Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways for activists to spread their message and grow their communities. The SAVE THE FROGS! Podcast will launch in late 2017, with a goal of inspiring, educating and empowering amphibian conservationists worldwide. SAVE THE FROGS! requests $31,408 from SAVE THE FROGS! supporters to enable us to create and distribute all 52 episodes of the podcast in 2018. The podcast will serve as our primary means of educating current and future environmental scientists, conservationists, land managers, volunteers and interns about everything we have learned in 10 years of leading the worldwide efforts to protect endangered amphibians.

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Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most effective way for organizations to educate their communities and grow their supporter base. A podcast is like a radio program, but it can be accessed on-demand, anytime, via your smartphone. In late 2017, we will launch the SAVE THE FROGS! Podcast and we are hoping you can provide support! The podcast episodes will serve as a permanent, freely accessible archive of environmental knowledge and inspiration, and we expect the podcast to become our primary method of educating the worldwide amphibian conservation community. Keep reading to learn more about the podcast and how you or your company can sponsor an episode.

Phyllomedusa Brazil Leandro Moraes
Phyllomedusa from Brazil, photo courtesy Leandro Moraes

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"I am a vet. Looking after frogs and their importance for our planet is plain common sense. Keep up the good work!"

Ale Arbe-Montoya, Adelaide, Australia


"The desire to do implies the ability to do."

Theron Q. Dumont

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