Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most effective way for organizations to educate their communities and grow their supporter base. A podcast is like a radio program, but it can be accessed on-demand, anytime, via your smartphone. In late 2017, we will launch the SAVE THE FROGS! Podcast and we are hoping you can provide support! The podcast episodes will serve as a permanent, freely accessible archive of environmental knowledge and inspiration, and we expect the podcast to become our primary method of educating the worldwide amphibian conservation community. Keep reading to learn more about the podcast and how you or your company can sponsor an episode.

Phyllomedusa Brazil Leandro Moraes
Phyllomedusa from Brazil, photo courtesy Leandro Moraes

We are confident that the SAVE THE FROGS! Podcast will be the most effective and least expensive way to:

  • Grow the SAVE THE FROGS! supporter base;
  • Educate and inspire our community;
  • Build valuable connections with supporters, volunteers and partner organizations; and
  • Increase donations, memberships, merchandise sales, and signups for our courses, workshops and ecotours.

In the SAVE THE FROGS! Podcast, we will:

  • Interview amphibian biologists; environmental nonprofit leaders, attorneys and activists; and SAVE THE FROGS! volunteers and supporters.
  • Delve into a wide variety of topics relevant to 21st century environmental conservation;
  • Share current news and events related to amphibian conservation;
  • Give listeners clear calls to action and ways they can make a tangible positive impact for amphibians.

We do not know of any similar type of podcast, radio or television program.

Odontophrynus Brazil Leandro Moraes
Odontophrynus from Brazil, photo courtesy Leandro Moraes

The SAVE THE FROGS! Podcast will be published weekly to:

  • iTunes, Stitcher, and other major podcasting outlets;
  • The SAVE THE FROGS! website (www.savethefrogs.com)
  • The SAVE THE FROGS! YouTube Channel (audio will be converted to video with still imagery)

We expect the SAVE THE FROGS! Podcast to get several thousand downloads per episode within a year of launch and to grow with each passing year. Episode lengths will average 30 minutes of high-quality, original, educational content.

Dendropsophus minutus Brazil Leandro Moraes
Dendropsophus minutus from Brazil, photo courtesy Leandro Moraes

You can sponsor an episode of the SAVE THE FROGS! Podcast

The grand total to produce the weekly SAVE THE FROGS! Podcast for all of 2018 is $31,408 (equal to $604 per episode).

SAVE THE FROGS! would appreciate your financial support of the SAVE THE FROGS! Podcast. For any episodes you can fully fund ($604) or partially fund ($302), we are happy to acknowledge your support in the episode:
"This episode of the SAVE THE FROGS! Podcast was made possible through the generous support of YOUR NAME or YOUR COMPANY".

If you wish to sponsor an episode and thus help us spread amphibian education to the masses, please email us at:

Thank you!

Itatipotihyla langsdorfii Brazil Leandro Moraes
Itatipotihyla langsdorfii from Brazil, photo courtesy Leandro Moraes

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