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Frog Poetry Contest Ending Soon – Cash Prizes

Amphibian populations worldwide are in the midst of a mass extinction crisis, yet most people are completely unaware! We need your help in getting the word out. This contest will raise awareness of the amphibian extinction problem by getting people involved and interested. The best frog poems will be used in a book of frog poetry that will be sold to raise money for amphibian conservation efforts. This book will feature artwork from our concurrent 1st Annual Frog Art Contest.

So hurry and submit your best frog poetry, because there are CASH PRIZES, and the deadline is July 10th!
Tell your friends and fellow frog poets too!


    I Am

A Frog Poem by Heather Lonczak

I am stillness.
A trickling fountain.
A lullaby.

I am a whimsical collection.
A painting; a trinket.
A masterpiece!

I am a children’s game.
A princess and a dream.
A kiss.

I am a memory; a yearning.
Flirtation and fire flies.
A scream.

I am dazzling in green!
Graceful and aerodynamic.

I am a moonlit serenade.
Tall grass and cat tails.
The earth.

I am change; adaptation.
A mystery and an answer.
A lesson.

I am a perfect specimen.
Unconsented, without a name.

I am an essential relation.
A dwindling breed.

I am a microcosm
Of all that we have
And think that we need.

I am flamboyant obscurity.
I’ll slip through your fingers.
Catch me! I dare you.

I am a frog. Nothing more.
And far more than I seem.

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