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Family Travel Costa Rica

By Joe Bruskotter, Participant on the 2017 SAVE THE FROGS! Costa Rica Ecotour

Writing this brief letter reminded me of how wonderful our trip was to Costa Rica this summer. I flipped through some photos last night after scraping a sheet of ice off our steps and sidewalks. Ah... Tortuguero... I miss you so much...
Joe Bruskotter
January 17, 2018

Costa Rica Family Adventure

Our family joined SAVE THE FROGS! for the July 2017 SAVE THE FROGS! Costa Rica Ecotour. My wife Emily, our boys Charlie (age 13) and Sam (age 11) and I had never been out of the country together. We knew the Ecotour would be a bit of a challenge for us, but it went much smoother than we anticipated. This is partly because Emily is a Master Packer, but also because the trip was so well-planned and executed by the SAVE THE FROGS! team, our guides, and drivers.

Costa Rica Ecotourism Families

Our son Sam is a frog enthusiast, to say the least. The idea of hiking through the rainforests at night looking for frogs is his idea of an ideal vacation. The tour was made even better by the group we travelled with. There was no shortage of knowledge and adventure with our group – we had biologists, authors, photographers, and naturalists to share their knowledge of the flora and fauna that surrounded us. The Costa Rican guides and drivers were incredibly informative, and provided a perspective we could not have had otherwise.

Costa Rica Family Adventure

We were all very pleased with our travel and lodging accommodations, and the food was absolutely amazing. We enjoyed a perfect mix of challenges (such as a rain-soaked mountain night hike) and comforts (hot springs!). There were plenty of scheduled activities and relaxing down-time, and the team made it clear that all activities were voluntary. But most importantly, we all had experiences that we will remember for a lifetime. There was no shortage of frogs to be found, but it sure helped to have some excellent frog spotters in the group!

Family Travel Costa Rica

We strongly recommend the SAVE THE FROGS! Ecotours for families, and urge you to support this wonderful organization and their efforts to save the frogs of the world!
Joe Bruskotter

Monteverde Family Tour

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Frog Family Costa Rica

A Strawberry Poison Dart Frog (Oophaga pumilio) we found in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica

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