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Grant for Hellbender Research

The Center for North American Herpetology
Lawrence, Kansas
19 March 2009


In honor and memory of Ron Goellner, noted zoologist, the Cryptobranchid Interest Group offers a monetary grant to help support research and educational initiatives that contribute to the conservation of cryptobranchid salamanders.

Grant Amount: up to $1,000.

Eligibility: Anyone may apply for this award. If funding is provided, the awardee(s) is required to recognize the CIG Ron Goellner Conservation Fund in all publications and presentations. Copies of reports and publications are to be provided to CIG and reports of progress are to be submitted on an annual basis. CIG also requests that 3-5 images be provided to CIG to post on its website or in CIG publications to promote its support of this project.

Evaluation Criteria: Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the potential of the project to contribute to the biological knowledge and conservation of cryptobranchid salamanders. Important considerations are the significance and originality of the project, design of sampling and analysis, preliminary data supporting the feasibility of the project, the likelihood of successful completion and publication, and the overall application towards cryptobranchid conservation.

Application Procedure:

1. Download the application forms from the CIG website at:


or contact Diane Barber at:


2. Provide all information requested on the application, including a description of the project.

3. Applications must be accompanied by curriculum vitae(s) of principle investigator(s), copies of appropriate permits, and letters of support (if applicable).

4. Completed application materials must be electronically submitted by 15 April to Diane Barber at:


5. The grant recipient(s) will be selected by the CIG steering committee and will be notified of his/her selection by 15 May of the same calendar year.

Diane Barber
Curator of Ectotherms
Fort Worth Zoo
1989 Colonial Parkway
Fort Worth, Texas 76110

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