

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Thank you!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger

Frog Gifts

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