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Save The Frogs Day Registration

Register Your Save The Frogs Day Event Here

Thank you for organizing a Save The Frogs Day event and helping to educate your community about amphibians! Please register your event as it enables us to keep you posted with event information, and it helps us to track how many events are taking place around the world. Even if your event is small, it is important and we want to know about it. Registering your Save The Frogs Day event is fast and free!

save the frogs day registration

Dr. Krishan Kumar Sharma educating students on Save The Frogs Day 2017 in Rajasthan, India

Why it is important that you register your event

It is extremely important that you register your event so that:

(1) SAVE THE FROGS! knows exactly how much is happening on Save The Frogs Day. This is how we determine our success, inspire future frog enthusiasts to hold events, and inspire potential donors. Please register and maximize the impact of your event!

(2) We can display your event on the Save The Frogs Day Events Page. This will help people in your area hear of your event and have the chance to attend.

(3) You become eligible for Save The Frogs Day Grants in future years.

If you are charging admission to your Save The Frogs Day event, you are required to register your event.

UWSP save the frogs day

Save The Frogs Day 2012 at University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Register Your Save The Frogs Day Event Here!

Please register once you have a well thought out plan of action for Save The Frogs Day. Coordinate so that only one person per organization registers the event. Thank you for registering!

Thank you so much for registering your event!

Good luck with your amphibious efforts and thanks for helping SAVE THE FROGS! If you have questions, please contact us!

Save The Frogs Day Nepal 2019

Save The Frogs Day in Okhreni, Nepal, 2019

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