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Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

First off, a huge thank you to the 29 SAVE THE FROGS! supporters who have donated a total of $995 over the past 5 days to help us towards our fundraising goal of $5,000 by Tuesday August 28th. From coordinating the world's largest day of amphibian education to cleaning up the amphibian pet trade and providing frog meat hunters in developing countries with more sustainable livelihoods, SAVE THE FROGS! is working hard to protect amphibian populations and to promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. With your financial support, we can achieve far more than our current annual budget of $120,000 allows.

Please help us reach our $5,000 fundraising goal by placing the most generous tax-deductible donation you can afford. Thank you for helping SAVE THE FROGS!



Bangladesh Frogs Day
Save The Frogs Day Parade in Chittagong, Bangladesh, April 28, 2012.


SAVE THE FROGS! Supporters Building Frog Ponds

What better way to provide habitat for frogs and teach students valuable science lessons than to build frog ponds? We now have a brand new webpage to highlight the fantastic work our supporters have done building frog ponds worldwide! Go have a look, get inspired and educated, and then build your own frog pond:


Ugo Capozzoli built this French masterpiece that made local news:France Frog Pond


Congratulations to the students of Visitacion Valley Middle School in San Francisco for winning the 2011 Build A Frog Pond Contest! They built the pond below, which is now an active Pacific Chorus Frog breeding ground!
Visitacion Valley Frog Pond


Buck O'Brien's pond in West Virginia:Bulldozer pond

Frog Pond

Frog Pond Sign
Alyson Lee designed this awesome sign. If you want one custom-made for your pond, please contact her for the details! Her email is: alyson@savethefrogs.com


Build A Frog Pond


SAVE THE FROGS! Art Fundraiser in Santa Cruz September 7th

Please join me at the SAVE THE FROGS! Art Fundraiser in Santa Cruz, CA on September 7th!!! It's free, there will be amazing art from our supporters around the world, organic berries donated by Driscoll's, free frog art classes, frog presentations, live frogs, cool people, and live music by myself and others!!! Former Mayor of Santa Cruz Mike Rotkin will be in attendance as the Guest of Honor. The event is free, though a donation at the door would be greatly appreciated! Please reserve your spot in advance, thanks!


Frog Art Santa Cruz

Litoria peronii - Emerald Spotted Treefrog


Free Virtual Dissection Software for Schools

In coordination with the Animal Welfare Institute and Digital Frog International, SAVE THE FROGS! is offering a free Full Site License of the Digital Frog 2.5 software (valued at $884) to ANY school in the USA that agrees to abandon their animal dissection programs for a 5-year period. 17 schools have already taken us up on this excellent software; we have only 8 free licenses remaining, so please hurry, and inform your local teachers! Learn more at:


Frog Dissections
This is unnecessary!


Coastal Tailed Frog - Ascaphas truei

Michael Starkey and I found these Coastal Tailed Frogs (Ascaphas truei) a few weeks ago in North Vancouver, BC. These frogs are ancient, and their closest relatives live in New Zealand! Male Coastal Tailed Frogs actually do have a "tail", though it functions as a reproductive organ. Most frogs reproduce externally, but Coastal Tailed Frogs actually have internal fertilization...way cool! These frogs often remain in the tadpole stage for several years. If their mountain streams go dry one year or get filled with silt from the erosion caused by development, their populations can easily go extinct.

Ascaphus truei

Ascaphus truei
Thanks to Paul & Fiona of North Shore Wetlands Partners for taking us frogging!

"Thank you for this excellent site! There's very little current information available, even on the Internet! I write children's fiction (about frogs!). I appreciate the beauty, clarity, and reasonableness of what you have created."
-- Gloria Repp, Author, NJ


Kiana Dao and Danielle Eames Save The Salamanders

Congratulations to Kiana Dao and Danielle Eames for their salamander success in Santa Cruz! In 2010, SAVE THE FROGS! initiated a long-term ecological monitoring project in partnership with San Lorenzo Valley High School. We supervised Kiana and Danielle on their salamander monitoring project in the Santa Cruz mountains. "We got fourth in the Zoology Division at the Santa Cruz County Science Fair, along with getting an invitation to the California State Science Fair and getting some cool hard-drives. Thank you for all of your help!"

Find out more about how students can help SAVE THE FROGS! on our Students For Frogs page:


Kiana Dao Danielle Eames

Ensatina eschscholtzii xanthoptica
The Yellow-Eyed Ensatina (Ensatina eschscholtzii xanthoptica) is a common salamander in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


Upcoming SAVE THE FROGS! Events

Find out all the details on our Events page!
September 7th: Frog Art Fundraiser in Santa Cruz, CA
October 7th: Los Angeles, CA - LA Museum of Natural History's Reptile & Amphibian Appreciation Day
October 13th: Santa Cruz, CA - Frog Drawing Class
November 8th: Santa Cruz, CA - Thank You Thursday: Drink More Beer, Save More Frogs
April 27th, 2013: WORLDWIDE - Save The Frogs Day

Frog Art Nick Gustafson
Frog Art by Nick Gustafson. The SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest runs annually from January 15 to October 15.


Thank you for all your support!

Have a great week,
Dr. Kerry Kriger
Save The Frogs Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Kerry Kriger
At the 7th World Congress of Herpetology in Vancouver, BC August 12, 2012

Save The Frogs Gift Center

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