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SAVE THE FROGS! in South Korea

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

South Korea is smaller than the state of Virginia, but is home to 48 million people. Such a densely packed human population causes an array of problems for Korea's 18 amphibian species. I just returned from an extremely productive 10 days touring South Korea, meeting with nonprofits, government officials, scientists and journalists; visiting wetlands; and creating a lot of interest in our work.

Read stories and see photos from my trip to Korea here.

I gave four presentations on amphibian conservation, and was the official representative of the USA at the "Strategies for Biodiversity and Amphibian Conservation Conference" in Seoul. This was Korea's 1st international symposium on amphibian conservation; the goal of the conference was to share information about the amphibian conservation movements in the USA, Korea and Japan, and to build up an international network.

Thanks to EcoClub Korea for sponsoring this trip, as well as Green Korea United, Toad Friends, Wildlife Web, and Korea Network for River and Watershed for hosting the trip and for all their amphibian conservation efforts. We look forward to working with them far into the future to grow the SAVE THE FROGS! movement in South Korea.

Kerry Korea

Korea frogs

save the frogs korea

Frogs Korea

Click here for more stories and photos from Korea.


Save The Frogs Day highlighted on BBC Radio 5 Live

While in Korea, I was contacted by the BBC: they wanted to interview me because Prince William had decided to get married on Save The Frogs Day (April 29th, 2011). I was excited to have the opportunity to have an audience of 3 million listeners! You can listen to mp3 of the interview on the SAVE THE FROGS! Audio page:



Nate The Newt Award for Amphibian Conservation

Are you a student 8th grade or younger? Want to save some frogs, but need some funding to turn your brilliant idea into a reality? SAVE THE FROGS! is now accepting applications for the 2011 Nate The Newt Award for Amphibian Conservation. Submit your proposal detailing how you would use $500 to save amphibians -- and you may win the $500 to set your plan into motion!


Nate The Newt

Frog News from Around the World

We've created a new webpage that is constantly being updated with new amphibian-related articles from around the world:


We'll be updating this page weekly, usually on Sunday afternoons, so check back weekly to stay up to date with worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. Thanks to SAVE THE FROGS! Volunteer Kristin Womack for compiling these articles! You can bookmark the page for easy reference later...but fear not, savethefrogs.com is undergoing a major re-design to make it simple to navigate the site and find the pages that interest you!


Frog & Toad Trading Cards - Great Stocking Stuffers!

Featuring fantastic frog and toad photos, this one-of-a-kind trading card set contains a hand-picked selection of 25 different amazing amphibian species, and lots of fun-filled facts.

Trading Cards frogs

Trading Cards

Order a set at savethefrogs.com/trading-cards


Student of the Week - Avalon T.

Congratulations to Avalon T., SAVE THE FROGS! Student of the Week, for spreading the word about our work at the Great American Teach In November 18th, 2010:

"Avalon presented Citizen Science of Frogs to 3 elementary classes and handed out Save The Frogs cards to the students. Thanks again for the great resources!" -- Deborah T.

Avalon - frog cards

You can order these 4x6" info cards at:



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Have a great week!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger

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