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Please forward this letter to your friends and colleagues!

We are still $12,000 short of our $17,000 goal. Only 36 hours to go!

Dear [[First_Name]],

I am pleased to announce that 74 frog lovers have have contributed $4,584 towards the $17,000 we need to fund our worldwide Save The Frogs Day events. This is fantastic, but we are still over $12,000 short of our goal!

Donate now to help fund this April's Save The Frogs Day educational events!


Your donation will help us educate tens of thousands of people about the importance of frogs and ways to keep frog populations healthy, and will inspire the next generation of amphibian conservationists. Do you agree with me that a world full of environmentally-aware children is the single greatest hope we have for protecting Earth's wildlife and wildernesses far into the future? Great! Please help us SAVE THE FROGS! and grow the population of amphibian-aware humans by placing the largest donation you can afford, today, so that we can get these funds distributed to our partner organizations in Bangladesh, Colombia, Ghana, India, Mexico, Nepal, Philippines and Tanzania in plenty of time for their events. If you donate $50 or more by 11:59pm Friday March 28th, we will add your name to the Thank You section of the Save The Frogs Day 2014 webpage.

Donation Station
Take a ride on donation station, please donate today! Donate online or call us to say hello and donate by phone: 1-877-75-FROGS. Please also ask your friends to help out, thank you!

Donate Frogs

"It is truly my pleasure to support the great work you and your team have been doing, so thank YOU!"
-- Crystal Huang, San Francisco, CA


SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Board Member Wins Top International Award

Congratulations to SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana board member Dr. Caleb Ofori-Boateng for winning the prestigious Future for Nature award. This award is only given to young, exceptionally talented and ambitious conservationists committed to protecting biodiversity, and who have shown the ability to inspire and influence communities, governments, investors, organizations and the general public in biodiversity conservation. SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana is proud of Caleb’s achievements and for projecting the image of biodiversity conservation in Ghana and Africa at large. Through this award, Caleb will carry out activities that will support the designation of a new national park at the Atewa Hills to protect the only home of the Togo Slippery Frog (Conraua derooi). The award will also be used to promote the conservation actions of the species by researching into its ecology and biological features. The potential economic value of eco-tourism that could be generated from the forest will also be analyzed. As part of the award, 20 hectares of the degraded forest will be restored to improve water and land quality for the Togo Slippery Frog, other biodiversity and mankind. Thanks to Future for Nature for giving SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana board member Dr. Caleb Ofori-Boateng this award to save the critically endangered Togo Slippery Frog.

krokosua squeaker
Critically Endangered Krokosua Squeaker Frog (Arthroleptis krokosua) from Ghana, photo by Gilbert Adum


The Green Girls from Pleasanton help Save The Frogs

The Pleasanton Chapter of SAVE THE FROGS!, aka "Green Girls" held their first fundraiser - a bake sale that raised $107! The girls rallied their friends, fellow students and teachers at Alisal Elementary School to raise awareness of and money for the frogs. Thanks Green Girls! www.savethefrogs.com/students

Pleasanton frogs

Avalon Theisen speaks on TedX

International Eco-Hero Avalon Theisen recently spoke on TedX, you can watch the video here. Avalon holds Save The Frogs Day events in Tampa, and is the winner of our Nate The Newt Award for Amphibian Conservation, as well as the Gloria Barron Environment Prize and the International Eco-Hero Award!

"All living things are connected from the start. I think it's very sad that humans lose their nature connection, something other species do not seem able to do. When people do not believe they are part of the environment and when they do not think what happens in the natural world affects them, injustice occurs for all living things. The natural world suffers, the environment suffers, and so do people."
-- Avalon Theisen

Kerry Kriger


Belize is calling you: answer by April 1st

If you like adventure, science, wildlife, hiking, beautiful places, exciting experience, knowledge and interesting people all at a fantastic value, please sign up ASAP for our SAVE THE FROGS! Belize Eco-Tour, scheduled June 19-28. This may be the last time we offer this trip, so I highly recommend you take part! Please visit http://savethefrogs.com/belize2014 and email Michael Starkey starkey@savethefrogs.com for more info.

Red Eye Treefrog - Starkey


smilisca baudinii, belize


Blue Creek

ray skate

Please register your Save The Frogs Day event!

The 6th Annual Save The Frogs Day is Saturday, April 26th. Please be sure to register your event at:
We will be adding upcoming events to the Save The Frogs Day 2014 webpage all this coming week and we want to make sure your event is accounted for, whether or not it goes up to the webpage. Thank you!

Save The Frogs Day

Thank you!

See you at the SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center Grand Opening Saturday!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Sycamore Creek Elementary
Sycamore Creek Elementary School, North Carolina

"Dear Dr. Kriger,
Thank you for your important work to save our frogs! As a school librarian at an elementary school, I was delighted to come across your website, and held a schoolwide art contest patterned after yours. The contest truly raised awareness among my students, and I know some of these kids will now have a greater respect for frogs and animals as a result.
-- Kelly Posey, San Marcos, TX

Save The Frogs Gift Center

Frogs are the most threatened group of animals on the planet: nearly 2,000 of the world's amphibian species are threatened with extinction and at least 150 species have entirely disappeared since 1979. SAVE THE FROGS! is America's first and only public charity dedicated exclusively to amphibian conservation. Your generous financial support makes our work possible!
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