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How did your love for frogs start?

Here’s a letter I received today:

“Dear Mr. Kriger,
I love your website. I am positively the biggest frog lover in the world. I am eleven years old and I live in colorado. My name is Kathryn and my room is totally decorated in frog stuff. Well the reason why I am e-mailing you is because I wanted to ask you, how did your love for frogs start and why do you believe that frogs should be saved? Well it would be great if you could answer me back. Thanks.
Kathryn B.”

I actually never had any fascination with frogs when I was growing up. While in the rainforests of the Osa Peninsula when I was 20 though, I saw a treefrog calling from the side of a tree, and I was struck by how amazing and primitive it was. I felt pretty lucky to see something so incredible. A few years later I had to decide what to study for my Ph.D. research. Since I like hanging out at streams, I decided I should work with animals that live along streams. While deciding between various groups of stream-dwelling animals, I learnt that frogs were rapidly disappearing, so they became the obvious choice for my Ph.D. research. Spending four years hanging out with frogs in the rainforest definitely confirmed my belief that frogs are the coolest animals! It would be a terrible loss if we lost the sense of connection with nature we feel when we are around frogs.

So how did your love for frogs start? Leave a comment…
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