Thank you to Nurul Islam and SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh

SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh's CVASU volunteers celebrated the 6th Annual Save The Frogs Day in April along with World Veterinary Day. Dr. Nurul Islam presentated on "Wildlife Conservation and Animal Welfare: Amphibian Perspective". There were 120 participants including students, teachers and journalists on the rally that followed the seminar. Thank you to Nurul and 24 SAVE THE FROGS! Bangladesh volunteers for organizing five events across Bangladesh, directly educating over 985 Bangladeshis about frog conservation.

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Brand New SAVE THE FROGS! Info Cards: Please order by December 16th!

These two-sided 4x6" info cards are a great way to help spread the word about amphibian extinctions. Cards list the primary threats to amphibians, five reasons frogs are important, and 18 ways people can help SAVE THE FROGS!. Cards are only $10 per set of 100, which helps us cover printing costs. Please order by December 16th (after which we will not be processing orders until Spring 2015). Thank you for helping us spread the amphibian conservation message!

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SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana, West Africa’s first non-profit organisation dedicated exclusively to the conservation of amphibians, is conducting extensive field surveys and rescue operations for the critically endangered Ghana Giant Squeaker Frog (Arthroleptis krokosua) from 19th– 23rd December, 2014. Volunteers both in Ghana and abroad are welcome to join our experts on this all important expedition.


The Ghana Giant Squeaker Frog is a rare and endemic species now restricted to Western Ghana’s Sui River Forest Reserve. Unfortunately, the frog is on the verge of extinction as it faces constant threats from illegal loggers and farmers and the invasive non-native weed, the Devil weed (Chromolaena odorata). These threats deplete the density of leaf-litter required by the frog for predator escape, desiccation and breeding thereby, reducing its chances of survival. With only 16 individuals recorded to date, majority being juveniles, there is little knowledge about the species and its ecology. This survey will therefore, examine its suitable habitats and set up appropriate rescue and management operations for relic populations. Critical areas that are degraded will be planted with trees, joining other fragmented areas to increase the frog’s survival. These activities are in line with SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana’s goal of averting the extinction of any Ghanaian amphibian.


We encourage tertiary students to take advantage of this rare opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in amphibian ecology and conservation. Student volunteers will also be permitted to collect data for their project thesis.


Thanks to Mohammed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund and SAVE THE FROGS! USA, for supporting this project.


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Volunteers both in Ghana and abroad are needed to help SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana conduct amphibian surveys and rescue operations for amphibians vulnerable to roadkills at the Ankasa Conservation Area (ACA) starting from 12th– 18th December, 2014.


ACA is one of Ghana’s most biodiverse areas found in the wet evergreen forest zone, supporting the country’s richest amphibian diversity. Unfortunately, ACA is constantly under ecological stress from the thousands of annual tourists. More disturbing is the poor nature of the roads leading to and passing through ACA, plagued with potholes that collect water used by some frog species as temporary habitats. Others also cross the roads during their natal migration periods in search of suitable breeding grounds. As a result, they are exposed to many dangers including roadkills.


In the absence of  baseline data on amphibian roadkills that can help effectively address the problem in West Africa, this project is gathering and documenting fundamental information using ACA as a reference point. Specifically, we are developing photo guides to amphibians that occur within ACA. We are also collecting data on natal migratory frog species, proximity of breeding ponds to roads, species that use puddles as temporary habitats and species that are vulnerable or victims of road mortality.


Conservation measures underway to prevent the amphibian roadkills within ACA include:
• Covering up potholes in critical natal migratory routes together with ACA staff and school children from neighbouring communities.
• Educating ACA staff, tourists and local communities through radio programmes and video shows on the negative impacts of roadkills on amphibians.


Tertiary students are particularly encouraged to take advantage of this volunteering opportunity to develop their skills in amphibian research and also collect data that could be used for their thesis.


You can contact SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana by sending an email to or calling +233(0)202100198.


Thanks to the UK based Rufford Foundation for giving a £6,000 grant to fund this project.

  Printrufford logo

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SAVE THE FROGS! Holiday Bash

You are invited to the SAVE THE FROGS! Holiday Bash, taking place Thursday December 11th, 6-9pm at the SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center in Berkeley, California. This will be the final event before we move out of the Education Center. If you've never been to the Education Center, this is your chance! The event is free, though you need to RSVP:

Photo: You are invited to the SAVE THE FROGS! Holiday Bash, taking place Thursday December 11th, 6-9pm at the SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center in Berkeley, California. This will be the final event before we move out of the Education Center. If you've never been to the Education Center, this is your chance! The event is free, though you need to RSVP:

Frog art by Katherine English


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Bridging the gap between Environmental Conservation & Animal Rights

Animals have rights but most animal rights activists focus their efforts on domesticated animals rather than wild animals living on the edge of extinction. It would be great if we could channel those activists' passion towards the animals in most need of assistance: the frogs! Watch SAVE THE FROGS! Ecologist Michael Starkey speak at the 2014 Animal Rights National Conference in Los Angeles:

Thanks to Wayne Erickson for the photo of this lovely Nepalese frog!
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SAVE THE FROGS! wins $1,000 grant from Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc.

Thank you to the Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc. for awarding SAVE THE FROGS! with $1,000 to assist our wetland construction efforts! We look forward to continuing our wetland efforts in northern California March 22-28, 2015 and invite you to attend a Wetland Construction Workshop that week and help us Re-Frog America!

re-frogging america
Want this design on a 100% organic cotton shirt? Please email us at with your desired size and we will inform you when it's printed! They will be $20 plus shipping, all proceeds to the wetlands and frogs!
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Frog Poster Mega-Sale

SAVE THE FROGS! is proud to offer you the most fantastic frog posters on the planet. And through December 15th, 2014 we have a Frog Poster Mega-Sale! For only $12.95 plus shipping, you get three posters: the 29 Frogs poster, Save The Frogs Day Poster and the Neon Frog Art Poster. The posters look great, spread the word, and help fund our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. Help us clear out these posters as we will NOT be selling posters in 2015 and must reduce our inventory. Thank you and enjoy the beautiful posters!

29 Frogs Poster
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Take our survey and enter to win a free frogging headlamp!


Help shape the future of SAVE THE FROGS!, be entered to win a free frogging headlamp!

Click the link and fill out this 3 minute survey by 11:00 PM PT December 1st  and you'll be entered to win a free Princeton Tec headlamp, a $95 value*.

Filling out this short survey will take you less than 3 minutes but will help us plan the future of frog conservation in 2015. Thank you for your precious input!

art from india

Art from India


Headlamp info for the Princeton Tec Apex 275 lumens headlamp:

Tested and approved in the field by SAVE THE FROGS! amphibian field biologists! That means these headlamps work great under cave-like conditions where it's under a dense canopy swampy rainforest or under the hood of your car. We've used these headlamps to find the tiniest little frog in those humid, cloudy nights; You'll be sure to find that screw you dropped in a dark corner. Since we have extra we thought we'd illuminate the public! Perfect for your next expedition in the night. All proceeds go directly to amphibian conservation.

275 lumens, 4 maxbright LEDS, 4 light levels, wide beam and spotlight, 150 hr burn or 120 meter visibility, 4 AA batteries (alkaline, lithium, or rechargeable), waterproof to 1 meter, battery power meter, heatsink technology


*If winner is international, they will be sent a frog art piece and magnet


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Holiday Bash at SAVE THE FROGS! in Berkeley - December 11th, 2014

This will be our best bash yet. We will have frog presentations, frog-themed art, wine and more. Let’s take advantage of the world’s only public space dedicated to amphibians conservation and education and celebrate the end of the year in style! We will have a blow-out sale on gifts so you can go home and make your relatives happy by lavishing them with affordable and fun eco-friendly gifts this holiday. Come on by, learn about frogs and have a great time: 2524 San Pablo Avenue (corner of Dwight, next to the Ecology Center), Berkeley, CA 94702.

WHEN: December 11th, 2014: Berkeley, CA  6pm-9pm
WHERE: SAVE THE FROGS! Holiday Bash at the SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center.

Save The Frogs Birthday Party Berkeley
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