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Dreamhost helping SAVE THE FROGS!

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Dreamhost is a fantastic web-hosting company that is not only carbon-neutral, but they are also frog-friendly: they host savethefrogs.com for free. Thanks Dreamhost!

If you need your website hosted, we strongly recommend using Dreamhost. On top of helping SAVE THE FROGS!, they have a user-friendly website that will make your life easy. For instance, this site’s Frog Photos gallery, the FrogWiki, the FrogForum, the FrogBlog, and the SAVE THE FROGS! newsletter were all installed to savethefrogs.com as simple “One-Click Installs” offered by Dreamhost. Use the promo code GET25OFF and you’ll save an extra $25 when you sign up with them.

Find out how your business can help SAVE THE FROGS! at our Businesses For Frogs page.

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