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Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,
I recently returned to California after having spent five weeks giving lectures on frog conservation in Colombia. Located in northwest South America, Colombia is one of the most important places on the planet for amphibians and other wildlife. Over 10% of all the world's amphibian species live in Colombia (759 known species). Colombia also has the highest number of ecosystems of any country (99), the highest number of bird species (1,821), and the 2nd highest number of orchid species (2,899)! Unfortunately Colombia also has rampant habitat destruction and now only 10% of its old-growth forests remain. Poison dart frogs are being illegally taken from Colombia's forests and shipped overseas to be sold as pets. Gold mining is increasing with virtually no environmental regulations, destroying rivers and sending toxic mercury into the tissues of developing amphibians. The government's strategy to reduce coca crops is to dump the harmful herbicide Roundup en masse out of airplanes, with no regard to the wildlife living below. The chytrid fungus has decimated the majority of amphibians that were once abundant on mountain streams. The Amazon rainforest is being converted into pastures to grow cows.

Fortunately Colombia has hundreds of frog biologists and while I was in Colombia I gave seven presentations, which were attended by 1,200 people! We now have a huge supporter base in Colombia and almost everything we need to make our newest international branch SAVE THE FROGS! Colombia a massive force for environmental good in one of the world's most important amphibian hotspots. The only thing we lack is money! We have $0 right now but I am certain that you will help me change that! Please donate to SAVE THE FROGS! and help us raise the initial funding we need to save Colombia's amazing wildlife and ecosystems! All donations between now and June 6th will be directed towards our Colombian efforts. Everyone who donates $50 or higher will have their name listed on the Thank You section of www.savethefrogs.com/colombia.

Please place the largest tax-deductible donation you can afford and let's raise $5,000 to kickstart SAVE THE FROGS Colombia!

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Save The Frogs Colombia
Feel free to add this logo to your website linked to http://savethefrogs.com/colombia to help spread the word!


This Is How Your Donation Will Help Us Save The Frogs

Education is always the first step to curtailing environmental catastrophe. We already have undergraduate biologists in Bogota, Medellin, Cali, and Florencia ready to help. Your donation will enable them to target communities surrounding critical frog habitat and educate students there about local frog conservation issues. Many of Colombia's endangered amphibians are under threat from preventable activities such as illegal harvesting for the international pet trade. There is no reason that frogs should be driven to extinction or endangerment due to activities that would certainly cease if the people in the local communities were aware of the problems and if the kids were raised to respect frogs rather than to sell them off to the highest bidder.

Your donation will help fund:
(1) transportation costs, as many of the sites are far from cities and few undergraduates have money to fund these activities;
(2) the cost of printed educational materials;
(3) the undergraduates will be getting real-world training in amphibian education strategies and when they graduate they will be extremely adept at educating the public about environmental issues, in part because your donation gave them this real-life opportunity and experience.
(4) Your donation will also help SAVE THE FROGS! Colombia through their first few months as they seek the large grants and corporate sponsorships that will enable them to operate independently, ensuring both their effectiveness and their long-term success. I am personally developing an organizational system for SAVE THE FROGS! Colombia based on my five years experience building SAVE THE FROGS! USA from the ground up. Colombia's frogs are disappearing fast, so our response needs to be just as fast. Thank you so much for your support!

Save The Frogs Cali
Reynel Galvis Cruz and undergraduatesfrom the Universidad del Valle in Cali have been educating students in communities surrounding critical frog habitat. They are poised to ramp up their activities and your support will make that possible!

Macangual frogs
These undergraduates from the Universidad del Amazonia in Florencia know their local frogs. Let's get them out teaching others' about environmental conservation!

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Please visit the SAVE THE FROGS! Colombia website

That's right, SAVE THE FROGS! Colombia has an awesome website, and you will be amazed at how much activity we have going on in Colombia already! Please take a look:


Pristimantis palmeri amplexus

Photos of Colombia's amazing frogs and toads

Please be sure to visit our Frogs & Toads of Colombia webpage, where we have amazing photos of at least 24 species of Colombian amphibians. If you have excellent photos of any Colombian species not on that page, please feel free to send them to photos@savethefrogs.com with any info regarding species name and location. Thanks!
Hypsiboas punctatus
Hypsiboas punctatus, Macangual Reserve, Caquetá


SAVE THE FROGS! Colombia organic cotton t-shirts!

Help save the frogs from the Andes to the Amazon by ordering these awesome 100% organic cotton t-shirts. All proceeds to SAVE THE FROGS! Colombia. We;ll have real photos once we receive them, but if you wait until then the 72 shirts we ordered may already be sold out, so please pre-order your t-shirt today!

Colombia frog shirt


Scenes from Colombia

amazon frog biologist

Macangual Biologists

frogs florencia

Colombia ranas

urbina frogs

save the frogs universidad de los andes

destruccion del habitat

Cali CVC frogs

kerry kriger colombia

frogs ranas kerry

Save The Frogs Colombia


We seek headlights for SAVE THE FROGS! Colombia

Frogging on a rainforest stream is one of the most dangerous activities one can do. Slip on a rock, crack your head open. Get lost in the jungle. Step on a snake. Most Colombian biologists have very weak headlamps, or worse yet they use handheld flashlights. I donated my personal headlamp to our friends in the Amazon before I left the country. Now I need a replacement and more importantly, I'd like to send a box of 10 or 15 high quality headlamps to Colombia. Can you buy one and I'll ship it to Colombia? All the shipping info and a link to the model we want is on our SAVE THE FROGS! Wishlist webpage. Thank you!


Stream Crossing
Frogging in Antioquia on Save The Frogs Day.

Thanks for donating to SAVE THE FROGS! Colombia

Please donate today and help us raise $5,000 to kick SAVE THE FROGS Colombia into high gear!

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frog pond school

Thank you for helping SAVE COLOMBIA'S FROGS!

Your support makes our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts possible!

Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist
Santa Cruz, California, USA

Kerry Kriger Colombia

"Es fantastico conocer personas que realizan grandes trabajos con el fin de cuidar este hermoso mundo. Su labor es muy importante asi que gracias."
-- Luis Felipe Artunduaga Cenon, Universidad de la Amazonia, Florencia, Colombia





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