How A Six Year Old Raised Hundreds Of Dollars For The Frogs

Six year old frog lover Justin from California has raised over $500 for SAVE THE FROGS!

His mom describes how: “Justin has always loved frogs since he was a baby and his first froggy blanket (that he still sleeps with nightly). He loves to collect frog toys, draw frog pictures, and go on hikes to look for tadpoles and frogs in creeks. When Justin heard that frogs were endangered, he wanted to help. We decided he could sell little toy frogs for $1.00 and give it to a charity that will help protect frogs in many ways. We went to the library and checked out several books about frogs so we could educate his class and friends about them. Justin even presented to his kindergarten class at Westside Neighborhood School in Los Angeles and made a poster to tell his classmates about little ways they can help. He reminded them to reduce, reuse, and recycle and not to litter or ever eat frog legs!”

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Your company can sponsor Save The Frogs Day

SAVE THE FROGS! is currently welcoming corporate sponsors for Save The Frogs Day. Conceived and coordinated by SAVE THE FROGS!, Save The Frogs Day is the world’s largest day of amphibian education and conservation action. Your company’s support is crucial to our mission of protecting amphibian population and promoting a society that respects and appreciates nature … Continue reading Your company can sponsor Save The Frogs Day

Party For The Frogs!

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