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Dear SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter,

Please go cast your vote for SAVE THE FROGS! in the New Leaf Envirotokens contest. Winning will equal thousands of dollars for the frogs and a lot of valuable publicity. Voting is super easy and fast! Voters must be based in the USA. Thank you for your vote!

Vote here by May 31st!

Oregon Spotted Frog
Photo courtesy Andy O'Connor

A message from 7th grade frog saver Adam Clayton

"Dear Kerry Kriger,
Originally I wanted to thank you for all you have done to save amphibians, but in writing this letter I realized that you have impacted my life on a much more personal level. When I was 7 my favorite animals were frogs. I had pictures of frogs pasted all over my room and my favorite thing to do was to go to my grandparents' house and look for rough skinned newts on a hiking trail there. That's why when I heard about SAVE THE FROGS! and the problems amphibians were facing I was really upset. I cried for hours, cursing big companies for being so careless about the environment. After that day I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. I set a life goal to become a herpetologist. In the following years I did everything I could to help my favorite animal. With my family's support I started a lemonade stand to raise money that I would donate to your website. I also made posters to put up around my school, started a club and spread the word about the problems frogs faced, to everyone I met. By the time I was 9, I had donated over $400 from fundraisers, selling lemonade and giving away my own money, yet I was not satisfied. I still wanted to be a herpetologist, but I knew it would not be easy. That's why, along with the occasional donation, I started to focus on school, striving for good grades to prepare for high school. Nowadays, I'm still a normal teen. I hang out with friends, and play video games and sports, but unlike most 7th graders, I have a life goal: a dream that inspires me to try my hardest in school and help the environment. I dream that no matter where life takes me, it has taught me to work hard and never give up. A dream you gave me. Which is why, besides all you do to save the frogs, I want to thank you for making me a better person, and if all goes well, maybe someday, I will join you as a real herpetologist.
Adam Clayton, Oregon"

Help me inspire more kids to protect frogs by setting up a monthly recurring donation to SAVE THE FROGS!

rainforest art
Frog art by Nick Gustafson


SAVE THE FROGS! at the Chabot Space & Science Center / Oakland Science Fair

On May 21st, SAVE THE FROGS! hosted an info table at the Chabot Space & Science Center for the Oakland Science Fair. We educated lots of elementary school students about frogs, met a lot of teachers and got invited to give a presentation on frog conservation at the Space Center this fall. In 2015 we hope to build two wetlands less than a mile from the Center. Thanks to all our donors for making our educational efforts possible. See a list of upcoming SAVE THE FROGS! events at www.savethefrogs.com/events

Chabot Space Center
UC Berkeley volunteer Kathy Lien teaches kids about frogs.

Join us in the Belize rainforest June 19th-28th

The SAVE THE FROGS! Belize Eco-tour runs from June 19th to the 28th and it will be a great opportunity for participants to spend 10 days exploring Belize's amazing wildlife and culture. We currently have nine participants as well as SAVE THE FROGS! biologists Michael Starkey and Kathlyn Franco who will be your wonderful guides. We are currently offering the trip at a very reduced rate of $1,850. For students and teachers the trip has been reduced to only $1,600! The trip fees include all lodging, in-country transportation, world-class tour guides and their scientific expertise, tips, and all but two meals and airfare. Will you join us this summer? If you are interested in signing up or if you have any questions, please email Michael Starkey at starkey@savethefrogs.com. Check out the full itinerary here at www.savethefrogs.com/belize2014 and visit www.savethefrogs.com/belize2013 for lots of photos of last year's trip. Belize is a hotspot of biodiversity. Our SAVE THE FROGS! 2013 Eco-tour was a huge success so we hope you will join us for this adventure of a lifetime! Teachers seeking to fulfill professional development or continuing education requirements can claim this trip as a tax-deduction. Please let us know if you have any questions. Students seeking to receive university credit may be able to acquire credit through your university's internship program; if you are interested in this option, please contact us.

Parrot Snake Dave Wyatt

Keel Billed Toucan
Toucan photo courtesy Dave Wyatt


Our stickers win the Customized Stickers Photo Contest!

SAVE THE FROGS! is pleased to announce that we won the Customized Stickers Photo Contest! You can order some of our cool looking stickers and help spread the word at:


Stickers frogs


Thank you for voting for SAVE THE FROGS!

Together we can SAVE THE FROGS!
Dr. Kerry Kriger
SAVE THE FROGS! Founder, Executive Director & Ecologist

Charlottesville Frogs
Teaching 4th graders about frogs at the Peabody School in Charlottesville, VA.

Save The Frogs Gift Center

Frogs are the most threatened group of animals on the planet: nearly 2,000 of the world's amphibian species are threatened with extinction and at least 150 species have entirely disappeared since 1979. SAVE THE FROGS! is America's first and only public charity dedicated exclusively to amphibian conservation. Your generous financial support makes our work possible!
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