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Thank you to Cooper Environmental Research for sponsoring the 2016 SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Expedition!

Cooper Environmental Research is an environmental consulting firm dedicated to researching and protecting aquatic organisms. They study the effects of altered river flow by dams to spawning and migration, sediment characteristics, loss or creation of habitat due to changes in water level, and surveys of streams and rivers to determine distribution and abundance of fish populations. Their work with benthic aquatic organisms have concentrated on distribution and abundance but have included the effects of waste discharges and colonization by invasive species. Learn more about Cooper Environmental Research here:
cooper environmental research logo
Cooper Environmental Research’s support is crucial to our mission of protecting amphibian populations and promoting a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife, so are greatly grateful they have sponsored the SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Expedition to Ghana! Thank you Cooper Environmental Research!

Proud Sponsor STF Ghana Expedition

If your company would like to sponsor the SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Expedition or if you have any questions, then please visit our Sponsors page. Thank you for your support!

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