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Past Newsletters

SAVE THE FROGS! is still sending out newsletters regularly but due to a change in technology we are no longer archiving the newsletters! Please sign up to receive newsletters so you don't miss a thing!

2015-01-25: Saving the frogs in 2015
2014-09-14: Disney awards $20,000 to SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana
2014-09-06: Success in Ghana
2014-08-31: SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana update
2014-08-14: Five-legged frogs and a newt graveyard
2014-08-05: An Update from SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana
2014-08-01: The SAVE THE FROGS! Fundraising Challenge
2014-07-30: Why I donate $20/month to SAVE THE FROGS!
2014-07-24: Brand New Guitar Picks
2014-07-23: Gilroy Garlic Festival, Part 2
2014-07-21: Gilroy Garlic Festival, Part 1
2014-07-15: Atrazine update
2014-07-09: Seven Ways To Connect with SAVE THE FROGS!
2014-07-07: Governor Jerry Brown Signs Our Legislation Into Law
2014-06-27: Frog Photos From Around The World
2014-06-19: Save The Frogs Legislation Goes To The Governor
2014-06-06: Mass Deaths in the Amphibian Pet Trade
2014-06-12: How To Help Flyer
2014-06-10: California Red-Legged Frog Legislation Update
2014-06-05: The Great Poster Giveaway
2014-06-04: The Thin Green Line
2014-05-29: New Leaf Envirotokens Vote
2014-05-28: SAVE THE FROGS! Guitar Picks
2014-05-26: Wetlands For Wildlife
2014-05-15: Saving frogs from swimming pools
2014-05-14: Students who save the frogs
2014-05-06: Volunteering for SAVE THE FROGS!
2014-05-04: Save The California Red-Legged Frogs
2014-05-01: A Brief History of Save The Frogs Day
2014-04-23: SAVE THE FROGS! sues the City of San Francisco
2014-04-22: Earth Day Community Action
2014-04-17: Earth Day Birthday Belize Bash
2014-04-15: Save The Frogs Day in Berkeley and worldwide
2014-04-11: Save The Frogs wins 8-0 vote at State Capitol
2014-04-07: Drumming For The Frogs in Berkeley
2014-03-31: Go Solar: Save Frogs and Save Money
2014-03-28: Final day to donate to Save The Frogs Day Fund
2014-03-27: Save The Frogs Day update
2014-03-17: Please invest in the future of Save The Frogs
2014-03-02: The Story of SAVE THE FROGS!
2014-02-27: Save The Frogs Education Center Grand Opening
2014-02-08: The 6th Annual Save The Frogs Day: April 26, 2014
2014-01-29: A new era of amphibian conservation
2014-01-22: Boycott Palm Oil
2014-01-10: Photos from the SAVE THE FROGS! Belize Ecotour
2013-12-26: SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana update
2013-12-23: Save The Frogs programs reached 87 countries in 2013
2013-12-11: Bullfrog Trade Exposed
2013-12-09: And The Winners Are...
2013-12-07: Poetry Contest Winners Announced
2013-12-06: Let's get out the vote
2013-12-03: SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center in Berkeley, CA
2013-12-01: Art Contest Winners Announced
2013-12-01: An update from West Africa
2013-11-25: Help us fund an Atrazine video
2013-11-21: Help ban the bullfrogs
2013-11-15: Get out the vote
2013-11-08: Atrazine update
2013-10-25: New Chytrid Video
2013-10-23: Save the Frogs Day Announcement
2013-10-17: Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs (Part 2)
2013-10-02: Save The Yellow-Legged Frogs
2013-09-26: Celebrating ten years in amphibian conservation
2013-09-25: Invasive Bullfrogs and San Francisco's Frog Killings
2013-09-22: Celebrating two years of SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana
2013-09-17: SAVE THE FROGS! TED Video
2013-09-15: Educating the next 10,000 students
2013-08-21: SAVE THE FROGS! Academy
2013-08-19: Tell the EPA to ban Atrazine
2013-08-13: International Take A Hike Day
2013-08-08: SAVE THE FROGS! Academy Class Schedule Announced
2013-07-04: SAVE THE FROGS! USA
2013-06-23: Frog conservation project in Cali, Colombia
2013-06-20: Atrazine update, Ghana award
2013-06-17: Frogs Worldwide
2013-06-03: Vote for SAVE THE FROGS in the G-Project
2013-05-30: Introducing SAVE THE FROGS! Colombia
2013-04-27: Happy Save The Frogs Day from Medellin, Colombia
2013-04-26: SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana - Urgent
2013-04-26: 48 Hours until Save The Frogs Day
2013-04-22: Earth Day Birthday from Ghana
2013-04-02: SAVE THE FROGS! distributes $3,450 in grants
2013-04-11: Dr. Kerry Kriger in Colombia
2013-04-04: 4/4 Forty-Four!
2013-04-02: 5th Birthday Wish
2013-03-29: 4/4 Forty-Four: Forty-Four Minutes For The Frogs
2013-03-25: Please help save the Togo Slippery Frog
2013-03-25: Canadians can help SAVE THE FROGS!
2013-03-21: Five Years Ago Today
2013-03-13: Save The Frogs wins $10,000 from Envirokidz
2013-03-07: Lake Erie Toads Letter to Environment Canada
2013-03-05: Save The Frogs Day 2013 Announcement
2013-02-21: Orlando Airport
2013-02-17: SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh
2013-02-05: International Day of Pesticide Action
2013-01-22: Join SAVE THE FROGS! in Belize July 2013
2013-01-03: SAVE THE FROGS! Academy Spring Classes Announced
2012-12-31: SAVE THE FROGS! is in at least 75 countries
2012-12-24: Atewa Hills Update - UCAES Chapter Formed
2012-12-13: Envirokidz and Poetry Contest Winners
2012-12-11: Upcoming Save The Frogs Events in Santa Cruz
2012-12-10: Land Protected, Art Contest Winners Announced
2012-11-29: My Birthday Wish
2012-11-26: Introducing SAVE THE FROGS! Academy
2012-11-15: Canada Authorizes The Mass Killing of Endangered Toads
2012-11-14: Save The Frogs in Mexico
2012-11-02: NASA calls on Save The Frogs
2012-10-25: Help save the Togo Slippery Frog
2012-10-14: Our most important SAVE THE FROGS! project
2012-10-11: Art & Poetry Contests and other crazy frog news
2012-10-03: SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana update
2012-09-26: Solar panels that save frogs; dissections victory
2012-09-24: Atrazine update
2012-09-14: Help us ban the importation of American Bullfrogs in CA
2012-09-10: Please join SAVE THE FROGS! in Belize - January 2013
2012-08-26: Frog Ponds, Free Virtual Dissection Software
2012-08-23: Upcoming Events in Santa Cruz
2012-08-21: The Body Shop offers to help Save The Frogs
2012-07-29: Frog Art Fundraiser in Santa Cruz September 7th
2012-07-10: Michael Starkey returns to Belize
2012-06-16: Dr. Kriger's speech telling the EPA to ban Atrazine
2012-06-06: Let's Get Atrazine Banned
2012-05-14: Drumming For The Frogs update
2012-05-04: Drumming For The Frogs: San Francisco May 19
2012-04-27: Save The Frogs Day final updates
2012-04-17: Save The Frogs Day is only 10 days away!
2012-04-16: Save The Frogs Events throughout California
2012-04-06: Save The Frogs Day updates
2012-03-10: SAVE THE FROGS! wins $5,000 Grant
2012-03-07: Victory: Another Law Enacted To Protect Frogs
2012-03-02: SAVE THE FROGS! in Belize
2012-02-29: SAVE THE FROGS! Distributes $5,480 in Grants
2012-02-03: Tell San Francsico's Mayor To Stop Killing Frogs
2012-02-02: Save The Frogs Day 5K in Seattle
2012-01-26: Help Save the Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs
2012-01-25: City of Santa Cruz bans American Bullfrogs
2011-12-27: Graphic Design Wizard Alyson Lee
2011-12-17: San Francisco Mayor Gives Frogs The Death Sentence
2011-12-17: SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest Winners Announced
2011-12-15: SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest Winners Announced
2011-12-15: San Francisco Mayor Threatens To Veto Sharp Park
2011-12-12: Governor of NC Recognizes Save The Frogs Day
2011-11-30: Sharp Park Vote Takes Place Dec 5th in SF
2011-11-23: SAVE THE FROGS! wins $25,000 from Chase Bank
2011-11-21: SAVE THE FROGS! in today's LA Times
2011-11-19: Save The Frogs in Australia
2011-11-18: SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana T-Shirts Now Available
2011-11-14: Most Important Week in Amphibian Conservation History
2011-11-12: Help SAVE THE FROGS! win $250,000
2011-11-07: Your Chance To Tell The EPA To Ban Atrazine
2011-10-28: Save The Frogs Day April 28th, 2012 Announcement
2011-10-26: Free 125 Page PDF: "Wild World Of Frogs"
2011-10-09: SAVE THE FROGS launches international branch in Ghana
2011-10-08: Frog Art & Poetry Contests Closing Soon
2011-09-16: Sharp Park Wetlands Victory Is Near
2011-08-27: Victories On The Race To Stop Dissections
2011-08-20: SAVE THE FROGS!
2011-05-08: Atrazine Update: Our meeting with the EPA
2011-04-29: Happy Save The Frogs Day!
2011-04-27: Save The Frogs Day Worldwide Events Listing
2011-04-12: Save The Frogs Day Rally in Washington, DC
2011-04-03: Save The Sharp Park Wetlands
2011-03-22: Frog Legs Victory
2011-03-20: Save The Frogs Day Protest in Dallas
2011-03-02: Save The Frogs Day 2011 Announcement
2011-01-26: The Race To Stop Frog Dissections
2010-12-30: A Mass Extinction of Frogs is Underway
2010-12-28: This Is What We Accomplished in 2010
2010-12-13: Holiday Gifts That Save Frogs!
2010-12-09: Frog Art, Poetry & Essay Contest Winners
2010-11-29: Saving the Korean Frogs
2010-09-29: The Build A Frog Pond Contest
2010-09-06: Kids Lead World's Largest Protest In Defense Of Frogs
2010-08-25: The Fantastic Frog Art Giveaway
2010-07-29: Victory For New Zealand's Frogs
2010-07-05: Frog Legs Protests a Huge Success
2010-06-29: Frog Legs Protests - Round 2
2010-06-14: Victory for California's Native Amphibians
2010-05-24: New Zealand Mining
2010-05-17: California Ban on the Importation of Non-Native Frogs
2010-04-30: We Saved the Pig Frogs! Happy Save The Frogs Day!
2010-04-29: Your Official Guide To Save The Frogs Day 2010
2010-04-25: Five Days Until Save The Frogs Day
2010-04-21: Amphibian Conservation 101
2010-04-04: World's First Frog Defense Protests Planned
2010-03-25: Save The Frogs Art, Poetry & Essay Contests
2010-03-21 Save The Frogs Spring Tour Dates Announced
2010-03-03 Save The Frogs Day: April 30th, 2010
2009-12-29 The Story of SAVE THE FROGS!

2009-12-11 Frogs in Chicago O'Hare International Airport
2009-12-01 Newsletter: Frog Art and Poetry Contest Winners
2009-11-17 Newsletter: Sierra Madre Yellow-Legged Frogs
2009-10-28 Newsletter: Save The Frogs in Scientific American
2009-10-24 Newsletter: Frogs Ponds Drying Up
2009-10-13 Newsletter: SAVE THE FROGS! hits Panama
2009-09-12 Newsletter: Frog Extinctions in Panama
2009-09-03 Newsletter: Oregon Spotted Frogs
2009-08-24 Newsletter: Frog Poster & Climate Change
2009-07-11 Newsletter: Amphibian Conservation Award Winner
2009-07-06 Newsletter: Frog Art & Poetry Contests
2009-06-28 Newsletter: Charter Memberships
2009-06-05 Newsletter: Junk Mail & Frog Extinctions
2009-06-01 Newsletter: Summer Lectures on Amphibian Extinctions
2009-05-20 Newsletter: Frog Video Contest
2009-05-11 Newsletter: June Poster of the Month
2009-05-09 Newsletter: SAVE THE FROGS! celebrates 1st birthday
2009-05-06 Newsletter: Blue Poison Dart Frog T-shirts
2009-04-28 Newsletter: Happy Save The Frogs Day
2009-04-25 Newsletter: Governor Kaine recognizes STF Day
2009-04-16 Newsletter: Spring Lectures on Amphibian Extinctions
2009-04-03 Newsletter
2009-03-28 Newsletter
2009-03-12 Newsletter
2009-03-10 Newsletter
2009-02-25 Newsletter
2009-02-21 Newsletter
2009-02-14 Newsletter
2009-02-05 Newsletter
2009-01-31 Newsletter

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