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Thanks to These Students!

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Manor Elementary School - Fairfax, CA

Thanks to the students of Manor Elementary School for raising money for SAVE THE FROGS! and for being such dedicated frog lovers!

Anthony Chow Is Saving The Frogs

A message from SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger:

I love it when kids take action, especially when they do it of their own initiative. Anthony Chow is one of those kids. I had never heard of him until yesterday, when I noticed he had set up a SAVE THE FROGS! fundraising page and raised $150. I was so inspired by his proactive efforts that I donated $25 to his campaign. He emailed me this note after I donated:

"Dear Kerry,
Thank you for your donation. I love frogs, so I want to do something to help them. Thank you for all the great work you do at Save The Frogs. I hope one day I can join one of your expeditions.
Anthony Chow"

On behalf of the SAVE THE FROGS! worldwide community, thank you Anthony and best of luck on your frog saving efforts!

Anthony Chow frog saver
"Dear Friend & Family, I love frogs. I think they are the coolest animal. However, I'm not just fundraising because they are cool. I am doing this because they are endangered."
— Anthony Chow

Charlie in Glen Iris, Australia

Charlie helped bake over 200 frog biscuits, raising US$195 for SAVE THE FROGS! She is very proud of all of her efforts. Glen Iris Primary School has been very supportive of her also. When asked why she is helping to Save The Frogs, this was her response: 'I love helping frogs because they are cute and they are endangered'.

Australia frogs

australia student frogs

Australia frog day

The Hill School in Middleburg, VA

Thank you to the 4th and 5th graders of The Hill School for raising $200 for SAVE THE FROGS! in 2014/2015!

The 3rd Graders of Evans Falls Elementary in Monroe Township, Pennsylvania

The third-graders at Evans Falls Elementary School recently read an article about the environmental dangers to frogs and other amphibians, and it moved them to action! First, they started a poster campaign and placed a donation cup in the hallway outside their class to raise funds for research and publicity. Next, they wrote commercials to spread the word, and on Earth Day they read their public service announcements over the school's intercom system. What's really incredible as that after four weeks of working toward their cause, they raised $115.00, which we are sending to you to continue your good work. The SAVE THE FROGS! website provided us with excellent information and resources. We especially liked the posters and presentations. While researching frogs, we also read another article about using wind power as a safer source of energy with less pollution and destruction to the atmosphere. It might be a good idea to add "using alternative energy sources" to your flyer on ways to help frogs. It's really quite amazing what a small group of eight-year-olds can do when they put their mind to something and practice teamwork. Keep up the great work, and we'll continue to do whatever we can to SAVE THE FROGS!
Mrs. Yanchick and the third-graders at Evans Falls Elementary School"

Evans Falls Elementary

Jessica took action for Michigan's frogs

12 year old Jessica took action for the frogs by running this informational table at a Mother's Day event.

Jessica frogs

Matt Lori

Jessica frogs

students frogs michigan


Eader Elementary raises over $400 for wildlife conservation

On March 18th, 2014 SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger and Generation Awakening Founder Christine Mulholland spoke about frog and elephant conservation to 100 4th and 5th graders from Eader Elementary in Huntington Beach, CA. Their school held a raffle and raised over $400 for our wildlife conservation efforts!

Frogs students

Manor Elementary School 4th graders raise $100 for SAVE THE FROGS!

SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger gave a presentation on "Amphibian Conservation in the 21st Century" to the students of the Manor School. The students sold chocolate frogs and raised $100 for our frog conservation programs!

"Hi Kerry, The kids were so excited to meet you and learn all about frogs. They are 100% onboard to help save the frogs! We'll be writing letters next week to all of the people we talked about. Thanks for the certificate and for your work to save frogs!"
-- Laura Honda, 4th grade teacher and SAVE THE FROGS! Member

manor elementary fairfax

marin county frogs

Deb Turnbull's 7th grade Life Science class

Thanks to these students from St. John's Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield, Wisconsin who fundraised $228.00 for SAVE THE FROGS! at their Save The Frogs Day bake sale!

Delafield frogs

Ms. Arcuri's Kindergarten Class - May Moore Primary School, Deer Park, NY

"I teach kindergarten in May Moore Primary School in Deer Park, NY. On Friday, April 25th, my class put on a show for parents and dedicated the show to "frogs everywhere". For the last month, my class has been learning about and raising money for frogs. The children wrote "persuasive" letters to their parents, asking for jobs to do around the house so that they could earn money (which then could be donated to frogs). They also wrote persuasive letters to staff members in our school asking for donations for frogs. Each student made a sign with a frog fact and then chose a spot in the school to hang the sign. They wrote letters to pen pals sharing frog facts and asking their pen pals to visit We have received many positive responses! The children raised $200, mostly from the money they earned "working". They are very excited and I am very proud!"

May Moore Primary

Pinewood Elementary School in Arkansas

Lakresha Diaz's Kindergarten class at Pinewood Elementary School in Arkansas made this great video teaching people why and how to save the frogs!


Club Cientifico from Rio Negro, Colombia

The Science Club from Colegio Monseñor Alfonso Uribe Jaramillo in Colombia built this cool frog pond behind their school and now they have frogs breeding!

frog pond school

Kara Snyder's class raised $350 for SAVE THE FROGS!

"Dr. Kriger, Thank you for all of your love and passion for amphibian conservation. My students felt empowered after your skype session and have been talking about how they can be more conscious of amphibian conservation as well as other environmental issues. SAVE THE FROGS! is a very unique organization. The dedication that you and your staff make to get information out to people inspires others to get involved. I feel like I stumbled on an educational gold mine. Please accept my school's modest donation from the proceeds of our "freaky frog" calendars. They were a labor of love! Regards, Kara"

Kara Snyder

Adam Clayton

Student, Oregon

"Dear Kerry Kriger,
Originally I wanted to thank you for all you have done to save amphibians, but in writing this letter I realized that you have impacted my life on a much more personal level. When I was 7 my favorite animals were frogs. I had pictures of frogs pasted all over my room and my favorite thing to do was to go to my grandparents' house and look for rough skinned newts on a hiking trail there. That's why when I heard about SAVE THE FROGS! and the problems amphibians were facing I was really upset. I cried for hours, cursing big companies for being so careless about the environment. After that day I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. I set a life goal to become a herpetologist.

In the following years I did everything I could to help my favorite animal. With my family's support I started a lemonade stand to raise money that I would donate to your website. I also made posters to put up around my school, started a club and spread the word about the problems frogs faced, to everyone I met. By the time I was 9, I had donated over $400 from fundraisers, selling lemonade and giving away my own money, yet I was not satisfied. I still wanted to be a herpetologist, but I knew it would not be easy. That's why, along with the occasional donation, I started to focus on school, striving for good grades to prepare for high school.

Nowadays, I'm still a normal teen. I hang out with friends, and play video games and sports, but unlike most 7th graders, I have a life goal: a dream that inspires me to try my hardest in school and help the environment. I dream that no matter where life takes me, it has taught me to work hard and never give up. A dream you gave me. Which is why, besides all you do to save the frogs, I want to thank you making me a better person, and if all goes well, maybe someday, I will join you as a real herpetologist.
Adam Clayton, Oregon"

Save Our Frogs and Salamanders Club of Davis, CA

Thanks to David, Teo, Rebecca, Tate, Carter, Arthur, Adam, Taehyuan, Jishnu, and Ken from Save Our Frogs and Salamanders Club of Davis, CA for raising frog awareness through music on the 5th Annual Save The Frogs Day!

Davis CA frogs

Frogs Music Group

Girl Scout Troop 750

Lansing, Kansas

Girl Scout Troop 750 decided to educate people about saving the frogs for their Animal Service project. They made this poster and handed out educational cards with information on what they can do to help SAVE THE FROGS!

Girl Scouts Frogs

Mackenzie Oudshorn

Ontario, Canada

"Hello Kerry! My daughter Mackenzie & her friend Emily along with myself, sold frog cookies and frog gummies at their school bazaar this year and were able to raise $51 to go towards all the hard work Save The Frogs does - and hopefully be able to help the Fowler Toads in Fort Erie! Mackenzie and her friend Emily worked quite diligently at the bazaar and did very well informing people about Frogs and the importance of preserving their habitats handing out flyers and info sheets along with some bookmarks from Save The Frogs. We are hoping to have a big event to raise more awareness and hopefully more funds for Save The Frogs in April 2013. Keep up the great work!
Sincerely, Melanie & Mackenzie Oudshoorn"

Kids helping frogs

Students help frogs

Rachel Hopkins

Raleigh, NC

Amazing frog-saver, 14-year old Rachel Hopkins, led the campaign to nominate the Marbled Salamander and the Pine Barrens Tree Frog to become North Carolina's official state salamander and frog. On June 19, 2013, the bill (HB830) passed Senate vote and was then signed into law! Great job Rachael and keep up the good work! Rachel also won the Wild South's 2011 Green Oscar in the Outstanding Youth in Conservation category. Wild South is a regional, seven state organization that focuses on conservation and ecology. Thank you for supporting Rachel's efforts!

"My name is Rachel Hopkins, I’m a 13 girl who loves frogs. I want to make sure these wonders of nature survive the 21st century, so I've been working hard for the past year to bring awareness of the amphibian extinction issue to the citizens of North Carolina. Last April I got my entire school involved with Save The Frogs Day and raised $1,200 for SAVE THE FROGS!. I've spoken on local radio and in front of my County's Commissioners. Last month at my request Governor Bev Perdue officially designated April 28, 2012 as Save The Frogs Day in the state of North Carolina. Amphibians are having trouble not just in North Carolina but all around the world, and SAVE THE FROGS! is our best hope to save them. If everyone does their part, I know we will succeed.

Please show your compassion for our planet and its creatures, and donate to SAVE THE FROGS!
Every dollar makes a big difference.

Thanks, and happy new year!"
-- Rachel Hopkins

Rachel Hopkins frogs

Rachel Hopkins Frogs

Save The Frogs North Carolina

Rachel Hopkins

Rachel Hopkins frogs

"Dear Rachel, First let me say how wonderful it is to hear from a young person so enthusiastic and dedicated to helping our precious wildlife. I am amazed at your can do spirit and at what you have achieved already to help Save the Frogs. You are an example to all your peers. Rest assured, I will continue to help in my very modest way with my monthly donations and sending links for save the frogs to my friends. I hope you and all of yours have a very wonderful and happy new year. :) "
--Vincent Connolly

"Rachel THANK YOU so much! You are so right! We all need to help save our tiny friends. And we need to do so by informing as many people as we can about their struggle to survive. Thank you for doing your part; And such a big part at that!! I do support Save The Frogs, but because you have done such a great job I'll send another donation on your behalf!"
-- Buck OBrien, Capon Bridge, WV

"Dearest Rachel, That was an excellent passion you had for frogs and I commend your courage, keep up the good work. I am also creating awareness over here in this part of the world Nigeria particularly in Cross River State' Wishing you a prosperous new year 2012.
Regards. Mbeson"

Emily Kabat - New York

Thanks to Emily for raising $180 for SAVE THE FROGS!. At Emily's 10th birthday party, she asked people to donate to SAVE THE FROGS! rather than give traditional gifts.

"Let's hope that charitable birthday parties become the new norm."
--Emily's Dad

Emily K frogs

Alex DeMar, IL - 13 years old

Alex had his Bar Mitzvah on June 21st and it was a huge success. His theme was reptiles and amphibians and the image below adorned the venues in poster size. He collected money for SAVE THE FROGS!, got two matching offers on the roughly $500 he collected then added over $1000 from his Bar Mitzvah gifts. The total he collected for SAVE THE FROGS is just under $2500! Nice work Alex!

Alex Demar Frogs

Frog Fundraiser

Frog Students

Alex Frogs

Avalon Theisen in Florida

Congratulations to Avalon Theisen, the SAVE THE FROGS! August 2011 Student of the Month. Avalon is doing great things for the frogs. Avalon won our 2010 Nate The Newt Award for Amphibian Conservation ($500!), organized a Save The Frogs Day event that 100 people attended, and recently won 1st place in the 2011 International Eco Hero Awards! Today her efforts were featured on the front page of her local newspaper, helping to educate thousands in her community about the plight of amphibians. Keep up the great work Avalon! Please check out Avalon's Conserve It Forward website. Read an interview with Avalon on the Frogblog.

Avalon Theisen Frogs

Avalon Theisen Lettuce Lake

Avalon Theisen
"Empower other people, ordinary people to connect with the environment through small acts."
-- Avalon Theisen at the 2013 Hillsborough YEA! Award ceremony

Avalon Theisen frogs

Avalon Theisen

Avalon Cards

Great American Teach In November 18th, 2010: "Avalon presented "Citizen Science of Frogs" to 3 elementary classes and handed out Save the Frogs! cards to the students. Thanks again for the great resources!" -- Deborah Theisen

Avalon Theisen

Avalon met with amphibian biologist Dr. David Bradford at US EPA offices in Las Vegas in January 2012:Avalon Theisen

Avalon Theisen frogs

Avalon speaking at the Green Trends Conference in Palm Beach Gardens in Palm Beach Gardens, 2012:Avalon Theisen frogs"She ended her presentation with leading the audience in a human frog chorus, so they all croaked for amphibian conservation! She got a standing ovation!" -- Deborah Theisen

With SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger in Santa Cruz, October 2012:Avalon Theisen

Watch this video!

DC Area Frog Legs Protesters

These eight kids from DC and Charlottesville helped educate adults about the plight of amphibians and the problems associated with the frog legs trade. Great job!

Frog Legs Protest Kids

Kaitlyn Bryer

Hello! My name is Kaitlyn Bryer i really want to speak at the save the frogs event but i live in california. i hope im not asking for to much and feel free to say no but i was wondering if you could show my speech or have someone say it for me. my speech is......................

"Hello my name is Kaitlyn Bryer and im 10 years old. The day i found out that frogs are disapearing i knew i needed to make a difference. My first step was telling everyone at school about this. Out of like 100 students only about 5 agreed with me. In the progress ive been teased and made fun of alot but that didnt stop me. Ive been called nature girl, froggy,mother nature and lots of other names. ive been trying to earn money to donate but nobody seems to care. no matter what gets in my way ill keep trying. Frogs are so important to m The main point is that without frogs our world would be terrible. So you should care."

Kaitlyn frogs

Kaitlyn email speech frogs

"Save The Frogs is a wonderfull site. Someday frogs will be saved all thanks to you rock"
-- Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Frogs

"Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this letter, I am Kaitlyn Bryer and I am eleven years old. Donating to SAVE THE FROGS! would not only help frogs but all of the enviroment as well. Frogs are very important creatures on this planet. One third of the world's amphibians are terribly endangered, and in the past 30 years, 200 species are already extinct, this is not normal. SAVE THE FROGS! will put every penny of your very helpfull money to a good cause. So please consider donating to SAVE THE FROGS! and remember a little bit of money could make a huge difference!"

Donate Frogs

Kaitlyn and her friend Tierra also organized this cleanup of Hagan's Pond:

Pond Cleanups

Hagan's Pond

K&T FrogSpot

Hagan's Pond

Pond Cleanup

Pond Cleanup frogs

pond cleanup


11 year old Teo did a fantastic job fundraising! If he can do it, we know you can too!

"Hi, Just to let you know, me and David started collecting money today- one person gave us $5, 2 people could only spare $1, 2 people just gave us like a lot of coins and might of counted wrong and lots of people gave us $4, so we ended up getting $35.20 and that was only less then a third of the houses we're going to(we're spending like the whole day tomorrow as well). We will also give an additional $44 from us(I signed us up under David's name but we agreed that we would do it as a club). I have also made a flyer for our event(Froggy Fun) and will start passing out(hopefully) tomorrow. I talked about SAVE THE FROGS! day with my boy scout troop and they said I could talk about it this Sunday at the Patrol Leaders Council. They seemed very enthusiastic about it and I explained that I would give them some free stuff and organize everything so that all they had to do was show up."

Aine O'Toole

Thanks to Aine, who raised over $100 for SAVE THE FROGS! at her birthday party! Aine's contribution enabled us to order a Hygrochron Temperature and Humidity iButton Data Loggers. This data logger will help SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana restore habitat for the critically endangered West African Giant Squeaker Frog (Arthroleptis krokosua).

Aine O

Frog Birthday

Frog Hollow Preschool - North Liberty, IA

Huge thanks to Frog Hollow Preschool for raising $559 to help SAVE THE FROGS!

Frog Hollow  North Liberty

Adam from Portland - Age 9

Green Frog member Adam Clayton raised $104.50 for SAVE THE FROGS! He also started a frog club and got his school's principal to hang a SAVE THE FROGS! poster in the school hallway.

Adam Save sFrogs

Kathryn - Age 9

Kathryn worked two days and raised $35 for SAVE THE FROGS!

Kathryn saves the frogs

Kalea and Molly - Age 11

Big thanks to Kalea and Molly from Moss Beach, CA! They held a bake sale, educated their community about protecting frogs, and raised $70 for SAVE THE FROGS!

Students Frogs

Kids frogs

Bake Sale

Sisalee Boots - Age 11

Hi, my name is Sisalee I am eleven years old. My friends Fiona, Rachelle, and Sandra plus my cousin Dawn and step brother Marcus are planning a bake sale at school to help your cause. We are also speaking with the Kindergarden, 1st and 2nd grade teachers to for us to talk with their classes about saving frogs and what we can do to help them. We picked to talk with them because we know that a lot of them love frogs.

We are going to show them about frogs and what is happening to them plus all their body part deformations. I am also writing an essay about frogs as well as a speech that will be given to the 3rd 4th and the rest of the fifth grade. We're making flyers and posters for around the school too. We are trying the ways you say we can help and trying to get others to help too. All of the people that are working with me are dedicated and love all animals know that what every day humans do horrible to the planet I'm trying to make a difference to our lives and the frogs plus other animals. I hope we help you and this is only the beginning of our SAVE THE FROGS act. People say I am a good strong writer and I hope to use that someday. I care a lot for every animal and I can make that clear with in a minute of speaking with someone.

Once in fourth grade we had a debate and after i was done say what i wanted to say for my team no one in the class ever again questioned my love and loyalty to animals, not even the boys who were mean to me. Thank you for reading my email.


So I've got fabulous news, all the First Grade, Second Grade , and Third Grade has been talked to by us 'bout  SAVE THE FROGS! Some weren't to thrilled to be talked to by six Fifth Grades about frogs but most of them said they loved it and wanted to help anyway they could. :) So Marcus, Dawn, Sandra, Fiona, Rachelle, and I have been thinking of ways to have them help at school. I was told to ask you guys if you had any ideas I think they just wanna just back to their lives. But at the same time they all see how important that we TRY to save frogs. I just told them we're not trying to save frogs we ARE saving them.  

Lillian Crossman, Canada

Lillian Crossman Save The Frogs

Lillian's hard work paid off:

"Good news! I have raised over $250 for save the frogs! with $100 of the money i will get a save the frogs red frog membership and with about $30 i'm going to get a bunch of wristbands and pins to advertise save the frogs! i guess this goes to show what six hours of lemonade stands every day can do!"

Lillian Lemonade Stand

Thanks Lillian and friends!

Kiana Dao and Danielle Eames

In 2010, SAVE THE FROGS! initiated what we expect to be a long-term ecological monitoring project in partnership with San Lorenzo Valley High School. We supervise two high school students (Kiana Dao and Danielle Eames) on a salamander monitoring project in the Santa Cruz mountains.

"We got fourth in the Zoology Division at the Santa Cruz County Science Fair, along with getting an invitation to the California State Science Fair and getting some cool hard-drives. Thank you for all of your help!"

Kiana Dao Danielle Eames

Rosanna Golf Links Primary School Nature Club

Thanks to Debbie Tully and the Rosanna Golf Links Primary School Nature Club in Melbourne, Australia for raising $100 for SAVE THE FROGS!.

Mill City Elementary School - Dalton, PA

Thanks to Mrs. Yanchick's 3rd grade class for raising $36 for SAVE THE FROGS!.

Autumn H. - Woodstock, IL - 4th Grade

Autumn says "Kids can make a difference!". Thanks to Autumn for raising $100 for SAVE THE FROGS!

George Washington Middle School, Alexandria, VA

Big thanks to the Animal Activist Club (Grades 6,7 & 8), who raised $104 for SAVE THE FROGS! by selling SAVE THE FROGS! wristbands at their school.

Thomas Ferguson - Southend Primary School, UK

Save the Frogs

Go and save the frogs
green or brown colouration
very wide mouth or warts and ridges on skin
go and save frogs.

Go and save frogs
green and black, wet, webbed feet,
so wonderful.

Go and save frogs
red and blue with black eyes
so big with short limbs that jump very high.

Go and save frogs
Black spots on back
with green skin and black bands on legs.

Go and save the frogs
bright bulging eyes
long powerful hind legs
that spring high in the air.


Vanessa B. - 10 yrs old - Wallingford, CT

Vanessa raffled off a webkinz frog at Wintergreen Interdistrict Magnet School and raised $75 for SAVE THE FROGS!. Thanks Vanessa and Wintergreen!

Noe Ramirez - 14 yrs old - Arlington, VA

Students Frogs


Catherine Flickner - 17 yrs old - Alexandria, VA

Class Frogs


Serenity - 10 yrs old - Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

I love frogs but sadly they are going extinct. It’s our job to stop this nonsense that we are creating. With just enough people we can save the frogs and other amphibians out there.

Frogs are being threatened by pollution, infectious diseases, habitat loss, invasive species, climate change, over-harvesting to the pet and food trades. If we continue to let this happen amphibian species will continue to vanish and it could get so bad that there are irreversible solutions and could affect our earth’s ecosystems.

Why frogs you ask, well the adult frog eats insects that can give us diseases or fatal illnesses, like mosquitoes or malaria. The tadpole (baby frog) keeps waterways clear by eating that icky stuff called algae. Frogs serve as important food to such predators as monkeys, dragonflies, fish, snakes and birds. Do you see why frogs are important? Guess what, that was only a few reasons!!

Frogs even help us humans with our health. You see they produce skin secretions that can help human health through their use in pharmaceuticals. Every time a frog species dies so does its promise to improve the human medicine. Do you see why we need to save the frogs?

There are 6,317 amphibian species and 5,576 are frogs and toads and 566 are newts and salamanders and 175 of them are caecilians.

Did you know that the largest frog is the Goliath Frog, which can be as long as a foot and can weigh up to 6.6 lbs. The world’s smallest frog is the Brazilian Frog, which is only 0.6in when it’s fully-grown. Have you ever seen a six-legged frog? It may sound weird but a lot of frogs are malformed. How sad! 

A lot of people have already made their donation, now you can too. Go to and find ways that you can help. 

We can make a difference one hop at a time!

Marisa - 12 yrs old - Tiffin, Ohio

SAVE THE FROGS logo by Marisa

Onawa - 10 years old - Michigan

Onawi set up an info table at school, distributed informational flyers, and raised $31 for SAVE THE FROGS!.