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Free 125 Page "Wild World of Frogs" PDF

Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

While in Ghana last month, I created this 125 page PDF entitled "The Wild World of Frogs: A Self-Guided Tour". Please download it and share it with your friends, classmates and students. To save paper, I recommend viewing it on your computer or iPad and only printing those pages of most interest to you. Enjoy!

Download "The Wild World of Frogs: A Self-Guided Tour" Here

why frogs


SAVE THE FROGS! now has a Wish List

Want to help SAVE THE FROGS! get the gear we need to do our jobs as efficiently and safely as possible? Please see our new Wish List page and order us a gift that will help us SAVE THE FROGS!
- Sony E-Book Reader
- Headlights
- Books
- Digital Audio Recorder
- Rechargeable Batteries
- Bookbags
- External Hard Drives
- Laptop Computers
- Lynda.com Subscription
- Data Loggers
- Data Projector


Happy Frog That Just Had A Wish Come True:
Leah Klehn
Frog Art by Leah Klehn

What we've been up to

Things have never been busier here at SAVE THE FROGS! World Headquarters in Santa Cruz, California:
-- We've been working hard on our campaign to get Atrazine banned (more info in the next newsletter!);
-- We initiated a new campaign against another harmful pesticide, methyl iodide;
-- We finished our free 125 Page Educational PDF;
-- Our campaign to stop the importation of American Bullfrogs into the American West is in full swing;
-- We're busy planning Save The Frogs Day events around the world for April 28th, 2012;
-- SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana is hard at work powering Africa's environmental revolution.
-- We've got chapters springing up at high schools and universities across the USA.
-- And a lot more!

I found this Kassina in a swamp in Ankasa National Park, Ghana, West Africa. See more cool Ghana frog photos HERE.


FrogBlog: Where all STF! News Now Resides

You can find all the frog news you could ever dream of on The Frog Blog! That includes website and campaign updates, new educational materials, interviews, jobs & grants, frog stories, and amphibious news from around the world! Looking for a job in amphibian conservation? We post job announcements in the Jobs Section of The Frog Blog.

Frog Blog



SAVE THE FROGS! joins fight against Methyl Iodide

Known to the state of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive defects, Methyl Iodide is a harmful pesticide currently approved for use on strawberries. In Santa Cruz County, these strawberry fields surround the last remaining habitat of the Santa Cruz Long-Toed Salamander, one of the world’s most endangered salamanders. Read my letter to the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors asking them to ban methyl iodide. We're working on petitions right now, stay tuned!

Pollution - by Nancy Cesar


SAVE THE FROGS! meets Dr. Jane Goodall

SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Chairman Michael Starkey gave a presentation on frog conservation at the Roots and Shoots International Day of Peace at the Oakland Zoo, which was sponsored by primatologist Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots Foundation. Michael also ran a SAVE THE FROGS! info table at the 10th Annual Wildlife Conservation Network Expo, where Dr. Goodall was the keynote speaker. Read about Michael's meeting with Dr. Jane Goodall here.

Michael Starkey - Jane Goodall
Image of Dr. Jane Goodall and Michael Starkey courtesy of Sharpminds Photography.

SAVE THE FROGS! Volunteer Cody Howard educating the kids:Cody Howard


Thoughts from SAVE THE FROGS! Member Erik Rogers

"I think this is a wonderful cause and one that does not get the attention it should receive. I do believe that attention to this issue could assist in saving all of mankind from all sorts of travesties. I like supporting your efforts and seeing them grow out into the entire world. You are doing a sensational job at spreading the word for the creatures who do not have a voice in their own fates. Thanks." --Erik Rogers; Santa Cruz, CA

Kaeiteur Falls Frog


Thanks for helping us SAVE THE FROGS!

Please forward this email to your friends and colleagues. Thanks for all your support!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Save The Frogs
With SAVE THE FROGS! Member Ruth Van Sciver at the Natural Bridges Spring Festival

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