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Kids Fundraising

How A Six Year Old Raised Hundreds Of Dollars For The Frogs

Six year old frog lover Justin from California has raised over $500 for SAVE THE FROGS! His mom describes how: “Justin has always loved frogs since he was a baby and his first froggy blanket (that he still sleeps with nightly). He loves to collect frog toys, draw frog pictures, and go on hikes to […]

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Help SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana move into its very first office

To date SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana has never had an office. Instead of the nice working conditions you are likely used to, we work in loud, crowded internet cafes and university computer labs. Right now we need your financial assistance to move into its very first office, which will be located in Kumasi, Ghana next […]

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Please vote for SAVE THE FROGS and help us win $20,000!

Please take 15 seconds right now to VOTE FOR SAVE THE FROGS! and help us win $20,000 from Sungevity, the solar panel company! You can vote at: www.savethefrogs.com/vote It is incredibly important that we win this contest! I strongly encourage you to not only vote, but also to spread the word through your websites, social […]

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Save The Frogs Wish List: Please send us a gift we need!

Want to help SAVE THE FROGS! get the gear we need to do our jobs as efficiently and safely as possible? Please have a look at our brand new Wish List webpage. Thanks in advance for helping us SAVE THE FROGS!

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Your Name On The Wall in Save The Frogs Headquarters

When Save The Frogs Art Director Leah Klehn saw how barren are the walls of our brand new headquarters (see below!), she offered to paint us one of her beautiful frog images to lively up the space. I said that would be fantastic, but let’s take it a step further: Everybody who donates $25 or […]

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Stand up for your rights as an American

One of the truly fantastic things about being American as is that we are the only group of people in the universe who are eligible for SAVE THE FROGS! Platinum Visa Cards. As the cards have NO ANNUAL FEE, and as SAVE THE FROGS! receives a $50 donation from the issuing bank after your first […]

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Making Save The Frogs Day 2010 a Massive Success

Few people are aware that frogs are disappearing worldwide at unprecedented rates. As most of the threats to frogs are caused by the actions of individuals, we need to educate our society with all due speed if we plan to stop an imminent mass extinction of amphibians that will result in irreversible consequences to ecosystems […]

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SAVE THE FROGS! Platinum Visa Cards Now Available

On top of being the coolest looking credit card on the planet, the SAVE THE FROGS! Platinum Visa Card is a fantastic way to show your support and to help us accomplish our amphibian conservation goals. SAVE THE FROGS! receives $50 for each approved application that is activated and used within 90 days of approval. […]

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