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Created: 07 February 2018 07 February 2018

My number one rule of fundraising is that "Fundraising is critical to mission success". Over the past decade I have helped raise more than one million dollars for worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. As most of SAVE THE FROGS! funding comes via donations from individuals (rather than the government, corporations, foundations or other nonprofits), it is important to know what actually motivates people to donate. I can think of a multitude of reasons people should donate to SAVE THE FROGS!. For instance:

But why do people actually donate to SAVE THE FROGS!?

Read on to find out!

Donate Frog
Frog art courtesy of Raikoumoon

Whenever someone donates to SAVE THE FROGS! online (through or any other platform), I always get an email notification. I usually reply to thank the donor and to ask new donors what inspired them to donate. I get some interesting replies as you can imagine, so I created this webpage on which to put some of my favorites. I'll be continually adding responses here, so if you enjoy reading these, check back every few weeks. You can easily access this page by typing in

Why People Donate To SAVE THE FROGS!

Reasons People Donate
Frog art courtesy Michele Hamill

Frog Charity
Frog art from India

Donate Environmental Charity
The Lichtle family in action saving frogs in California, raising funds and educating the community about amphibians.

Why do you donate to SAVE THE FROGS!? Please email me at and let me know! And if you've never donated to SAVE THE FROGS!, we'd appreciate your support in the form of your first donation! Thank you!

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