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Ph.D. Project Opening: Invasion biology of Litoria frogs

Several Litoria frog species have successfully established outside of
their native Australian range: L. dentata (Lord Howe Island), L. aurea
(New Zealand, New Caledonia & Vanuatu), L. ewingii (New Zealand), and
L. raniformis (New Zealand). This project will compare the physiology,
ecology, behaviour, and genetics of source and introduced populations,
focusing specifically on the introduction of the bleating tree frog (L.
dentata) to Lord Howe Island. The project will be co-supervised by Dr
Richard Reina, Monash University. Funding for the project has been
obtained from an internal grant from Monash University.

Students will need to successfully obtain a PhD scholarship. Australian
and New Zealand citizens can apply for an Australian Postgraduate Award
(APA) or Monash Graduate Scholarship (MGS) (application deadline 31st
October). Students with a First Class Honours degree (or equivalent)
are guaranteed a Faculty of Science Dean’s Postgraduate Research
Scholarship. International students can apply for an IPRS or Monash
Graduate Scholarship. For further information regarding PhD entry
requirements see: PhD requirements.

Interested students should email their research interests, CV, academic
record, and details of two academic referees to Dr David Chapple
(David.Chapple@sci.monash.edu.au). For further information phone (03)
9905 3015.

Dr David Chapple
Lecturer in Evolutionary & Invasion Biology
School of Biological Sciences
Monash University
Clayton VIC 3800, Australia
Ph: +61-3-9905 3015
Fax: +61-3-9905 5613
Email: david.chapple@sci.monash.edu.au
Website: http://www.biolsci.monash.edu.au/staff/chapple/

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