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International Day of Pesticide Action:
October 12th, 2013

Atrazine Rally in Washington DC | Organize your own event
Partners | Politicians | How To Help
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Conceived and coordinated by SAVE THE FROGS!, the goal of the International Day of Pesticide Action (October 12th, 2013) is to raise global awareness of the threats to wildlife and humans caused by society's increasing use of harmful pesticides. There are over 18,000 registered pesticides in the USA, and over a billion kilograms of pesticides are sprayed worldwide annually. Pesticides contaminate our tap water and food supplies, poison our streams, and cause health problems for aquatic wildlife as well as farmworkers and millions of humans living near agricultural areas. Please join SAVE THE FROGS! in Washington DC this October 12th or help us raise global awareness by holding an educational event in your school or community!

Join us in Washington, DC October 12th

Please join SAVE THE FROGS! in Washington, DC on October 12th, 2013 for the International Day of Pesticide Action. We are organizing a rally in downtown D.C. to call on the United States government to issue an immediate federal ban on the use and production of Atrazine, one of the world's most harmful pesticides. We are sure that with your participation, we can rally thousands of people to march through the streets of DC demanding a federal ban on the use and production of Atrazine, the 21st Century's DDT.

This fight will not be easy: the chemical's manufacturer Syngenta is the world's largest pesticide company. They have billions of dollars at stake, and they have a huge lobby in Washington. We have no doubt though that together we can spread the word about the horrible effects of Atrazine: how it turns male frogs into females, induces developmental problems in fish, and causes cancers in laboratory mammals. Once people are aware of the problems Atrazine causes, and the immense quantities of it that are used in the United States each year, the movement to ban Atrazine will be too powerful for even the world's largest pesticide company to stop.


Please RSVP if you plan to join us in Washington, DC!


Hold an educational event in your school or community

Not everyone can make it to Washington DC on the International Day of Pesticide Action. That's fine because people in your school or community need to be educated as well! We urge you to set up a rally, a presentation, a letter-writing campaign or some other educational event to educate your fellow citizens about pesticides. Please contact us if you are planning an event!

How You Can Help

-- Join us in Washington, DC...Bring your friends and family!

-- Eat, buy and wear only certified organic foods and clothing. It's not easy, is it? Do the best you can!

-- Ask 10 friends to sign the electronic petition to get Atrazine banned.

-- Spread the word about our Washington DC Atrazine Rally to all your friends and colleagues on the East Coast.

-- Print 10 copies of the Atrazine Petition below (click the image to get a PDF), go downtown and don't come home until you collected 200 signatures. Having trouble getting 10 pages full? No probem, you brought an extra clipboard so all you have to do is recruit an assistant! You'll be making new friends and educating lots of people.

Atrazine Petition

-- Write, email or call your senator or governor and ask him or her to ban Atrazine.

-- Donate to SAVE THE FROGS! Your tax-deductible contribution makes our campaign to ban harmful pesticides possible.

-- University Students: Find out what pesticides are used on your campus, and make a petition to get them banned!

More actions coming soon as we develop this webpage!


SAVE THE FROGS! seeks partner organizations to help us grow the International Day of Pesticide Action into a worldwide event. Ideal organizations are environmental groups, human health groups and farmworkers' rights groups who share a mutual concern about pesticides. SAVE THE FROGS! will ensure that our partners receive recognition on this webpage and through our electronic newsletter and social media lists.

Some ways your organization can help:

-- Place the International Day of Pesticide Action icon on your website and post it to your social media pages (icon coming soon!). Link it to this page:

-- Announce the International Day of Pesticide Action to your newsletter list

-- Send a speaker to our rally in DC (be sure to arrange with us in advance).

-- Provide us a paragraph about your organization's work to reduce pesticide use, and a few ways people can help in the campaign against pesticides. We'll add the info to this webpage!

-- Please provide any ideas on how to promote the International Day of Pesticide Action, and help us get the word out to relevant organizations.


SAVE THE FROGS! seeks politicians who can issue proclamations officially declaring October 12th the International Day of Pesticide Action in their community. We would also like politicians to speak at our DC event or at events involving your constituency. This will be a fantastic way for you to help the environment and gain positive recognition for your efforts on behalf of both people and wildlife. Please contact us if you can assist!

Thanks to these supporters!

Special thanks to these generous donors for helping fund our pesticide efforts!

Lianne Ball
Vincent Connolly
Nancy Sinauer