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Ph.D. Scholarship in Australia studying Green & Golden Bell Frogs

Ph.D. Opportunity with the Amphibian Research Group at the University of Newcastle
We are seeking a PhD student to conduct a research project within the Amphibian Research Group at the University of Newcastle, under the supervision of Prof. Michael Mahony and Dr John Clulow. The prospective student will join a large and dedicated team of scientists and students working in the fields of amphibian ecology, evolutionary biology and conservation. Funding is available for the following project:

Investigations into the factors limiting green and golden bell frog (Litoria aurea) survival
The green and golden bell frog has undergone a widespread range contraction over the past 30 years and is now considered endangered in NSW and threatened nationally. Currently this species persists in less than 10% of its former range in a series of highly isolated sites dotted along the eastern Australian coastline.

This project will investigate the deterministic factors that affect survival probability in both the larval and adult life stages of the green and golden bell frog in the Hunter Region of NSW. The work will involve the collection of data primarily from field surveys, trapping and radiotracking, supported by controlled experiments and population modelling. The outcomes of this project will be used to develop management strategies and guide habitat creation.

Scholarships of $23, 000 per year for three years are available for Australian and New Zealand students. Top-up scholarships of $5,000 per year are also available for students found to be competitive for Federal (APA) or internal (University of Newcastle) awards. All interested students are encouraged to forward a copy of their CV and academic transcript to Michelle Stockwell by the 25th of October: michelle.stockwell@newcastle.edu.au.

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