How Photography Can Be Used To Promote Science Communication And Conservation Of Biodiversity

Pedro Peloso frogs

On January 23rd, 2019, Brazilian amphibian biologist Dr. Pedro Peloso gave a fabulous online presentation for SAVE THE FROGS! Members, entitled:

"How Photography Can Be Used To Promote Science Communication And Conservation Of Biodiversity"

Amphibian enthusiasts from around the world attended Dr. Peloso's online presentation featuring amazing photos of Brazil's amphibians and an abundance of information on their ecology, the threats they face, and ways to save them. For your viewing pleasure, we have posted a video recording of Dr. Peloso's presentation below. Please do share it on social media and embed the video into your website. Enjoy!

Here is the video of Dr. Peloso's presentation:

"I am very satisfied with Dr. Pedro's very interesting presentation! Frankly, a splendid, up-to-date presentation rich in scientific news. Such opportunities and encounters are always important in the scientific career. Best regards to Dr. Pedro Peloso and the big team of SAVE THE FROGS!"
-- Franck Masudi Muenye Mali
Researcher, University of Kisangani
Centre de Surveillance de la Biodiversité CSB/UNIKIS
Biodiversity and Earth Resources Ecology Department (DEBRT)
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Conservation Photography

A beautiful photo of Sphaenorhyncus lacteus from Brazil, by Dr. Pedro_Peloso. Submitted to the 2017 SAVE THE FROGS! Photo Contest.

Wildlife Photography

Rhinella margaritifera in amplexus, with eggs, photo from the 2017 SAVE THE FROGS! Photo Contest by Dr. Pedro Peloso

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