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Save The Frogs Day: April 25th, 2015

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SAVE THE FROGS! Facebook Page

An easy way for you to spread the word about the amphibian extincion crisis is to help us grow the SAVE THE FROGS! Facebook Page. Why do we want a large Facebook Page? A large Facebook Page means more people educated about the amphibian extinction crisis, a larger network of potential volunteers and donors, and more leverage when seeking corporate sponsors.

Please do your best to thoroughly go through each point listed below…it shouldn’t take more than half an hour. Thanks!

Become a fan

Join the SAVE THE FROGS! Facebook Page if you have not yet done so.

Now suggest the page to all you friends:

On the left side of page, click “Suggest to Friends”. Then check all your friends. You’ll have an option to add a personal message.  You can use this:

Hey, please become a fan of the SAVE THE FROGS! Facebook Page and then invite your us get 100,000 members by April 29th, 2011 - the 3rd Annual Save The Frogs Day!

Repeat this every couple weeks to invite any recently added friends!

Use the LIKE button

When you click like or comment on one of our posts, it shows up on your wall...and your friends see it and become fans too.

Status Updates

At the top of your Facebook Profile’s Wall page, you can add status updates (in the box where it says “What's on your mind?”). These show up on all your friend’s pages, so they are a great way to advertise the group. This one works well:

Please become a fan of the SAVE THE FROGS! Facebook Page:

Or alternate with:
Save The Frogs Day is April 29th, 2011!

Or use:
Frogs are in the midst of a mass extinction crisis. Get involved!

Or help us raise money with:
SAVE THE FROGS! wristbands available at

Do this daily.

Posting on your friends' Walls

Now let’s go inform your friends AND their friends about our group. Go to one of your friend’s Facebook pages.

At the top of your friend’s Wall page, click in the Share window.
Add this: Please join the group then invite your friends!
A Link option will have appeared immediately below. In the Link window, add this link:
Now click Attach, then click Share.

Now find another friend and repeat! Now find another friend and repeat! Now find another friend and repeat!


Add SAVE THE FROGS! pictures to your Facebook photo collection. Lots of people look at these. Each will link to our group. Follow these steps:

(1) Find pictures at the URL’s listed below; plug each address into your browser.

(2) Right click on each photo and choose Save Picture As.

(3) Save pictures to your computer (you probably want to make a frog pics folder).

(4) Go to your Facebook profile

(5) Click the Photos button at the top

(6) Either create a new album or click on an existing album.

(7) Click ‘Add More Photos’

(8) Browse for the location of the frog pics, and checkmark each one.

(9) Click Upload

(10) Add this as the caption for each photo:
Please become a fan of the SAVE THE FROGS! Facebook Page:

If you are a member of other wildlife groups, you can (and should!) easily add these photos to the group’s page:
(1) Go to the group;
(2) verify the photos are not already there;
(3) click Add Photos;
(4) choose ‘Add from My Photos’;
(5) choose the correct folder;
(6) checkmark the frog photos and click ‘Add Selected Photos’. BAM! The caption you had written earlier is magically imported and viewers will click through and join our group.

Here are the URLs of the photos:

Dendrobates tinctorius

Litoria chloris

Litoria peronii

Nyctimistes dayi

Save Frogs Logo

Save The Frogs Day



If you use Twitter, please follow us at
Every few days send out one of these tweets:

Please become a fan of the SAVE THE FROGS! Facebook Page:

Also, please re-tweet us by tweeting this:
RT: @savethefrogs followed by a condensed version of what we said (if the allowable characters don’t allow a full-length copy), along with the URL in question.

Your Email

A great way to spread the word is to add to the automated signature of every email you send. Just go to your mail options or settings and there should be a place to make an automated signature. Another good one is:
Save The Frogs Day - April 29th, 2011
If you do this, thousands of people will hear about SAVE THE FROGS!, with virtually no effort on your part.


Do you have a blog or do you know somebody with a blog? If so, please write a short paragraph on SAVE THE FROGS!. Here’s an example:

Save The Frogs Day – April 29th, 2011

Frogs are the most threatened group of animals on the planet. Nearly one-third of the world’s 6,468 amphibian species are threatened with extinction, and at least 150 species have already completely disappeared. In an effort to raise awareness of the plight of amphibians, the scientific community has declared April 28th, 2009 the 1st Annual 'Save The Frogs Day'.

Please visit the SAVE THE FROGS! website to learn more:

Spread The Word Page

Now that you’ve done all the above, please have a look at:
where you can find lots of other ways to spread the word, such as cool flyers you can print out and post around your school or office.

Mailing List

Please be sure to sign up for the Official SAVE THE FROGS! Mailing List, as Facebook has been known to delete groups for no apparent reason, and we do not want to lose touch with you: