Traveling the Amazon: The Best Weeks of My Life

Kaya Klop-Toker, a researcher studying the ecology of amphibians at the University of Newcastle in Australia, tells the story of the most memorable trip of her life. Her trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon (close to where we’ll visit on the SAVE THE FROGS! Ecuador Ecotour) was a life-changing experience. The sights and sounds are memories she’ll carry with her forever. Read on to explore the wonder of the Amazon.
Ranitomeya ventrimaculata ecuador kaya klop toker

This blue and red poison frog (Ranitomeya ventrimaculata) carries tadpoles on its back. They have been seen in bromeliads more than 100 feet above the forest floor.

Meet The People Who Went On The 2016 SAVE THE FROGS! Ecuador Ecotour

People who like new experiences, adventures, and fringe explorations in wild nature love SAVE THE FROGS! Ecotours. SAVE THE FROGS! Ecotours are defined by lasting friendships, impressions, experience, and adventures, where you’ll meet like-minded people and have experiences of a lifetime. The 2016 SAVE THE FROGS! Ecuador Ecotour had people of all ages—from college-aged to senior—from a variety of backgrounds, brought together by a common love of frogs, wildlife, and adventure. The trip included many firsts for the participants, including rescuing an ocelot, ziplining through the canopy, even the first time out of the country or flying solo for some. Read the profiles below of some of the 2016 participants to get a feel of what it’s like to travel with SAVE THE FROGS! and learn about our upcoming ecotours here.

Pristimantis ornatissimus Mashpi Jaime Culebras
Photo of Pristimantis ornatissimus from Mashpi, Ecuador courtesy of Jaime Culebras, who led our group through the Mindo cloudforests.

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