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Help us stop the ecologically damaging frog legs trade

The worldwide trade in frog legs is undoubtedly a significant contributor to the decline and extinction of amphibian populations worldwide. Recent papers have shown that well over a hundred million frogs are taken out of the wild each year, and that frog farms have proliferated around the world. The frog legs trade is problematic whether the frogs are wild-caught or farm-raised:
1- The harvest of wild frogs leads to the depletion of wild populations;
2- The trade in farm-raised frogs leads to the spread of harmful infectious diseases;
3- The vast majority of farmed frogs are non-natives that become harmful invasive species.

Frog Legs Image by Alejandro Rosselli
Frogs in the Jakarta Market. Image by Alejandro Rosselli

SAVE THE FROGS! has initiated a campaign to remove frog legs from American restaurant menus. In the USA, there exist many other food choices, and thus there exists no justifiable reason to stress the world’s remaining frog populations. Our campaign has begun with Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande, a chain of 16 upscale Tex-Mex restaurants. You can read about this campaign here:


Mr. Todd Conger, CEO
Uncle Julio’s Corporation
1101 N. Union Bower, Suite 160
Irving, Texas 75061

If Mr. Conger receives several thousand hardcopy letters from concerned citizens around the world, he will be far more likely to remove frog legs from his menus. This would be a significant victory for SAVE THE FROGS!, for amphibian conservation efforts, and of course for the frogs (who have enough problems already!).

Your letter is important! Please make your voice heard.

Please tell Mr. Conger:
1- A few sentences about yourself.
2- A few sentences about the problems with the frog legs trade, regardless of whether the frogs are farmed or captive-raised.
3- Urge him to remove frog legs from the menus of his 16 restaurants.
4- Remind him that his business will benefit significantly from the positive publicity associated with making this environmentally responsible decision.

Then ask your friends to write him too!

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