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Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

Please take 15 seconds right now to VOTE FOR SAVE THE FROGS! and help us win $20,000 from Sungevity, the solar panel company! You can vote at:


It is incredibly important that we win this contest! I strongly encourage you to not only vote, but also to spread the word through your websites, social media networks and mailing lists. Ask your friends, co-workers and fellow students to vote. Every vote counts and we are currently 700 votes behinf the leader! We will use the prize money to fund our worldwide Save The Frogs Day events, which educate tens of thousands of people worldwide about ways to help amphibian populations. Thanks for your vote! Please note: Voting is open to USA residents only, and voting ends December 11th, 2013.

This Emerald Spotted Treefrog from Australia appreciates your vote!


Google is helping save the Krokosua Squeaker Frogs

Google is helping save Ghana's Krokosua Squeaker Frog and you can help too! You can now visit www.savethefrogs.com/google to donate $1 to assist our efforts to prevent the extinction of the Ghana's critically endangered Krokosua Squeaker Frogs. Google has already helped us raise nearly $500, which will enable us to buy 620 tree seedlings to re-forest the frog's degraded habitat. 275 supporters have chipped in already. Android users can donate via Google's OneToday app. Thank you to Google, who has also given us free ads that drive one-third of our website traffic, and technology training related to their multitude of products.


Arthroleptis krokosua
Learn all about our efforts in Ghana at: www.savethefrogs.com/ghana

SAVE THE FROGS! at the Bay Area Science Festival

On November 2nd, SAVE THE FROGS! hosted an informational table at the Bay Area Science Festival! More than 20,000 people came out to AT&T Park in San Francisco and enjoyed a non-stop program chock-full of interactive exhibits, experiments, games, and shows, all meant to entertain and inspire. To find a SAVE THE FROGS! event near you, please visit www.savethefrogs.com/events

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Photo Of The Week

Maria Camilo Basto photographed these Centrolene savagei embryos at the Yotoco Reserve in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Learn about our efforts in Colombia here.

Centrolene savagei

Off-road vehicles threaten Tesla Park's amphibians

California State Parks wants to open thousands of acres of critical amphibian habitat to off-road vehicles at Tesla Park. As you can see on the graph below, amphibians have low survival rates in areas with off-road vehicles (OHV's), so we need to make sure the state does not use taxpayer funds to destroy amphibian habitat. Stay tuned for a petition we are creating, and please learn more at: http://www.teslapark.org

"One species' recreation should not become another species' peril.
-- Mary Muraski-Stotz

Graph showing low amphibian presence in OHV area 550



Happy Full Moon!

Enjoy the November 17th full moon and please feel free to download this card and send it to your frog loving friends!

Nick Gustafson Full Moon Frog Art
Thanks to Nick Gustafson for the full moon frog art.


Please remember to vote!

Your vote can help SAVE THE FROGS! win $20,000 from Sungevity, an innovative solar company focused on creating the world's most energized network of customers who power their lives with sunshine. Sungevity is working with non-profit organizations to combat climate change and donate money to great causes. SAVE THE FROGS is competing to win $20,000 through Sungevity Gives Back, a contest focused on Generating Positivity in the world. Thanks for voting for SAVE THE FROGS! and spreading the word about the contest.


I Like Frogs


Thanks to all our supporters who helped us reach our $10,000 fundraising goal!

Over 200 donors contributed and helped us raise over $12,000 for our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. Thanks to everybody who chipped in: together we can SAVE THE FROGS!

A lot more frog news coming soon!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Bio-Art School Visual Arts
On November 13th, I gave a presentation on amphibian conservation and the importance of art in the environmental conservation movement to the students of the School of Visual Arts' Nature and Technology Lab "Introduction to Bioart" class in New York City. On top of amphibians, we also discussed pesticides on apples and genetically modified corn.



Save The Frogs Gift Center

Frogs are the most threatened group of animals on the planet: nearly 2,000 of the world's amphibian species are threatened with extinction and at least 150 species have entirely disappeared since 1979. SAVE THE FROGS! is America's first and only public charity dedicated exclusively to amphibian conservation. Your generous financial support makes our work possible!
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