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Save The Frogs Day – April 30th, 2010

Save The Frogs Day

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Save The Frogs Day will be held on Friday April 30th, 2010. Save The Frogs Day is an event we conceived and coordinate. The goal of Save The Frogs Day is to raise global awareness of amphibian extinctions, and to get people of all ages actively involved in amphibian conservation efforts.


The 1st Annual Save The Frogs Day was legally recognized by Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia and Mayor Gregor Robertson of Vancouver, BC, and Save The Frogs Day educational events took place in at least fifteen countries worldwide. We are working hard to ensure that Save The Frogs Day 2010 events take place at thousands of schools, zoos, museums, and community groups worldwide, and that the day is covered by major news outlets throughout the world.

There are already Save The Frogs Day events planned in the USA, Croatia, Colombia, Italy, India South Africa and Brazil. In the coming weeks, we’ll be listing details of all these events on the Save The Frogs Day webpage.

We need you to get involved! The Save The Frogs Day webpage lists at least 15 ways that teachers, students and schools can take part in Save The Frogs Day activities. We also have ideas for scientists, zoos, museums, musicians, and businesses. And everybody can help by spreading the word…emailing your friends and colleagues, putting a link to Save The Frogs Day on your webpage, etc.

To make Save The Frogs Day huge, we need your financial support!
Frogs are going extinct worldwide. Please help us cover the costs of educational and promotional materials to ensure Save The Frogs Day permeates the distant corners of the planet…as well as the schools in your hometown!

Donate Now to Save The Frogs!

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