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California Tiger Salamander

Tesla Park Assembly Bill Approved By California Legislature

Fabulous news: the California legislature has approved Assembly Bill 1086, which would allow the Department of Parks and Recreation to sell the portion of the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area (known as the Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area or Tesla Park), that has never been opened for public use, to a local public agency or non-profit organization […]

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California Tiger Salamander Workshop a big success!

The California Tiger Salamander has been hard hit by habitat loss and road mortalities. Until recently however, the salamanders were afforded very few legal protections, due in large part to a strong lobby from agriculture groups and land developers. After 454 Save The Frogs Supporters sent letters to the California Fish & Game Commission urging […]

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California Tiger Salamanders Need Your Urgent Assistance

The California Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma californiense) is threatened with extinction due to the widespread destruction of its habitat; high rates of road mortality; and hybridization with invasive species. The California Fish and Game Commission will vote this Wednesday (March 3rd) on whether to list the California Tiger Salamander as threatened under the state Endangered Species […]

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